Warhammer Online: Hackers and Cheaters

It’s be coming clearer and clearer that EA Mythic just doesn’t give a crap about the amount of cheating going on. A year ago, I would just send friendly reports saying I thought something funky was going on, ‘please watch them.’ And you would see all the time on the forums (WARalliance) these folks bitching about being suspended or banned. And I would think, “horay, it works.” And 6 months ago, I was relieved to see Mythic actually talk about how they watch and what they do.

But about 3 months ago, the hacks and cheats have just become so clear that I could actually tell what they were doing. My CSR reports went from, “Hey, watch this guy” to “Jerkdick here is speed hacking, that is not a speed talisman. He lagging across the battlefield at 2x the speed of a special mount.”

Now we come in the eve of 1.3.4, and I just don’t know what lies in the future. I could handle some one dragging their screen to get a cheap lag speed trick off to get away, one missed kill, meh. I could handle people using Nerfed Buttons. But WARbuddy is now the thing to have. And there must be more going on, cause newer and funkier things are happening. I see something new happening everyday.

When you can fly over walls and you can bypass the global cooldown and have unlimited Action Points, it’s time to react, and react harshly. It’s just plain as day. These players (both Order and Destro) are not at all trying to hide the fact that they are exploiting.

Last week I encountered a group of premades that were using WARbuddy to hop right onto the spawn points of the scenarios we were in. A Chosen would jump up there (no matter the SC) and just punt off people as they spawned.

The picture above is the spawn point on Gromril’s Crossing. He did this for hours in almost every Scenario I saw him in.

I contacted CSR as I normally do, but this time I wanted a follow-up. Which is something I normally never get. Hours later I send another report and an email requesting the status and the result of my petition. I received this week an email telling me there was no issue that they could find.

In frustration and anger I sent them my library of screenshots of this guy throughout the night with another 10 recent incidents of people wall hacking to a keep lord and another 20 or so of Combat logs showing where people were bypassing the global cooldown with their attacks.

Well, I already knew from the forums that screenshots mean nothing when it comes to reporting hackers. So I didn’t expect a response that would do anything.

My point is, is that I think it’s very clear that Mythic has no intentions of losing more subscription dollars by going about and start banning people. Which saddens me. It’s not like we have 1 out of 1000 cheating. I think we have more like 1 out of 12 cheating. Atleast so blatantly that anyone can see it.

I know our alliance is losing players. Specifically quoting that end game sucks and even still, “this is becoming a cheat-fest” as they log off forever. And the rest are all the sudden becoming more and more inclined to play PvE Dungeons. Clearly issues are at hand when the only thing a RR70 wants to do is go do VL or LV.

I left FPS games because I couldn’t beat aimbot. If the last frontier for this game is PvE instances to escape the PvP hack friendly zones, then maybe I should follow suite with many others and go play something that actually has functionally entertaining PvE. We are only here for RvR.

If I was the producer; I would issue orders to really go after hackers. And as you find them and ban them, you put their name on the website. Create a giant list. It will only take 100 for people to read and notice some big names on there and straighten out or better yet, just leave. Not to mention the confidence you’ll build with your (more casual non-cheater) gamers.

But that’s Mr. Meh, and he’s an asshole. Regards,


Warhammer Online: Dungeons and Alts

Last night was interesting. I logged on right after hearing that Order on Badlands finally got Stage 2. But before I could cry, someone told me that the Warlord instance bugged out on a phase of the PQ. I was relieved that I wasn’t apart of it. I think that would have caused my final nerd rage logoff forever. So I was slightly thankful.

In that time of chatter in alliance, I moved over my 3rd Warrior Priest over to Badlands. For the sole reason to have multiple characters to help run instances. I’m so helpful.

Everyone has so many alts now that it really is just a cycle of running everyone’s alts through dungeon instances. I use my main WP to run LV and then TOVL. And then almost finally after that, if no RVR is available, everyone then runs the other alts through. But no one wants my WL, so I am left to join PUGs. ARRGGH. And then after they are finished the 2nd runs, their 3rd alts want to run Crypts and/or Bastion Stair (crit weapons) or something else that doesn’t involve me. ARRGGGHH. I have made sure this no longer continues.

I have a my Main WP at RR65, and working on Tyrant, maybe Warlord if stage 2 happens more often. My second 40 WP at RR12 (first toon on a dead server Avelorn, one of the first 40s in the game) that I help guildies through Bastion Stair, because he is never getting his Lesser Ward it seems, and that kind of RRing will take forever. And then I just transferred over my 3rd WP that I made on Chaos Waste a long time ago. He is rank 35 and RR33. But my plan for him is to get him to help run crypts. A quick grind in LOTD (Land of the Dead) and some Annihilator Gear and he will be good as rain. This way, I can run as many instances for my guildies and alliance mates as much as they need. Or until I am all PvE’d out. And with 3 WP at different levels, when I run I may actually roll on things they need. Instead of being RR 65ish and running in Crypts, and getting pissed that by the time the damn Cassock finally dropped its useless for that toon.  

