WAR Bloggers: Hypothetical WAR

One of my favorite old hobbies while doing this blog was to dream the possibilities in WAR. From expansion suggestions to improvements, I love seeing ways of expanding this game. I have kind of deterred from that lately. As once the RvR packs were announced, I would rather see the changes happening there. And believe it or not, most of the changes are actually suggestions I’ve been seeing for the last 2 years from bloggers. So someone’s watching.

Though I read many blogs on WAR, I’m not especially good at keeping up the rapport and communications like many other bloggers. I read you, but I do it from my iPhone, which means I completely forget to add you to my blogroll or ever link you on my blog. Which is pretty shitty I will admit. I just like to rant, I’m not actually very good at the blogosphere thing and networking.

Anyways, though I’ve really been holding back on suggestions and ideas for WAR, there will be some things I really want to see a push in WAR for in the next year. 1 is more classes. I’m not talking major advancements or balancing act issues. I’m just talking about making mirrors and some more art additions. But besides that I really, really want the other 4 cities added in.

I know, I know. It’s been laid clear by the current producer, that’s definitely not a concern. But … it should be. Ultimately you are giving us a ton of more end game. And it’s becoming very clear that T5 just won’t ever be possible, so … there has got to be more to life than Altdorf and IC. Not that they aren’t fun. It’s just that, a slightly better mix of end game would be nice to see eventually.

I’ve been reading a certain blogger lately that has really and I mean really taken an in-depth look at just that possibility. To the point that, short of him just happening to be a gaming graphic designer and programmer, he has basically done all the lore and character story writing. Short of stealing a bunch of already existing in-game terrain art, you could almost pull his ideas together. He outlines it in such a way that he uses screenshots of different already existing terrain to illustrate such.

He’s really been pulling some amazing ideas together. So if you like to read a little less rant and little more of just awesome ideas, go check out Hypothetical WAR. Then throw a shit ton of comments in the articles, then go link it everywhere. Let’s make sure Mythic sees it. I want to see these ideas come to be, and I’ll think that within your first minute of reading you’ll feel the same.


A Gamer’s Journey to the Marathon (Part 2)

You can find the first part of the Journey here. So that you aren’t coming completely in the middle of a story or anything.

Small Goals

Now that I had finished my first ever race of sorts, it became apparent that small goals will help obtain the larger goal. Which when you say it out loud, you basically just say “duh.” But it doesn’t seem so obvious without that step. You agree to do a marathon, you find a marathon training program and go from there, right? No. I’m assuming motivation is the biggest killer of goals. And not that I’m that well motivated, things just fell in place as they should have.

This is how not to take a pose.

Around finishing the 8K in March, my other friend, the bragger, suggests we do a half marathon in May. Sounds good to me. From this point on, our training and running is each other’s business. For me, I’m brutally honest about how I feel I am failing; to him, his motivation is like most, if you are passing someone, you’ll feel good. In all respects, I’m just not that type of person. What makes most feel good, is passing people. Blowing right by them. You hear people talking being upset that they arrived late to race and had to start with the ‘slower’ people. Don’t let that ever fool you, they fucking love it. They show up late on purpose, so that they can just run past a ton of people. They live for it. Motivation through superiority.

When I pass someone, I almost want to slow down and talk them up. Which is the same for me when I’m gaming. If I own your face, I don’t IRL pat myself on the back, I sit there a ponder the reasons. If I could have a personal chat with you, I’d give you some suggestions. As I would hope someone that owns my face would too. But there is something wrong with me.

He is in all, sometimes a decent person. But he needs his wins, or he’ll nerd rage. Consistently we meet up for weekend ‘long‘ runs. Which consist of the same thing. We start running together he then breaks off, pushes himself all of 100 yards, so that he can be in front. So that he can sit at the end for all of 2 minutes and in heavy breath go … “sigh … finally.”

Running is so far from gaming in MMOs, they aren’t really comparable. If you were to consider the first couple of months as tier 1, the progression was even really there. It started with trying to complete a mile, it ended with being able to barely do a mile. The initial progression is so slow that I can see how really depressing it gets. Doing 3 miles consistently is hard. Doing 6 miles on Sundays, makes you fall in love with Mondays.

