Warhammer Online Suggestions: Act 2: Armor Redesigns and Customization

If you want to read the beginning of the rant or atleast the previous suggestions, go here:

Warhammer Online Suggestions: Act 1

Last week I explored ideas with finding Dungeon groups and the Battle Objective improvements. But this week I want to focus on my attention with armor, colours and customization. As that is the hot objective Mythic seems to have on their plate.

Just to catch you up on armor redesigns, here are the herald articles revealing their progress so far:

Armor Set Post 1
Armor Set Post 2
Armor Set Post 3

I’ve spoken my peace on the forums. I think many others saw the same things I did. If you haven’t put in feedback on your thoughts, go do it. I don’t mind reading negative feedback. I do mind reading post that say “Where’s the Slayer/Choppa armor?” when they devs post over and over how they aren’t doing those two over. But yet it does not matter, these people don’t read, they clicked reply as quick as the screen loads the button.

I snicker now, because in the case of the Warrior Priest armor redesign for the Conqueror Set, I basically did the same thing. The intensity of my anger was one I couldn’t wait through 2 pages of reading for me to be able to wait on posting my immediate thought process. I atleast read after and edited my post in the cases I saw my stupidity. Heaven help me if my point is mute because I say one dumb thing. Which in forums, it only takes one shady area of your argument to make the whole point invalid.

As for my feedback  to Mythic on character customization:


Suggestion #3: Customization and Character Individuality

Issue: Almost a Complete lack of individual customization

Though the statement seems rough, harsh and not completely true, there is not really much that  seperates me from someone else playing my class. In all, almost everyone in T4 is wearing the same thing; Annihilator/Conqueror. Some few in Invader with very few in Warlord or PvE sets. Combined with our guild cloaks and our wonderful palet of colours from the rainbow pride parade there is very few ways to make me feel different from the same class standing right next to me. This issue has so many small points to it, that I have made different part suggestions.

Solution A: Armor Skins

I think additional art for the Mythic Armor Sets is a great idea. And this idea is not to overthrow that. The issue here is that we should be able to somewhat choose how or which armor I want to show. I think the answer is having a equipment skin pool in the Tome of Knowledge. When you equip the armor piece (before it’s bound) you can pick which skin you want that piece to look like. So in T1 you have 2 skins to start, the one you were born with and the other skin you would get by finding any new piece of armor in that tier. And then when you enter T2, you will open up a new set of skins to choose from when you equip new armor. Approximately you would have 3 to 4 choices in tier 2. Either the skin of your starting armor (only works for boots, and chest, maybe belt), T1 regular armor, T2 regular armor, and/or possibly any Decimator armor you unlocked) Some items might have many choices, some others like helms will only have one choice in T2.

This idea would be known as an armor pool. This pool would be your ability, or list of available skins to choose to put on your armor as you equip it, so long as you have earned the right to these skins. Either by entering that tier or by earning the Mythic (very rare) gear that would normally unlock a unique look in that tier. The Decimator would be the unique unlock skin for T1, and Obliterator for T2 and so on. So the pool just keeps going but doesn’t limit you not to choose a previous tier skin, or a regular skin over the mythic set. For multiple reasons. Maybe you preferred the previous skin over your newly found ‘better’ stuff. Maybe for roleplay reason (example of a WP that’s wants to Roleplay a humble role and prefers the T1 stuff). And mainly, so that your enemy doesn’t know everything about you by simple glance. And then even more to the main point, so we can look different and more like something we wanted to play.

In many classes, there are just these one armor set you made that we all want, and the rest we could care less for. For White Lions, it is the Sentinel set. For most classes, it is Sentinel set. But for WLs especially, the new armor you have coming looks great, but I still rather be wearing the Sentinel. The chest and the helmet are pretty much the reason, most of us even started a WL. Currently, I’m not even going to grind the Crypts with my WL, because Invader is something much better to wear. But man does it piss me off that I will never have my WL look like that. With the armor redesigns, I can look foward to giant cones on my head. But really, I want (and any WL that disagrees is a liar) the Sentinel helm. Same for other classes. Witch Hunter, Maruader, Warrior Priest, Engineer, Sorceress, Black Ork are shining examples of classes that suffer from ‘I wish I could always wear my Sentinel gear’ syndrome.

