Full Annihilator at Last

Though its not really that long of a wait, I am in full Annihilator at the ripe rank of 33. You can read about how in my previous post.

Annihilator Full

I know there aren’t alot of picture avialable for full Annihilator on Warrior Priest out there. So here’s one in case you wanted to know.

On a side note to the thoughts I had yesterday on the gold bag rolls for keeps, I’m starting to lean to the idea that Mythic increases your roll chance based on if you have unlocked the Annihilator set or not. Up until my 5th piece I rolled high in the top 10 each time. And had 3 gold bag within 4 hours. I’ve taken 8 or so keeps since then. In a couple of cases smaller groups and contributed quite a bit and haven’t been able to rank over 25th since then. I’m starting to think that Mythic actually has some clever programming in the game.

Either way, I’m still a small fry. But maybe I can keep someone alive for a bit longer now. Maybe.



Happy Birthday

It comes so soon.

Only three more years before I have to kill myself for being too old. Today marks the 27th anniversary of birth of such an uneventful person, me.

I did get myself a great gift last night. I’m playing my third Warrior Priest (you can read about the other two and why anyone in their right mind would play the same class 3 times), who has recently entered T4 and I picked up all my annihilator gear in under a day. “Wow” I thought, either the stars are aligned just right, or Mythic really got better about obtaining gear.  It’s hard to tell if it is a good thing. I have to hope that I just got extremely lucky. On all my other characters, by the time I finally won the chest piece in the set, I could wear the Conqueror one. Now I have everything just as I enter T4. Doesn’t seem right, was this Mythic’s intention?

But here I am, a 32/32 WP with 3 pieces on and 2 pieces ready to go. I picked up the gloves and the boots for extremely cheap in the AH (Auction House) for each piece under 5 Gold. It seems lately that like T4 for Phoenix Throne is way off balance. Either you are in a giant zerg, or you are getting rolled over by one. But I get nice drops constantly. I spent maybe 2 hours running about the RvR lakes and in 4 keeps I had the remaining 3 pieces. First the Cassock, then the Shoulders, followed by the Helm.


Which lead me to two conclusions as I talked to others about the amazing event. Apparently, I am not alone. Others shared with me, similar event occurrences. There is positive and a negative, and one that I don’t understand that I wish Mythic would confirm.

First the positive, unless I and many others just happen to experience the same thing, it seems that the likelihood that the item in the gold bag is actually what you need. I didn’t gain 2 helms and a robe, and now on the hunt for my shoulders, I received one of what I needed. Perfect. If this was Mythic’s intention, I give it thumbs up.
The middle: In two cases, I gained a gold bag and a high contribution to the roll for doing almost nothing. The first time, I chalked it up to the fact that maybe my Blessing was assisting others, so I was getting a giant contribution for it. I never had to heal, I never even hit the door, I didn’t even get up to touch the Lord let alone be a needed member of the 3 WB zerg we had. The forth keep capture I knew something was wrong. I almost missed the keep take all together. I had run off with a band and took 2 Objectives (BO) and was running to the keep. I just made it in keep zone range as the lord died. And yet, had the 4th highest contribution. Sure enough, gold bag after roll. Which lead me to believe (1) the system is completely broke more than ever or (2) it’s on purpose for low levels. I wonder if Mythic put giant contribution points in, just for being low level.

Here’s the bad news, and possibly one with silver lining; but the ease of gaining ‘Mythic’ Armor Sets is somewhat troubling. Maybe it’s a fluke and awesome luck I gained the full Annihilator Set in under 4 hours by rank 32. But I don’t see too many that don’t have full sets on. If the drops are that common and the ease of gaining them is that with lack of effort, then I don’t see the point of armor or putting in a false impression of earning it.  My other thought is maybe they made it easier for just the lower level items in T4, just because you are up against some well equipped veterans.
Hard to tell either way. But in any case, it’s a decent Birthday Gift none the less. Now to figure out how to get those forts down for my conquerors. I have some time to figure that out. I have a feeling I’ll be grinding the Tombs for Sentinel instead.


Patch 1.3.0B

1.3.0B or as most know it, the AoE (Area of Effect) Nerf. I’m mixed on how I feel about it. I feel it’s either a long time over due and too late, or a poor choice of meeting half way in the middle.

In most cases I’m against nerfing of any sort. My personal belief is if you add a fox to an ecosystem of rabbits, the answer isn’t to chop off the front paws of foxes to make it a fair fight. If something is too powerful, then add something in to balance it, don’t neuter the thing. But after the addition of the Choppa and Slayer, things weren’t right. You can tell for two reasons: (1) you probably never been in scenario that didn’t have atleast 4 Choppas/Slayers in it. And (2) the server populations dropped right through the floor 2 weeks after their release. First time I encountered one, I knew right there and then there was a problem and I wondered how long it would take.


But then again my philosophies are somewhat tainted. Because, I pretty much agree with the AoE Nerf, known by some as 1.3.0B. Mainly due to the fact I also never liked Crowd Control (CC) in almost any sort. The ability to pull someone to you, the ability to completely hold them in place while disabled, the ability to knock them into lava or down a large cliff to your doom (or guild scroll), or my favorite, the healer on the Outside of a Keep healing friends that are two walls and two flights away from him. I never liked any CC or any AoE in any way in the first place.

So even though we all got nerfed, it’s not only been a long time coming, but I think it’s far too late to make up to all the people that left in frustration over CC.


So it Starts.

Hello internets.

I have come here to take claim ….

Mr Meh

This is my new, non-gaming hobby. I feel that WAR blogging is declining and I almost just want to read my opinions on things. Maybe if I leave the computer long enough, I can read it, and enjoy. So if no one ever reads, never subscribes, never cares, it will not take away from the fact that I still want to Meh it.

In the coming days, hours, months I shall be reporting, commenting and sharing opinions on my favorite hobby, WAR (or Warhammer Online). Possibly other things, but most likely on that topic. We shall see. I hope you enjoy if you can.