By the end of April I had found a routine. I got off work, I ran, I showered, I slept. My actual MMO subscription ran out. You can look to the right on the prior months and see for yourself. I disappeared in April. My grind was now my legs.

The Injury

I’m in my routine. I am doing what I can. Not feeling great about my runs, but I’m doing them. And to me at the time, that’s what counts. And then it happens. A slowly creeping pain starts at the front right shin. At first it’s an irritation, not enough to stop the run. In the beginning of May, our ‘long’ run had been moved to a 12 mile goal; to prep us for the half, only 2 weeks away. Not 4 miles in and my right shin inflames in pain. A burning pain. I continue to run through it, hoping ignoring it will make it go away. By mile 7 I was at a slow painful agonizing walk of shame back to the car.

It had locked up all muscles from the knee to the foot. I couldn’t move the ankle. The next couple of days around the office were horrible. Limping like I had a kilo of cocaine in my ass. Of course, you have hurt yourself, and all the world wants to help by offering their suggestions. And of course, all of them are not only doctors in physical exercise, they also happen to be professional runners too.

Did you get fitted into running shoes? No? Well that’s it, stupid.”
Have you taken a Chi Running courses?”
You probably don’t stretch properly.”

Everyday, it was the same thing “Did you get shoes yet? Well, I told you.” From everybody. Remember when I said, don’t tell anybody, anything, ever. Still stands.

I’m about 2 weeks from failing my next goal, and I have a pain that won’t even allow me to walk, let alone run it, your opinion means nothing. I have but one option; completely rest, no more training, and pray for the miracle. In that rest I did finally get ‘fitted‘ running shoes. Besides generally hurting your wallet for about $150, they definitely feel much nicer to run in. A little late in the process to do that purchase, but hey.

Wild guesses on the pain would lead most into thinking it was shin splints. Ice, rest,  and wait for the big day was what I knew.

The Half

Race day. It’s raining, it’s not cold, but it’s raining. My buddy shows up extremely late. All of about 2 mins before race start. As you exit the undercroft to line up for the race, the entrance makes you walk to the left of the start line and then walk by all the ‘real’ runners for a quarter-mile till you reach the back of the pack. As you walk by 500 runners, I’m looking for pockets of people like … me. This was a half marathon, and only about a dozen were not in top running condition. It was an intimidating walk to the back of the herd.

The rain lets up just for a short moment before the start of the half marathon. It’s a silent jog for the first 3 miles. It’s 7am and the streets are completely silent. All you can hear is the patter of footstep through the puddles from the overnight rain. My thought processes weren’t there and they were focused on one thing: “When does the pain erupt?

Don't let the form fool you. That was probably a 5 MPH pace.

I’m just waiting. I can’t feel it yet, but I know it’s coming. The Maryland Half Marathon was designed in such a way that it was meant to destroy you. On mile 9 through most of 10 was a gigantic hill. Not an incline for a mile and half, a giant … fucking hill. As I approach the Murderhorn, I could see the stream of runners going up it. Not one able to run it. Half way up this hill, the right leg is crying. It actually developed as an emotional being and was wailing like the world was ending. My last 4 miles were a horrible struggle of walk then jog and hoping I didn’t see a nice patch of grass to go curl up and die in.

The very last 2 miles were a winding snake pit of lies. For whatever reason that possesses stupid people to do things, the marathon organization decided to place ‘motivational‘ signs all about the area. These signs say all the same thing “You are almost there” and “Finish is just around the corner.” Fucking lies. We are 2 miles away, I know how long a half marathon is, you aren’t going to fool me. They end up spiraling your mental state into complete bitterness and anger as you bend every corner to a sign.

I’m rounding a corner and 2 marathon volunteers are there, clapping and chanting, “Come on, the finish is right there, go gogogo!”

Whatever, I’ve been told that for the last 20 minutes, go away.