This really isn’t something I think wouldn’t be all the difficult to setup, and it’s really not adding anything, but it gives us players a giant amount of customization.

Solution B: Expanded ‘Armor Colour’ Palet at Merchants

Yeah, I know. “More Colors!” This isn’t the first time Mythic has been asked. But really, the palet sucks. Flat out. I’m guessing when the palet was agreed upon in the beginning, it must have been a dart game with different varieties of Skittles on the board. And someone hit the Tropical Skittles bag with a dart and here we are now….. with a wonderful arrangement of colours suitable for Jimmy Buffett concerts. I’m sure you’ve heard it enough times.

I get it, Chaos Black would just mean we would all be in black. It has to be rare. But do the basic Greens, Blues and Red have to be? They don’t drop anywhere near the rate that must have been intended. But I am not really asking for those on the palet. I want ‘Armor’ colours. I don’t want to paint my metal clad pink, or purple or gold. I want it to be metal. But it came out of this gold bag as …… Hot pink. Oh yeah. Awesome. Nothing says “Hey I have my full Invader gear” like Hot Pink. Oh don’t worry guys, we can take this keep, Freddy Mercury just arrived in his new Invader Suit.

Just add gunbolt metal on there. I mean, even in the armor redesigns you show everything in armor colored armor. Just give us that ability too. That’s all. No red, no blue, no black. Just give me the ability to have armour color armor. PLEASE. I will buy a year subscription right now if you do. Promise to Sigmar, I will screenshot the purchase page on this blog as soon as you do it. There you go, probably 5 minutes of a programmers time and I will immediately reward you.

Solution C: Jewelry, Hair and Facial Changes

Many of us started and customized a character that for some reason we just aren’t proud of now. We regret the Wooden Crown on our Warrior Priest, we regret the Giant Hair on our Dwarf, we feel that it’s quite possible my Witch Elf could simply braid her hair a different way, maybe baby blue ear rings don’t match my guild standard, I liked my custom beard for my Rune Priest from the collector’s edition, but I’m not a fan of this pink tatoo on my Black Guard’s face.

Whatever the reason, many ….. reiterate many, of us prefer to keep our helmets on. Maybe not for a good reason.

I think the simple capability to add a character redesign merchant in the Capital Cities is a good move. For a large fee, anyone can go change their appearance as many times as they can afford it. Again, another idea I doubt would take alot to implement.

Solution D: Guild Banner Changes

There are two parts to this. Again, like character customization, many of our guild leaders made choices on the banners they weren’t happy with. In many cases we merged and got a second chance, but not all of us. We choose banners that looked the way we wanted with the hope and drastic assumption that one day we would be able to find dyes like the ones we put on our guild standard. Well … a year later and not so much. We regret the olive greens, the dark blues, the dark greys and so many others. In some cases, we aren’t so happy with the borders or maybe even the design in the middle.

The guild leaders should be given a Standard Merchant or option in the guild tab to be to, for a large large fee be able to change the standards of their guild. To make up for their past regrets.

Also, we never did got our promised banner trinkets and trophies. This was kind of a lost idea that was originally an excitable idea, to be able to put trophies and symbols on our guild banners. I say we should be able to take the extensive library trophies and give them the ability to be put on the banner. By choice of the carrier. Again a simple addition to a items already available.

Hope you enjoyed this article’s suggestions. Please steal the ideas and send them to Mythic. Next article ideas are on improving Land of the Dead.

Regards readers,



Warhammer Online: This year’s Witching Night – Daemon Moon Rising

The new Live Event for WAR hit one day earlier than expect yesterday. I logged on last night played it up and down and was hoping to make my first ever Live Event guide. But alas, there is no point. Garrawarr’s post is a perfect as you can make it. If you want to know everything you can about the event read it here:


But I don’t do guides anyways. I do criticism., cause I am an asshole. What would you expect from a blog called Mr. Meh? Nothing less.

Out of all the events so far, I like this one the most. Not only are the rewards, actually rewards, but the objectives are quite festive and ones that everyone seems to enjoy doing. With the recently fixed Scenario queue issue resolved, we can all just jump right into the High Pass Scenario and live it up. Or rather, die it up. As that’s all that seemed to happen last night. The problem with the mask in this years’ event, they actually have abilities, but with massive cooldowns. So DPS, like my White Lion can issue some seriously close to instant kills. And received them too, seemingly more than I dished it seemed. But at certain points I just felt .. ‘this is a healer nightmare.’ How can you heal something taking 4,000 dps? It was just near impossible. I take that back, it was impossible.


