I fail. Aion wins.

I failed to keep my promise true. In the past I have been ripped off, stolen from and tricked. Besides old girlfriends, this work of thiefdom caught me not once, not twice, but 4 times. That culprit, NCSoft.

Before last Saturday, NCSoft was the devil. They stole $50 from me for the broken record CoH (City of Heros). The title should have been, you like that mission? Well do it again, and again, and again. They got me yet again for Lineage II. I think that’s where my Meh attitude started. And then the royal jerk was for that atrocity, Tabula Rasa. Not one, kept me intrigued, enthused or was enjoyed for more than 2 minutes. Tabula Rasa literally made me break my keyboard in anger. It was so bad.


So what was my reaction about 3 months ago when a guild mate posted on the forum: “I wanna Fly

Utter trash talk.

You will see.”

What are you a gold farmer?

And of course … “Meh.”


I was fairly unrelenting. I would say, that I would have to have told myself to STFU at some point. I knew fully well that I was obnoxious. But when you get screwed out of $200, you’ll hold that against them. As you should. The punishment for making a bad game should not go unnoticed. And bad reviewers should be shot too. You are about the only thing helping people keep the hard earned $50. And you failed me many times.

Well, here I am after a wonderful weekend, figuring out how to remove my foot from my jowls. In the beginning of this month I order new computer parts. Which quickly led to a whole new computer. Parts are cheap and October is a 3 paycheck month, so I made an early move. Ended up waiting a full month for everything, but I chalk that up to lessons learned. Either way, I love this computer. AMD Phenom IIs are the way to go. Price comparison is so different, it scares you into thinking somethings wrong. There is, it’s wrong to spend 3 times as much for the running lava equipment Intel is selling. As a side note: if you are in the air right now about a new system, save yourself some money and go AMD.


Quick Computer Specs: (Since I know you care)

AZZA Solano 1000 Tower

AMD Phenom II 955 BE ( Not Overclocked)

8 GB of Corsair Dominator RAM

XFX ATI 4890 Video Card

Gigabyte 790 Mobo

Corsair 750W PS


Overall, love the system. Cost just over $1000 and well worth it. CPU never goes above 31 degrees and the VC has yet to overheat or experience anything below 70 fps. Which is just amazing. I couldn’t be happier with it. I could be alot happier if it actually showed up when it was supposed too.

Back to this weekend. Well, it doesn’t take long. I wanna try everything I can on it. I want to test the limits of this thing. Who wouldn’t?

So I deal with a faulty modem and start downloading all my games into the rig late Friday. I have about 2 days left in my WAR subscriptions, and I wanna see the game for the first time with full effect and high graphics in t4 RvR. I hear this rumor that the lag monster is not the server, it’s your rig. So, like any nerd, I want to prove it. Unfortunately, I never got the chance.

Half way through the massive patch, and reoccurring error kept popping for ‘interface.myp.’ Interesting. Even more interesting was how customer support didn’t care. Well, the date is September 26th, so ‘FU’ Mythic. Time to go shopping.

Despite the bias of NCSoft, I still ended up buying Aion. I don’t know why. Maybe it was the metal case. I don’t know. I think out of everything, I might not like the game, but it will test my computer. Get home, and I load that baby in. Took longer to patch then to load. Unfortunately, in my first hour of play I was thoroughly unimpressed. “Wow, it’s a shitty Final Fantasy mixed with Lineage. Awesome, tally up $250 for NCSoft.” The first 5 ranks of this game get’s a big “Meh.” And that still holds true.

In my rage I go looking for more. I start to download Fallen Earth. That took 2 hours to thoroughly hate. It’s a crappy blend of EVE and Tabala Rasa. It looks like it could be fun. Not for me though. It definitely looks like it lacks balance. Wait for a free trial before diving in folks. Just to test your attitude with it.

Eventually I went back to playing Aion in the evening. Mostly hoping to find my guildmates and hoped to find a better experience in the game. It took all morning on Sunday, but I finally fell in love. Couple of reasons. The seemless, well designed flight helped. The transition in the game is great. It might be the new computer, but the fps and high detail work wonderfully even in heavily populated areas.

When flying to another area, in milliseconds you are flying, graphically wonderful through the actual landscape seeing other players and they can see you. Wonderful transition. Mythic couldn’t figure out how to make a crappy solo copter ride for 10 feet keep your system from crashing. I sum up my experience this weekend here. Found a possible winner and redemption for all that you owe me, NCSoft. It might just be here.

I just have to get over the gay asian theme of the game and the QUEUE! Had an hour long wait to get into ANY … (long stressed pause on purpose) … ANY server last night. To their credit, they actually show you your exact spot in the queue and update by the second. Still, a freaking queue is not cool.

Can’t wait to get really into the numbers,



Lost my love for the game

It has been a short run for almost nothing to say.  But I think my time in WAR is coming to a close.

I have not yet officially ended my subscription, which renews on the 27th. But I think that shall happen soon. I don’t really have anything against the game. I think Mythic did a great job. I love the RvR aspect, even when I’m not loving getting zerged on. But the game is winding down and we are already seeing populations shoot through the floor.

Besides T4 being the same pathetic crap of constant bickering in local, you have almost no activity. My guild is winding down and the alliance is losing active members quick. Not that I think Champions is taking anyone, but Aion’s release should probably end it. At first, I didn’t think the game itself could do it. But the community in large for WAR is angry and is leaving quietly. They were loud before, but now are just fading away knowing that their shouts are not heard.

This will inevitably lead to further server merges. And I don’t want to go to a non-RP enviroment. At this rate you have die hard table top players and then you have those that will just come back and forth out of the game, hoping changes have been made. But that’s not the community I wanted to be part of.

So now I look for what’s new and where to go. I will love to follow my guild, but at this point there doesn’t seem to be a direction anyone has suggested going. Some are playing AoC, other EQ2, and some have just stopped MMOs and just forum troll the site.

I am thinking of testing out Champions just for the customization ability, but I don’t think it will hold my attention for more than the month it comes with. And unless all my guild mates play Aion for atleast a month a like it, I’m not buying another NCSoft game. I will be watching closely, as that seems to be where everyone is putting their eggs.

An Ally on WAR suggested Fallen Earth. I have been checking it out.

I might just reactivate my EVE account for the time being.