I bend this corner, and holy shit, it is actually the finish. The finish takes place on a quarter mile of horse track. Ever run on sand before? It’s as much fun at the end of a run as wisdom teeth removal. Once crossed you then have to walk the entire track around to the festival/exit to parking area. You always need a bit of a walk after a run, but for me, I had been walking for quite some time already. My right leg had now gone into so much pain, that the pain itself wasn’t registering in my brain any longer. In fact, I couldn’t even feel it my leg. I paused for a second to look around for my buddy. The legged locked up and I was no longer able to move. To get back to the car, I dragged the leg the distance to do so. That was a fun ride home on a manual transmission. I only stalled at least a dozen times.

The Half Marathon Medal is quite nice though:

Be on the lookout for part 3 of this exciting tale,

What’s up with all the DPS?

My progression with my new family of dwarves got a bit slipped up. By now I was planning to have atleast 1 of the 4 toons entering T4 and have everyone in T3 by now. But I had other activities this weekend and because of the Live Event, I have been more concerned in getting all my toons their Chaos Waste Portal more than leveling. The last 3 days have basically been each toon stalking the WC at Troll Country, going in and out of Scenarios while killing rats for the quest. Ultimately I have 3 out of the 4 with the portal, but even after about 30 quest completions, I’m having no luck getting that portal on my future main, Laeg the Runepriest. The result means, all my toons are still under lvl 20.

If you weren’t aware, the real benefit to this Live Event is actually a rare drop out of the random bag loot from the repeatable quest. It’s a purple bag item that allows you instant port to the Chaos Waste warcamp with a 60 minute cooldown. So, it’s like having another recall book, except this one doesn’t take 10 seconds, it’s instant. Oh yeah, you want it. So if by chance you didn’t know, go grind the living hell out of that repeatable quest.

Now, as I have been playing in T1 and now have been in T2 for a good overly long week, I’m noticing a horrible trend. Everyone is a flipping DPS class. Constantly, I go into a scenario and I am the only healer or tank. No tanks, no heals, only DPS everywhere. And unfortunately, not much of the DPS is competent DPS.

When I zone into a scenario and I see 4 Bright Wizards, 3 Witch Hunters, 2 Slayers and 2 Shadow Warriors, I normally wouldn’t worry. I’ll play more defensively, and I just know we are going to lose some people, and rezzing is going to take place. But ultimately, it’s 2 groups of DPS, we should be able to kill something, right? Wrong.

I’m running about all over trying to heal, and ultimately, no one is ever even close to healing my numbers. When you are breaking 100K in heals in T2, life sucks. In many cases I would watch a group of Witch Hunters stealth in, unleash, ultimately get pounced on by all the surrounding enemies and they would continue to break off their attack and try to hop away. They are being snared up and pounded in the back side. I’m healing my face off.

I had to say it over and over again, “Turn around and fight back, I’m not healing for practice here.”

You aren’t going to survive, you only have a couple of seconds. Yeah, my heals can give you some time, but ultimately, I’m going to run out of AP, and one them is going to get a Moral to fire off. You’re going to die, hit something before you go. Turning around and hoping up and down in a circle while showing your back is not going to save you. And I get that not everyone is a great player, but at some point I would assume after your 100 death and your no kill score, you would think “hmmmmm … maybe I should change something here.”

I got into one argument with a cocky Bright Wizard. “Can I get a heal? Jesus.”

This guy literally was AOE spec’d in T2, without a tank guard nor did he even have a healer in his group. That didn’t stop the little moron from running up solo in their face and go at it. And despite that I realized he was the biggest idiot I think I have seen in a long time, I would heal the living crap out of him, hoping that he could atleast kill something. If nothing else, get them all far enough down that their healers couldn’t keep up and someone else would get some kills.

In his 4th attempt at utter failure, he starts screaming /tells, then /sc, then /region1. “Can I get a heal? I hate all these DPS healers.

His tells to me consisted of “Heal me this time.

Well I’m too busy healing my ass off in a T2 scenario to respond yet. So I waited until the score with 20 to 473 when there was even a chance anymore.