I started the night on my Warrior Priest and just couldn’t take it. Instant death after instant death. And  I am a hard cookie. With a 42% Disrupt rating along with Armor and Toughness I have been the last man standing in almost all whipes. And in rare cases I have been the single man that raised back the whole army for a win. That Moral 4 is nice, but only in one case scenario. But last night, I am nothing. I’m not tough, I’m not healing fast enough, and I think my cooldowns for respawn were longer then the amount of time I spent alive. Not once did I accomplish over 2K renown in a SC. In some, I can’t kill  and no one else is; a couple of times I didn’t even break 1k. WTF!

Screw it, if we are going to lose every single time, then I atleast want to kill one thing. I logoff my WP and log back in Kauyon, my semi-retired White Lion. Man, oh man, what fun. With a Plague Mask or even better the Gobo Mask, I am just downright … destructive. No wonder I couldn’t stay alive as a healer, they have no place in this event. It’s all out DPS, whoever’s fingers are faster is king. I know I made some Squig Herders and Magi lives hell last night. Even in the fray I would just Fetch them right out.

I’m sure they were screaming “why me?”, everytime. “Why? Why? There are healers to kill, why is he running past zealots and getting me?”

Here is the answer: It’s only a short amount of time before one of you Sorcs or Choppas notice me, I don’t have time for your healer, I’m not here for the 500 point win anymore, I want kills and I want Renown. You will die in 2 seconds, the zealot will take 5. I may not have that kind of time, unless I do, then they will die too. But you are first. Sorry.

So though I enjoyed my time, it really sucked as a healer or squishy. In that respect, I think Mythic made it hard for certain players in this event. If I didn’t have alts, I would have gone into a nerd rage frenzy. I couldn’t have taken it. And I’m sure that happened to a great deal of players last night. By midnight, I didn’t see more than one healer at a time in a Scenario on both sides. How many were alt changes, how many were rage quits?


Besides what I see as imbalances in Scenarios, I’m not … ecstatic that Mythic went from the Witching Night to the Daemon Moon Rising lore. Why not have repeating events yearly? It ties right into the ‘real’ world’s holidays. Not to mention the run off of Death Night (retitled Witching for the game) is perfect lore from the actual Warhammer World. An event in which the Witch Elves terrorize the streets about the Dark Elf kingdom in celebration of the Murder God, Khaine. It’s so twisted from the point of Hallowe’en, that you just gotta love it. I’m not quite sure why Mythic would go with this Khorne based event. My guess is they had graphics for a Bezerker Lord Boss they just had to use.

I personally would have loved this event in particular to stay a yearly tradition for the end of October.  That’s my peace there that it wasn’t name Death/Witching Night.


The only other criticism I have is the one event /DRINK to each class in Altdorf/IC. I have the rage of a teenager to just drive a couple minutes to Reston and start kicking Mythic’s entire staff in the nuts. If it is a girl, it the ovaries. No biases for this nerd rage act. First of all, emote events are stupid. STUPID I say! Seeing that you don’t really have any emotes surprisingly for a game that you mainly get subscriptions from fanboys and fanatics of the Warhammer Lore, I still can’t get how that happened. When in developement for the game. The list for what to do should have been:

Make Terrain
Make Classes
Code Emotes
Design Armor

Too late now. But just pointing out the obvious oversight to a  game strictly popular due to table top nerds. So making an event task to point out further more how you failed to give us the emotes is beyond …. moronic. To further rub sand and salt into our wounds, you make us do it to each class. Do you know how hard it is to find a Witch Hunter, let alone in Altdorf? You nerfed ’em, they ain’t around no more. I’m not sure that I am just mad you limited it to Altdorf or that you yet again made an emote task for a Live Event despite the overwhelming useless-ness of it all. And that’s all there is to say.