Then again, this could all really be avoided if Mythic would just eliminate the lock out timers. However, good ideas are going into Mythic, just not coming out. So I take things into my own hands.

Nicholaes, My main WP, RR 64. Pose is just to look cool. He's actually a book carrier.

Meet the Nick family: 

Nicholaes 40/65 – Tyrant/Dark Promise – Willpower Full Salvation / Half Grace Spec’d – Salvager/Tali Maker
Nicholaos 35/33 – Annhilator/Crap RR Armor – Willpower Salvation Spec’d – Butcherer/Apothecary
Nicholaas 40/12 – Bloodlord/Crap PQ Armor – Full Grace / Half Wrath Spec’d – Cultivator 

I’m also working on a Knight of the Blazing Sun named Haul. He’s rank 21 and growing. I just want him for LOTD farming for Scavenging. I can’t imagine a better class then one you can just have stood there and kill things without doing a thing. All other projects are on hold. I no longer have love for my Elf projects, I just can’t play a dwarf, no matter how hard I try. I love the mechanics, just the toons themselves. 

I think many have alt problems. They have to have variety and change and new faces. Tell me how many you have met that have an alt problem with the same class?

That’s right, you are reading the Blog of a lunatic,

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Mr. Meh Says … Bomb!!!

Consistently on Saturdays and Sundays I have been running with a couple groups that just wants to PvE dungeon run in-between SC groups and Zone Locks. Which I am okay with. Once you hit RR 60, life and gear becomes dim. Until we figure out how to get Stage 2 on Badlands, Tyrant is really going to be the only option most of us have to something …. L33t.

So when we run these instances, things are humorous. We normally start in Lost Vale (even though I think everyone has what they need) and try each time to finish it in under 2 hours. Yet to happen, but I think most groups can be jealous of the consistent 2 hours it takes to do it. But we are still learning TOVL (Tomb of the Vulture Lord). So far, I think we fully understand up to the 5th boss. It took quite a while to learn how to fight the High Priest. For those that don’t know, it basically is a fight that goes into phases. He ports, he cleaves, he channels and he bombs.

The bombs are the unfortunate one for the unsuspecting Melee DPS. I don’t like to whipe, but everytime he dies I laugh. All you can hear through vent is “Bomb!!” From everyone. Yet still, it takes him a second to react. A second to slow. He then gets snared and then you see him jump up and down as he you can see the inevitable death of hilarity that is coming. Unfortunately without his DPS, we generally don’t survive. So every encounter is going to be a bet of how many times he dies to the BOMB.




“Jesus, it’s an instant kill timed AOE bomb. Not a magical golden hug.”

Warhammer Online: Optimism is not a bad word, it’s just stupid.

I have been hanging out in-game with a recently joined guild to our alliance alot more than my current guild lately. Mainly because my guild has for some reason switched to extremely late nights. But this new guild is a class act. They know each other, and they know how to play. I am happy to be welcomed among them. Or atleast instill my entrance into their parties.

There is this one player I have been grouping with lately, but he is just such an optimist. No matter what you say, he’s got an upside. Even if it doesn’t exist. He still says it. The other night, we were kind of complaining (maybe just me, I have to vent) about “Nerfed Buttons” (the Mod) and how Mythic really needs to react.

Of course he has no problem saying, “Its not that bad.”
Really. I just got pounded by 4 Doombolts critical hitting me at 3,200 each.”
Well, they can do that. So can I.” He says. (His new main is a BW)
And can you throw 4 Fireballs in under 1.5 seconds too?
There’s a tactic for that.”
Really, there is a tactic that allows you to throw 4 abilities that are normally 2 second cast and easily set back in less then a quarter of that time? And this tactic allows you to bypass the 1/2 a second global cooldown too? ”
Well … yeah.” He replies.

By Sigmar,  I hate his optimism. It’s borderline mental retardation. But .. I’m so envious of it.

I was a happy player once. I used to be him. Over a year ago, I used to call down the nay sayers. The griefers, the whiners. It was me, that knew the best was coming. It was me that had hope. Even after the 2nd round of layoffs, I never stop believing that this game would just keep growing.