Alright dude, I want you to hit the ` key.
This will pull up your SC stats.
I then want you to click the Healing filter at the top.
You should be able to see this number, like 170K.
Yeah, that be my healing.
That’s only 7x as much as your DPS.”

Well if you would have healed me… tard.”

I was, infact you were basically all of that number. Cause everyone else was smart enough not to go charging into all of them solo without a guard.
Do you really think that a solo BW up against 2 chosen and 4 choppas can last 8 seconds on their own?

That’s called a cycle of all my heals, then a moral 1, then 2 AP pots.”

Silence …

“I’ve actually never seen numbers this high in T2 before. I’m not sure if I should be proud of myself or sad for my realm, that they still couldn’t kill anything.”

This wasn’t one or 2 scenarios. This has been a trend on Order’s side of Gorfang in t2. Now, obviously t2 doesn’t reflect a server. But wow, just everyone has a DPS, and for the most part, they are all terribad at it. I wish they go play tanks. That way they could be a little more reckless.

Actually, other than that one BW, I actually I tend to get alot of compliments in this Runepriest. And quite a bit of friend list additions. After each SC it’s like 2 request. Atleast I’m making some friends.

I still like to say obnoxious things though. So that hurts my reputation. I just cant’ help myself. It’s like the trolls know I’m reading /region.

2 Years Later

I meant to write this at the 2 year anniversary as a remembrance of my time in WAR. Better late than never. One of few things I’ve come to realize, there is not many of us that are still here from day 1 of this game. Those that have, are probably the few of us that have blogs. Beyond that, there is of course a great deal more, but from a perspective that I never really dug into, was this MMO isn’t a community of an original 800K of subscribers that just been falling out bit by bit. It’s mainly a circle of those that leave are replaced with those that are coming in. It’s a constant circle. From a developer’s perspective, I’m sure that statement can be followed with a giant “Duh.” But from your ‘I don’t know better’ look at it, it might not be so obvious, that everyone around me isn’t a 2 year veteran. 

It’s amazing how much we have evolved in this game. The game to me today is nothing like it was 2 years ago, besides what it was just a year ago. It’s the same game though. A crap ton of patches, a live expansion, and only recently having some probable real expansions on the way; to go back in time and talk to yourself about where things are going.

Avoid this”
“Don’t join this guild”
“Don’t go to that server”
“Give up on this class”
“Make good with this guy”

What would tell yourself? Can you even remember it all? There is nothing about Mr. Meh today that is even remotely similar to when I started.

I left EVE frustrated in the Summer on 2008. I had been working on a couple of things, and my work erupted with problems. Frustrated in real life too, I ended up leaving that job. All I had was time. And when you actually have more than 2 hours to play something, you start to realize how much that game just isn’t worth it. But the good news was, my favorite genre, Warhammer was coming soon. I watched intently. When we got in for the Open Beta, I couldn’t get enough.

I didn’t join this game for PvP in all honesty. I was not a big fan of PvP in MMOs. But I never experienced better. I treated the statement as I knew RvR from my time in DAoC, which in all honestly I was never impressed by DAoC combat. It was fun, but it was mindless. Autoattack and /stick. Go play it, it’s not a challenge, you’ll see. But … it was fun. I didn’t come to WAR for that though. I came, because I love Warhammer.

I was instantly in the game. I loved every aspect I found. I couldn’t get enough of the Tome Unlocks. I would spend 4 hours a morning just scouring the hill lines in zones rolling my mouse about. “An item in my backpack? What’s this for?” Say that to someone in the game today. “Who cares what the part from the red mine does, sell it, move on.” Find me someone who gives a flying ‘who’ about a bone pile you found in the middle of a river ravine that you shouldn’t have been there anyway unless you accidentally fell.

What does all that land searching get me today?

Actually quite a bit. Now that we have appearance options for our gear, we can do lots of cool things. Take for instance my Black Guard:

Drooling yet. I bet you are.