Beyond my nerd rage is some advice. One of your task in the Live Event is to go kill 50 Daemons. I can’t tell you how many toons I saw right outside the Chaos Waste Camp in that spreadout PQ looking for Blood Letters. The easiest and faster way to do the task as Order is to fly to Nordland, travel down the road to Chapter 2, and then on to the Burning Windmill. On graphic settings on high, you can see the PQ from the flight master. The PQ is nothing but a first stage of Flamers. 50 of them to be precise. Perfect. In 2 minutes you will be one grind of the Event closer to completion.

Cheers and blood, the Nights of Death are on us all,


WAR Suggestions: Act 1: Ignored Feedback Regurgitated

Ever since the announcement of the game Warhammer Online, I have always been guessing to what we would see next. Whether during the stages of developement or throughout the past year, I have consistently come up with this imaginary idea that suddenly Mythic becomes my company and I am the single point into what direction I would take this new imaginary game. In some cases I recorded these ideas and in most cases I just dreamed those ideas in the shower; but my thoughts and suggestions have always been, atleast to me, realistically possible to accomplish. Whether lost in time due to forgetfulness or written incoherently with belligerence to the feedback channels to Mythic, these jolts of ideas just seemingly come to me all the time.

Over the past year, as I have puked these garbled random thoughts from my over pretentious brain I have been overloading the feedback email and in-game feedback notes with my thoughts and suggestions. To all of which, not one response, not one read receipt. Meh. What should I expect? I just have fun dreaming them up. It’s not like I am going to get a response like this: ‘Oh thank Sigmar you are here. I wish we could clone you, so we could fire this useless staff.’ (Imaginary Mythic Boss Type Guy). Though this happens in my head. It most certainly isn’t happening anytime soon.

I’m not even sure that they get the feedback. It might be a bug. Or maybe no one actually works in that department. It doesn’t really matter. The point to me is the gratification with not only identifying a possible problem, but inventing a broad, high level (no detail as to how) solution and just feeling just keen about doing it. In some cases in the past, I have thought so deeply into the process and idea that I somehow convince myself that it happened, log-on that night, and somehow am flabbergasted as to why that feature isn’t there.

So though I try to keep all the e-mails that I send, I somehow setup my one email account to do this quick load into Outlook (New computer) and like I didn’t already know, if you delete it on the Outlook server it deletes it on the main server. Presto! All 42 (or somewhere about that) email suggestions to Mythic gone from my sent folder. Not that I can be upset. Most of which were such simple suggestions that I think everyone gave that input and quite a few have been seen in some way. I still think I had quite a few that were just great quality goals to implement, and the good news is that I liked them so much, they are just too hard to forget. I’ll still spam up the feedback channels to Mythic in any case. But seeing that the likelihood of the feedback ever being read is coming down to slim margins, I figured this blog I started a couple months ago we be a wonderful place to post them. Wonderful, as in easily copy and paste them here too.

Here are some of my recent submissions —- or they are close to recent.


Suggestion #1: PvE Dungeon Raiding Group Finder

Issue: PvE Dungeon Groups are not as easy to find as compared to a RvR group.

You want to go RvR, you simply can open the ‘Open Warband’ Icon and find out exactly what groups are around, how many they have, and how far the leader (time wise) is away from you. Saying it’s not buggy and showing last nights bands, or an improper amount of troops. With the help of Mods like SOR (State of the Realm) or just looking at the maps, you can find out which Realm has action, go there and join someone. Atleast in most cases. Heaven forbid there is nothing but full or private WBs. But in any event, due to the maps, you can always go find some action in little time. The game’s goal is massive RvR, so the problem doesn’t sit here. The issue is with the small population (or maybe there are actually more) PvE dungeon players wanting to find faster ways to get into a group for a dungeon.

I would personally go insane if this game was based on PvE, but even I want to go do some (grindy) boss raids sometimes. I want a shot at the cool looking armor or weapons. Even though the odds of a drop I can use is nill, I would still like to go when I get that itch. The current abilities of the group finding is not useful in this manner. Currently, the going way to find a dungeon raid is Spamming Local, and now with <Advice> it might happen there too. These ‘pick up’ groups can take forever to build, and usually fall right apart as soon as something goes wrong. They also generally rely on someone doing a favor by going. Like a fully Superior Warded character assisting in a Crypts run. They have no need to go, they are trying to be a team player, but their interest just aren’t there.


The Open Party Window had a section built into it for finding groups world-wide. I don’t believe it has ever worked, or no one knows how to use it. The need here is for groups to show on the open join window showing a group is forming for a particular dungeon raid, despite the realm you are currently in.

