Full Annihilator at Last

Though its not really that long of a wait, I am in full Annihilator at the ripe rank of 33. You can read about how in my previous post.

Annihilator Full

I know there aren’t alot of picture avialable for full Annihilator on Warrior Priest out there. So here’s one in case you wanted to know.

On a side note to the thoughts I had yesterday on the gold bag rolls for keeps, I’m starting to lean to the idea that Mythic increases your roll chance¬†based on if you have unlocked the Annihilator set or not. Up until my 5th piece I rolled high in the top 10 each time. And had 3 gold bag within 4 hours. I’ve taken 8 or so keeps since then. In a couple of cases smaller groups and contributed quite a bit and haven’t been able to rank over 25th since then. I’m starting to think that Mythic actually has some clever programming in the game.

Either way, I’m still a small fry. But maybe I can keep someone alive for a bit longer now. Maybe.



One thought on “Full Annihilator at Last

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