Without any set gear bonuses or Mythic level gear, I know how to get you 45%+ block at level 39. I can even get you 50%+ crit n your dps or healer at 39. Not a DoK or WP though, you are screwed. And not one piece is Purple or Orange. You’ll be all blue. Think of someone in all Blue PWNing your face, yeah, I can help them do that.

Wanna know where the only cloak with a Block rate (besides the Sov) is?

I know where it is. Oh … see that BOE, imagine the Gold this boy gets you in the AH.

When I started the game on Averlorn, we didn’t have much to do. Mythic had a bad start. They ended up selling close to a million copies of the game, freakout and opened a ton more servers than they needed. Only 700K ever signed in, and in less than a month they had under 400K. The servers in general were just too many. And by T3, most of us had nothing to do other than PvE. In T1 I got to do a couple of scenarios and by T2 we were so worried about figuring out PQs, we didn’t even know what the keep meant.

In all honesty I tried the ORvR in Open Beta and then again in T1 when it launched, and I was not a fan. To me it was crazy, unorganized explosions without any rhyme or direction. Oh, how things changed just 4 months later.

In December of 2008, the end game to me and the guild, was Bastion Stair. Find someone wanting to go to Bastion Stair today. Short of helping find you a crit weapon for your up and coming alt in the middle wing, you probably have no idea the largest boss in the game is actually sitting in that Dungeon.

Figuring out Lost Vale was a nightmare. The things we did to find exploits just to get by. Do you know how hard it was to get by the steps full of Ogres and Rhinos on the right-wing. Believe it or not, there is a way to bypass it. It takes a good 20 minutes, but back in the beginning of 2009, we didn’t know how to get up that thing. Did you know there used to be a secret blue chest down the waterfall way behind the Lightning Boss? It doesn’t work anymore, but you can still go down there and stare at it.

By mid 2009 I had changed servers 5 times and played with over a dozen guilds. On Phoenix Throne, I really found my way in the game. PvP was connecting, finding friends was easy and in general things made sense. So much so, that it got boring for most and many started to cancel subscriptions. By the end of 2009 we were facing more server merges.

I’ve been on too many servers, too many different characters and talked to too many people. In the end, I can’t help but wonder how interesting this game would have been for me if I only had one toon allowed. For the last 2 years, I was only just on my White Lion, and that’s all I knew?

I doubt I would still be playing this game. Horay for ADD and curious minds.

Spoke’n Beers: The Bamberger

Besides my gaming addiction, I actually have a very strong affinity for beer. Whiskey too, but mostly beers. I help write little doodles and rude remarks on a friendly blog called Spoke’n Beers.

If you wanna take a short reading break from WAR for a bit and read a little about some beer talk, or you can’t get enough Mr. Meh, follow this link. It’s a short article about getting my hands on my favorite worldly beer, the Bamberger. The picture above has no Bambergers in it, I just wanted to use that picture.

A Gamer’s Journey to the Marathon (Part 1)

It’s been 10 whole months since I leaned forward from my Mountain Dew hang-over and agreed to join some friends in a go to do a Marathon. What really possessed me? I have no fricken clue. Someone must have sprinkled cocaine on my Doritos that afternoon.

Myself around mile 12 in the 2010 Chicago Marathon

I took up the goal and kept to it. In all fairness, I’m not athletic, I’m not even able to be motivated if I don’t want to. The fact that I didn’t even just bow out after spending the money is actually far beyond what I ever imagined. I, in all honesty, expected to abort once reality set in. For whatever reason, I can’t really look back and tell why, but I kept running. Even after not really making progress, after getting shin splints, after basically being questioned by everyone, I can’t see what keeps it going. The following is a recollection of the first 4 months.

Keep It Quiet, Keep It Safe

I start my journey as a mid-27 year old, beat down and depressed, over-weight, spends all free time gaming and overall, a sad shell of person. I so happen to end my journey at the same point, I’m just now 28. I was at the fattest point in my life. 6 foot 3 inches at 278 pounds, the last girlfriend was very depressing. Anyways, here you have a kid who basically hasn’t done any physical exercise in a decade. Add on top of that, for basically 8 years of that decade I had been smoking a pack and half a day. So … picture your practical worst case scenario for running marathons.