For example it would be displayed in the party window instead of ‘PVE’ or ‘RVR’ – instead it would show ‘Lost Vale’. Whether or not the group was even yet in the instance. So my friend ‘Someguy’ and I, ‘Kauyon’ could start a group, have a quick and easy roll down menu that allowed me to pick what the group was for. Not a /partynote, a pull down menu. So we start the group we (I) choose the purpose; IE RVR, Chapter 12, Lost Vale, Vulture Lord, Warptunnels, Gunbad, et cetera and as long as I choose an instance purpose, I show up on everyones’, not just that region, everyone’s WB finder as Kauyon 2/6 Lost Vale [Join]. If I choose ‘RVR’ I stay in that region only. Or maybe just my Tier (Ding..New Idea in a new idea).

So even though my friend and I are waiting about in Avelorn (T3), our group is showing to Altdorf, Reikland, Dragonwake, everywhere until our group is full or disbanded. And that way, we aren’t just sending random tells or spamming Altdorf or atleast not so much. And group will form faster. My worry is that, people want to do PvE Dungeons, but unless you are in a well organized Guild doing them all the time, I think it’s a un-utilized option in the game that should most definitely be more popular. I am not sure what it would take to implement a cross zone WB, but this would most definitely add to the excitement to all players, who would just like to do a PvE run when the itch comes. And I think that’s most of us. I think this was probably the purpose of the World tab in the party finder, I just don’t see that anyone is using it, or neither can I prove it works at all.


Suggestion #2: Strategic Objectives in Open RvR

Issue: Battlefield Objectives feel more of a grind then having a purpose.

Though it’s clear this wasn’t the entire intention, victory point locking a zone in T4 is about as rare as ….. has there ever been a VP lock in T4? It’s undeniable, it just doesn’t happen anymore. Either because pre-T4 is dead and the prior tier contribution is never going to help, or the ever long broken Scenario bug that has supposedly been fixed, or possibly the weights on how a zone locks by VP is just not balanced properly. In any case, locking a zone means having a WB watching every single BO, WC, and secret PvE route possible. Incredibly boring and a moral killer to top it heaven forbid a BO gets ninja’d. Though without the timers, zone locks were near impossible, so the judgement isn’t to be passed there.

I believe the issue lies with the overall purpose of the Battlefield Objective (BO). The inability to guard it well, and its almost seemingly useless purpose, other than 800 Renown in 3 minutes. These points are known to most as RvE. Realm zerg, waiting impatiently for 3 minutes around a flag, because they are starved for some kind of points.

Solution: Tactical BO arrangements.

originally about 2 years ago when I watched the podcast on RvR and Keeps, I seem to remember BOs being described as landmarks to capture for the purpose of opening up the ability to assault the keep. Meaning to assault one keep you had to capture 2 specific BOs. Preventing Keep ninja’ing if you will.

I think this should be implemented; but only in the respects that holding that BO grants an advantage to taking a keep, not so much the ability. So if my groups’ ultimate goal was to take a particular keep, I would first want to take BO #1, and that would grant the ability to plant siege cannons at the keep. And capturing BO #2, would grant the platforms for a Ram. So not having the BO, doesn’t prevent me from just banging on a keep with my axe, but not having it is a major pain and delay. Further more, just having one, still gives me some advantage as I can build cannons.

And even further more, it presents a defensive ability. As in a WB takes 2 BOs runs to the keep bangs on the first door, mean while the opposing army, outnumbered or unable to get into the keep due to gank squads goes and takes a BO back. Then the attacking army goes into the inner to find …  no ram pad. SH***T! Meaning, assaulting a keep now becomes a multi-point strategic plan. Holding those BOs is as important during the assault as they were before taking them.

I think this is one small step back to an orginal idea in making the Open RvR more strategic and less boring as a BO grind can be.


I have more suggestions to come. Please come back for more mehs,


Warhammer Online: Patch 1.3.2 Thoughts, Opinion and Hope …

What is in the future for WAR?

I think few have very high hopes still. Though I think we all did at release. Dwindling populations, new and seemingly better games to try out, there’s not much to keep the few of us on that are still on… on. Not that it is that few, just in comparison to this time last year. I would suspect based off my supreme estimating capabilities that WAR has somewhere in the realm of 128K subscribers left between NA and Europe.