It was only after the loss of most of my guild and the silence that over took the Warherald that I lost it. When you go from a Live Event a Month and constant talk of class additions every 4 months and Live Expansion every year, to “We may try balancing the game, maybe, we will see.” You lose hope. Right now, and I doubt that I am alone, the vast majority of what is left of the population is just waiting for something worthy to take them away from WAR. Aion wasn’t the answer, and STO is definitely not doing it. Those here, have just accepted what the game is, and any new stuff coming will probably confuse us. Much like an Ex from 8 years ago showing up and proposing to you, it’s kind of too late.

So, I am talking to a well-known guild leader and Oracle to Mythic for WAR, and we are discussing 1.3.4 and 1.3.5. His input is one patch is for game balance and fixes. While the other team of Mythic builds new stuff. Essentially, 1.3.4 is fixes, 1.3.5 will be new stuff. I call scruples.

Many believe we will see 1.3.4 this month. Again, I call scruples.

I look at Jeff Skalski’s letter and read this:

“…in addition over the course of 1.3.3 you’ll get to enjoy three live events including the return of the Battlebrew Backpack in Keg End and the much beloved Night of Murder event in addition to an all new event in the new year…yarrrr.”

I read that one way, and clearly one way, 1.3.3 is supposed to hold us off for 3 Live Events. We have done one. And we have 2 more coming. Night of Murder is probably, and most likely absolutely occurring on Valentine’s Week again this year. Plus we get another. If we time out the spreads of the Live Events, we get 1 Live Event every 2 and half months. As I see it, 1.3.4 will probably happen sometime in March, just around when we get to do this ‘new’ Live Event. So help us Sigmar, prove me wrong.

I hope I am wrong.

What I really want to do is … hope. I’m just hoping that Korea market gets invaded, BioWare needs less help from Mythic and all the sudden we get … “Surprise, here’s bunches of new stuff.”

“You want more classes, we got them coming.”
“You want more capital cities. Here they are, have fun on the Dark Elf Floating Fortress.”
“You want better end game. We redesigned the cities.”
“You want more instances. We made them.”
“You want more of the Warhammer World. Here comes Bretonnia, Skaven, Beastmen, Lizardmen and Wood Elves.”

And I want them to end each sentence with … “Bitches.”

So, for the rest that I can hold it, I’m going to put on my optimist face. If you see alot of far off day dreaming post in the next couple of days (weeks), just remember it probably can’t last. But I prefer, for the time I have, lets hope.

Warhammer Online: How to say goodbye to a Warband: 101

I was in a familiar non-alliance Warband over the weekend. It was run by our servers largest guild (rank 40 too). But I joined their vent and followed orders as I would if the leaders were my own alliance leaders. I just so happened to win the roll on a Warlord Crest. Believe it or not, it was my seventh one ever.

Just as soon as I do, I hear in Vent, and I quote: “Great. Some lowbie ass noob warrior priest stole that warlord crest. Thanks noob nugget. If you are in vent, I hope you suck shit, and we ain’t opting out of any rank 5 keep takes for you. Can you boot that ass hat, please?”

 In /warband I write:

“Actually, my fellow ass nugget, I am in vent :)
And since you are clearly blind and/or retarded, that’d be Tyrant/Warlord I’d be wearing matey. “

Tons of “lols” from others.

“Further more, I would really like your guild leader to explain to me why a RR34 is lecturing one of your only 3 healers in the WB on what to roll on.
Yeah, that’s right, I keep Realm War open, ready for some asshat like you to say something stupid.”

The guild leader did send me a /tell. It was not adequate. “Sorry for ****, we have a Rule that Only guildies can roll on crest. Its not about ur level. Butt U can stay in the WB for some RPs :) Just No roll on anymor crest, K.”

In the middle of a keep take, I left the WB and let them whipe on the inner door as it opened.  I sent him a tell back:

“Sorry I forgot to heal you guys. I was just too busy admiring my crest, it’s so shiny.

Well I’m off. I gotta go break this down into Scout Medallions. I never finished my Obliterator set.”

He told me: “Congrats, U just got black listed by the Biggest Guild here. Ur life R going to Sux. We make up about 1/10th of the server.”

“No, actually, my life just got easier. By exactly 10%. Sweetness.  I R 2 hander L33tness now. I R Uber and other things in your retarded lingo that you tweens say.”

Did you know you can /ignore a whole guild?
FTW Mythic. You did something right.

Warhammer Online: City Instances and Flags

So …. I know you have read something on this a thousand times by now on the forums. But I don’t read them, and obviously, neither do most. For how much longer do we (mainly I) have to watch /region light up with flame wars about the damn flag in the damn city?

We now get to be in cities alot more. And even more so, we get to be in instances (for a great majority) that have no opposition. Just 2 WBs roaming and hanging around flags. How we spend this time is what is in argument.