I made my declaration for running the Chicago in December of 2009. I made a small road map for what I needed to do and how to do it. First couple of months were to lose some weight and change my diet. I quickly changed my diet and my drinking habits practically over night. Of course, if you change how you eat, everyone will notice. “Why are you doing that?”

You’ll explain, then say you are going to run a marathon, to which you will be looked from head to toe and given a shotty smirk. Not just a couple of people, like everyone fucking person you tell. Anyone … everyone. Friends, good friends, co-workers, family, all of them. The most polite of which are able to put on their bull-shit face and go without being able to look you in the eyes and say “good for you.” In hindsight, there is really no reason to tell anyone, anything, ever.

I really can’t stress the above. It wasn’t 4 or 5 times, it was everyone. Every single person that I told. In better hindsight, instead of not telling anyone; you should record their reactions, come back months later, show them their reactions on video, as they start to stutter and back pedal, as the first syllable leaves their fat hypocrite lips, you reach back and smack them in the face with your medal. Some may call it assault, I call it hilarious.

The Wall is at Mile 1, Not Mile 22

By the end of January, I was trying to run and failing hard. Like … a mile was difficult. I went weeks battling that mile. That’s all I could really do. 1 mile at a time. Each night I’d leave the office, go to the gym and run a very slow (like a 13 minute) mile. By the end of February I had moved up to walking for a half mile, running a mile or more, and walking another half. Reality was setting in. Doubt plagued me. I started going to the gym with a couple of people from work. One of which was very discouraging. I know she thinks she is encouraging, but far from it. She noticed that within a month I had made no real progress, and really lost no weight, and was happy to cram that down my throat.

At the same time I had a friend planning to run the marathon too that I thought maybe was in my boat. Instead he was quick to boast about any success he made. His first night on a treadmill was a breezy 7 miles. I still remember the Facebook post like it was yesterday. There is just no room for encouragement. You wanna know how people find encouragement? It’s simple, find someone worse than you, feel better about yourself. I just couldn’t find my lesser.

The Muse

In the beginning of March, a girl from work starts having conversation with me. She turns out to be a long time distance runner. Not marathons, oh no, she does 50 to 75 milers. She runs 15 miles on a treadmill when she has steam to blow off. I was honest about my pitiful upcoming failures, I was doubtful and willing to bow out now if it meant less shame down the road. In all forms I couldn’t find one bit of sarcasm or discouragement in her tone. She encouraged an immediate run to do an 8K with her to start the running season.

My daily runs now turned into being ready for the 8K. 5 miles. “I just have to do 5 miles.” Right before the race, I was finally able to do 5 miles on the treadmill. Barely, but I did it. First time in my life, I think.

Saint Patrick Doesn’t Run

I showed up to a cold very large 8K event in D.C. in celebration of Saint Patties Day. Apparently, you don’t go to races alone. Because you’ll just stand there for a long time … alone. I didn’t mean to go alone. I was supposed to go down with the encouraging real runner from work, who didn’t answer her phone all that morning. Fake stretching and kind of acting like you know what the hell you are doing was what I had for about 45 minutes till race start. It was cold.  I wore and old green stripe shirt (to be festive) and cross patterned long shorts. I was so nervous and I was panting before it started. But I ran; with my keys, wallet and phone in my pocket. They were dancing about and clanging like Santa just decided to run. It was cold, did I mention that?

The course was designed in such a way that it made a ‘Y’. Just perfect for you to pass the 1 mile mark and watch all the real runners to the side of you reach their 2.5 mile mark. I stared at the ground most of the way. I never stopped to walk, I think I was too afraid to. My mind was focused on almost nothing. To the degree that on mile 4, I hear the following “Hey, I like your pace. Mind if I run with you?” Granted, it’s a large race, we (even us in the back) are taking up almost all the road. There is no running alone, you are surrounded. You could only take this one way. And I, I am an idiot of many proportions. I say “Sure,” with a smile. However, I then go, because I’m thinking in my mind, I can run faster for this last mile; I say “I’m going to try to run faster.” She, with a not so uppity voice anymore says, “Oh, okay.” I then am forced to gallop off, I could go faster, just not that fast. How often are you going to get hit on during a race, or even at all? You are reading the blog of a full-blown idiot.