How do I come at such a rash and unfounded answer?


Actually … I assume that Mythic had 800K at Sept 30th, 2008. And immediately lost 50K by October 10th, even before the 30 day renewal date. By December, just over 300K and in the beginning of March they just had about 300K. In six months they took a 62.5% hit. Since then it has been 6 months. Between that, we had more server consolidation and a new year of MMO releases. I assume the heaviest losses are taken in the first 3 months. Assuming that 60% is more of a rate of 30%, we could assume that the current subscription population is somewhere between 150K and 220K. However you then have to compete with the new release, which most likely stole another 70K-90K of that. However, some of those have returned, leaving you with more likely a 60K-80K loss when mitigated by that offset. Leaving us with more like a 90K to 160K population. But more over, there was also a MAC release (coming) and then a Korean release. Which would help bolster their entire stats to somewhere near 110K to 175K. I take an wieghted average based on the above and find 128K. But dice solutions are more fun. Not to mention there might actually be better estimates out there. I just haven’t seen them published by Mthic or EA.


As for the patch, I like the overall accomplishments and the main focus of the patch. It’s realistic, it’s helpful, it is a good move.  Thumbs up on your work, Mythic. I give you a A-.

For those that don’t know, you can read the notes here: http://warherald.warhammeronline.com/warherald/NewsArticle.war?id=945

At the bottom of the page is the link to the full patch notes.

For those that can only read one big thing at a time and have already committed to this blog; the main point of this patch is to eliminate the fortresses, better RvR combat stability and new player help. And of course a long list of bug fixes and career changes that may or may not have been implemented. You can read on to see what I am talking about in the Negative section. [The reason for your minus Mythic. Not that you will read this, but still.]

Though I like Forts, it just is finally a good move. There is really no fun way to take a Fort, even undefended without a zerg and then two huge loads of zergs meeting is just one big, lagfest. And even for a great running new machine like mine and living close to Virginia, I rarely ever have lag, except two places. Forts and Cities. The fort is there for two reasons, to get into Conqueror and to get into the city to get Invader. Since we can now get Conqueror from Keeps in this patch, and then Cities will be that much easier to get into. I stand behind the move as an overall good one to make. 

Apprenticeship!!!! Is a win. Let’s face it, the lower tiers are dead. God help your friend if he/she just finally get’s into the game. Cause he will be all alone. Well not now. Just throw him a buff and bam, they are a 40 too. Doesn’t have the abilities though. But he/she will make a fine button smasher addition to the zerg. The only question I had here, that I received no reply to, was do the flight points get opened up for them? Unfortunately no. But summoning stones work well.

There have been all kinds of other changes. And I thumb them all in the majority into the upward direction.


As for my criticisms. The career changes and fixes drive me up a wall on every single patch. It’s a freakin to-do list. An objectives to accomplish list if you will. It’s clearly not what you have done. How could I say such a thing? Because every patch, I go onto a couple of the test server nights and go through with my toons and see if you did fix them. And it’s not so much the damage increases/reductions or the bonus stats. It’s the basic CORE abilities that need to work.

For example: Warrior Priest’s Judgement ability. It’s been on 5th patch notes as fixed. Really, when do we stop believing you. Well I did. And finally it’s fixed! I know, you should get a round of applause. But this is the 5th time. So really you only deserve an “About Fucking Time” cupcake.

Further more, is the White Lion’s Feline Grace ever going to work? I like how it’s fixed to the it sometimes does. I like how I can sometimes accomplish something. Maybe we  WL’s can all sometimes pay our subscriptions.

I’m mixed on my feelings for keep changes. I like the defense rewards. I don’t like the 10 minute cooldown for it.

The keep Hero is able to be pulled out to the balcony too far. It makes the defense near impossible. Either the lords need to be made more powerful (AOEs) with more hitpoints, or the drag length is too far. Too often I see 2 WBs able to easily defeat a defending 2 WBs. I think that it should be possible for the same number to take down the same numbers. But if they can kill the Lord and sweep a keep in under 30 seconds, somethings wrong. And that seems to ‘keep’ happening. Pune intended. I’ve only been in 2 successful defenses, both were where we outnumbered 3 to 1. This needs to be evaluated better.