“Get off the flag ass-hat.”
“We can atleast 100 more RPs if we keep recapping it.”

“But I gain contribution by standing on the flag.”
“We will get more points if I stand here and keep it capped. We need to get to stage 2.”

Who’s right and who’s wrong?
Everyone is better off if you coordinate re-capping the flag. It’s win-win that way. But why?!!??

It’s actually basic math. All of the following can be verified:

The realm earns 1 point per second per flag owned.

If Order holds 2 flags for 20 seconds, then they will have (2 X 20) = 40 points.

False ideas and facts that don’t exist, but are constantly displayed as such in region. It is not 1 point per person per flag per second. That would mean 1 WB on 1 flag could achieve a stage win in (500 points/ 24 people / 1 flag) = 21 Seconds. Basic math folks, it’s awesome.

The realm earns 10 points for capping a flag.

Whether or not you are standing on it. If the flag is owned by your realm it is giving 1 point per second until it is not owned. So standing off of it for so many seconds waiting for it flip does not affect the point gain.

So, as soon as it flips neutral, saying you can cap it in under 10 seconds, you will not lose any points for doing so. But you will gain 100 renown.

As well, the more people on the flag, the quicker it caps. Horay. So, and this is the big one, if you were to have enough people standing off and standing on the flag constantly flipping it, you could re-cap a flag in under 10 seconds. WHICH would mean that you are actually giving more points for your realm by doing so.

So if your realm is all by itself in the instance the fastest you can win a stage is (500 points / 3 flags) = 2.75 minutes. Potentially, you can re-cap flags real quick and get some extra points, but it’s effect on time is minimal. However, it is some extra +500 renown for a realm not getting any.

If your realm is going to help push to stage 2, then really the answer lies with a proper kills on the Generals. With a cleave and retarded lowbie tanks taunting, that’s not going to happen with PUGs. But we can hope, can’t we?

Warhammer Online: Scenarios, PUGs and Me

Scenarios are a beast in Warhammer. The idea of making a combat format in this game balanced in such a way that you could ever form a fair fight in an instance is and has been a struggle. Ultimately, I am not sure you can ever make the Scenario ever fair. I have seen some ideas. But ultimately, no matter what you do, something is going to take advantage of a system.

Whether you are in a lower tier, or T4, you can’t stop lowbies from queueing in. And that’s the problem. If one side is boasting 12 RR70s and the other four <40s and six barely in Conqueror along with maybe  one or two justified players, there’s just no strategy that’s going to overcome the challenge you face. And even if you have 2 full premades in the SC, it only takes One solo Zealot to steal all the Renown.

The Scenario was supposed to be the outlet for players to go find the fair fight. Because there is nothing fair about zerg vs. door. But it’s been a long time since I have been in a close fight. It’s either us farming their spawn or vise versa.

For T4, cause that all that matters, two things need to change:

1- The lower your level, the more RPs you earn for little work. This keeps high levels in separate groups and solo playing. RP earning needs to be leveled despite the RR of the player. RP threft is an issue and keeps high levels from queueing solo.

2- Scenarios need to be separated by level. One for under RR 50 and one for the rest.

As well, group queueing for a specific SC, need to be given priority. When a zone is trying to VP locked, it is not really fair to the entire realm that 6 random PUG players can easily (and unknowingly) get into a key Scenario and lose the possible VP lock for a 100+ players.

The other night I was running  a bomber premade for SCs. If you haven’t run a bomber group, it’s quite fun. (3 Tanks, 2 BW/Sorcs, and a WP/DoK). Even though each time we could get very decent renown, we struggled to win. Because every time we got into an SC, there were these same random PUGs players would come in. 2 low level SWs, and 40 SW, a Slayer and a low level RP, that would just go solo and try to eat up renown.

I would warn them, by /tells and in /sc that we would not support them if they didn’t stop queueing for key SCs for zone locks. Queue up, just stay out of Battle for Praag and Caverns for a bit. We have another premade that could help us win, waiting to get in. I also warned the RP to join up in Group 2. No one would listen. So by the 3rd Scenario, we coördinated (On a side note, I did a quick spell check, and apparently, this is how you spell coordinated, with a umlout) a routine on vent; roll backwards suddenly and let the Rune Priest die. And then no heals for rest as we would battle it out.

It wasn’t really that great of a plan for winning the SC, but you have to protect your Arpees. The difference in letting that Rune Priest live was 2 scenarios where we couldn’t breach 2K in renown. And once we consistently made sure he died, we didn’t have one SC under 5K. Win or lose.

There something wrong with the game when you have to judge who is your friend. When I treat a level 34 Rune Priest as a bigger enemy than a Witch Elf, there is an issue. Cause I freaking hate Witch Elves.