Ummmmmmm …. <Advice> channel. Great idea. Too late. But great. You needed this last November. I can’t see your numbers, but I don’t see that you are picking up that many new users.

<T4> being only for realm leaders is …. dumb. I see no good argument for it. Just like any other channel, abusers will be ‘ignored’ and reported.

I feel the testing server process fails its point. I get on, I listen in vent, I try to follow along; I’m also testing to see how well you performed on your to-do list and issue my giant feedback. But in the testing process, the devs are hearing the wrong thing. All I see are suck-ups and compliments. I don’t want to see over criticisms bashing the game, but really, lay off the gravy train guys. It then occurred to me as to why these seemingly avid gamers have such high admiration. Mounts.

This is just another grind for them. The come here, try to get noticed and want that special mount. I can’t fully prove it. But I didn’t see any testers riding on one. So …. I’m pretty sure that’s what we have. I like that there is incentive to get on to the test servers, but if you had properly tested, we probably wouldn’t have needed immediate server downtimes after the patches officially hit. Clearly, things weren’t tested as thouroughly as hoped. I think keep difficulty was one of them. Just my take,  I don’t know how to fix it. But the ass kissing is in the wrong direction.


As for Hope ….

It’s not so much that I say hope as intents for believing things are on the right track and we will all get what we want. I’m not sure that’s possible. I think the vast majority has left or is on the fence about doing so, because the future of WAR is bleak to them. It’s not clear that we will ever see an expansion. The future goals listed just say as normal, “career balancing.”

Quite frankly, career balancing means nerfage. And it’s probably the reason you have 1/8th of the population you did a year ago. It makes sense to me why you are here. When you nerf something, that player doesn’t say “well, I was kinda too powerful in that respect. I’ll guess I just live with my neutered self or maybe I’ll change toons.” Some might. But clearly you are asking for a rage quit.

My advise, if you want to better balance things out, do it in T5. We can all agree to that being the best case. Just is it going to happen. I doubt you would be worried about T4 balance that much if it was on the way.

If you think back to T3, things are pretty unbalanced. Choppas/Slayers are running about with a pull and Ranged DPS is getting amazing tactics to their BS skills. It is not a fun time for a healer. Actually I always felt OP (over powered) as a WL. With only one healer I was able to cause all kinds of mayhem. Can’t say that in T4. But really in one year, has anyone cared that T3 is unbalanced. No.

Why? Cause T4 is just around the corner. And the same answer sits there for any further balancing acts. Do it in T5.

Is that the problem? We won’t ever see that? No expansion is ever coming? That’s the going belief. Though some are hoping hints on the forums say otherwise. I don’t see that being the case. Keeping plans on expansion secret is just far out moronic. You are losing subs, the future is not clear to the players and the save-all solution is a secret? I don’t think so.

You don’t go dating/courting a girl that is basically screaming for a ring, let her leave and show up out of the blue in a  year later with an engagment proposal and think it’s going to be accepted. If Mythic/Bioware/EA had an expansion plan, it would have been announced, IMO. I don’t believe these type of rumors.

We are left with this at the end of Jeff Skalski’s letter:

  • Continue focus on career balance fixes, RvR campaign enhancements, performance and server stability.
  • Knock out bugs and introducing more polish across the board.
  • Ready WAR for launch in new regions.
  • Fairly bleak. Sounds like the product is more worried in being repackaged to new customers than continuing any possible success in the current customers or atleast those that have left in frustration.

    Overall, the game is the only one you can get your mindless PvP fun. And it keeps us niche players. Us PvPers and Games-Workshop fans. We aren’t completely happy though. And subs like me, you only have in and out subscriptions. I think we all just feel that we are lacking in new content. Live events are nice, but we need more solid advancement.

    This patch is probably the only one of them that actually initiated changes I can mostly agree with. For that, Mythic gets its Kodus.

    In the next couple of days, or tonight if traffic sucks, I’ll be preparing what ideas that Mythic could implement as great changes and ideas to regain its populations back. All in respect to avoiding a full blown expansion.




    Aion Online: Channel Surfing and Time Wasted


    I had an interesting weekend. I learned alot, met new people, but really didn’t accomplish much. Essentually I spent about 12 hours online on Friday night and throughout the rest of the weekend. And to show for it ONE rank.

    How? Well atleast for Elyos, somewhere about 17 to 19 you have to go into the Krall Outpost, which is a group effort. Here is where a veteran player from WAR starts to get annoyed. You just miss the beauty of Open Parties that Mythic so dutifully employed. 

    Forced group PvE to advance is dumb. If you can’t fully solo the whole way through, you failed at making the game. Group instances are fun. And should be rewarding. Not an obligation to advance. Just my 2 cents. The result, hours go by grinding repeatable quest and spamming /3 Find Group: LFG Krall.

    After hours and hours, never really found a group doing that. It took about the 7th to finally just see “LFM Krall.” I couldn’t type /whisper to save my life I was so worried. But sure enough I got in. I was the only 17 in a rank 21 man group, but I finally was going to get to do Krall.

    I think I was lucky, I got a great group. Not one belligerent that I was 4 ranks under anyone of them. All willing to assist. I never once asked to be helped with my specific missions, they asked me. Wanting to help. Though the likelihood is small, if any of <Adeptus> from Lumiel are reading this, you run a great team. Or atleast have good people in it.

    They seem to really love to dance:


    I also learned about a little action known as Channel Hopping. Apparently, NCSoft knows clearly that you have ‘named’ boss thieves, so there are channels of main instances for the game. So technically you could be standing in any one spot and be talking to the same NPC with about 20 other people, but only see 5.

    Some one killed the ‘named’ boss you need, well check out channel 4, he’s probably spawned in there. Nice little option I don’t think I have ever seen before in an MMO. Maybe it’s always been in NCSoft games, I just never knew it.

    I didn’t accomplish much this weekend. But I still chalk this time up as time spent with interest.


    Aion Online: Queue times, Private Stores and Auto-run

    So it was about 2 days ago that I corrected wikipedia.org on Aion online. Some one put a completely false statement under the topic of queue times. Stating that queue times were ridiculous reaching 7 hours in some cases, but NCSoft fixed that by patching against Private Stores auto logging you in 30 minutes. Wrong. It was not fixed, we are still having large queue times.

    Besides queues, I am yet to find a good purpose to private stores. Maybe in the end game with extremely rare items there could be a good use. But in all seriousness, why? We have auctions. I don’t want to go randomly searching for something, I want that shit now. The idea of private stores are just dumb. And until someone can come up with a good enough rationale to keep them, I would rather have dozens of horrible hip-hop dancing toons in one place, then dozens of bums selling useless crap.

    What brought on this rant? I was reading one of my new favorite blogs, Sinnir’s Asylum.

    Particularly her rant on private stores. She does have a cool screen shot of two shops singing the anthem to America’s obesity.

    But to my point. Though Private Stores might have been a large reason for the overwhelming queue times, the patch has not fixed anything. At night and on weekends, the evil queue time is still there.

    It was Wednesday when I sat waiting in queue for almost 45 minutes to finally log on and get reminded by the GF that we need to go get dinner and the fridge is empty. Crap. I just finally got on. Answer, find a corner and Auto-Run (Num Lock). Came back an hour later to a fully logged on toon.

    I am betting I am not the only one that knows. Just my thoughts on the queue monster. Plus my added obnoxious-ness about private store. They are one bad step above chinese gold sales. And almost as annoying.




    Note: Just to clarify. I did it that one time. I am not going to keep my computer on just to avoid queue times. Please don’t judge me too harshly. I’m just the nark.

    Aion Online: Reroll

    I don’t have good things to say about my Chanter. I started with Kauyon as a Priest on Lumiel Server. I had fun figuring out everything for the first time. Correcting people on Aionarmory.com. I love Curse. But people comment before thinking.

    Anyways, I accidently picked Chanter at my Deava conversion. And I still went with it. But as a hybrid, it sucks. I see the advantage of buffs for the group, but I’m not sure I see the solo advantage. You suck at DPS, you can’t parry squat, and your heals are almost less effect than the natural regen buff that every other class gets. In the end, bandages cost little and are just as effective. But we don’t have to spend Mana to use it.

    Short story, here’s my new Gladiator, LAEG:


    With stocks of bandages and potions, for a small fee you can solo so much faster through everything. Literally, ranks 2 to 10 took 2 hours.

    I wonder if at rank 30 I will change my mind,