As I cross the finish line, my idiotic move finally seeps into my brains. If there were pictures of my crossing the finish line, it would be the face and reaction of someone just realizing how stupid they were. I wasn’t wearing my glasses of course. So all I saw of her was she was wearing blue fleece and seemed tall. I’m blind, leave me alone. I get my water and look around for her, to no avail. I assumed she died. Fair assumption, right? So … instead of feeling good about my first event type thingy, I then get to take the train home, sitting there thinking about how stupid I am.

Part 2 gets better,

My Dwarfen Legion

I recently decided I needed a change in WAR. About 5 months ago, I had that same itch. I left Badlands Order to play Destro Gorfang. With some guild drama months later and just a desire to play with the underdogs, I decided that I didn’t want to learn a new server, I just wanted to switch sides. So I’m starting a family of Dwarfs this go around on Gorfang.

Man, Dwarfs are fun. Yeah, you have to get over being a stubby little hair-ball. But, the classes are just plain fun. 

My new toons:

Laeg (My Main) the Runepriest will be my Talisman Maker and Magic Salvager. I’m basing all naming conventions on Celtic ideals. Laeg is a name I already used with my White Lion on Badlands. Láèg was the companion chariot warrior in the Ulster Tales.

Baerym the Engineer will be my Scavenger. Most likely due to needing Curios, I can see him being the secondary character. Not mention the Engineer is just fun. It’s just amazing the pure damage and then survivability this class has. Baerym is Gaelic Celt for Smithing.

Canlyn the Iron Breaker will be the Cultivator and Apothecary. His crafting skill keeps him from needing to ever be 40, but so far, I’m liking his mechanic of boosting friendly stats over the Black Guard’s mechanic of reducing enemies. It almost gives me more of my Healer mode back when I play him. It’s not a matter of just moving Guards, moving the Oath Promise so I can boast Armor, Toughness, Strength and Willpower is a fun challenge. Not that you can’t do some of that with a Black Guard, the shared stat boosting with the Iron Breaker is just more defensive focused. Canlyn is Celtic for Stone Fortress.

Hayt my Slayer is the Butcherer and Apothecary. He is probably going to be the hardest of the classes to enjoy. But, he does great at collecting butchering mats, and that’s all he really is going to be needed for. He’ll be a little difficult and maybe not as enjoyable to play, but I’ll get him to T4 just to get liniments. Maybe in higher levels I’ll start to like him. As I play him, I miss my White Lion. I’m not actually sure what Hayt means. I know it’s Celtic Welsh and that’s about it. I just like 4 letter words. 

Ultimate goal is not to rush into T4 like I did on Destro. I did work on 2 toons, but ended up leaving my BG and other alts behind to focus my DoK, the result was I didn’t have the proper crafting alts when I needed it. Liniments and armor pots destroyed my wallet. If nothing else, I need some toons to get me the crafts I need to really get that edge.

Plan will be to alternate game play so that I maximize the Rested XP bonuses. The difference between playing 2 nights in a row on one character versus playing 1 night with rested XP is the same. Essentially I should be able to level all 4 somewhat equally at the same rate as if I was working on one or two toons. Granted, once they are in T4, all play time is going to the Runepriest. But for the next couple of weeks, I’ll be on each alternating nights.

With being the underdog, knowing the Order PvE backwards in all zones, I’m thinking in 3 weeks I should have my RP level 40, with my Engy and Slayer in T4 and maybe my IB still in T3. Saying there won’t be anymore double renown weekends, It will probably take another 3 weeks to get the RP to 60. Give me one good double renown weekend and we can cut that in half. With all the high levels and the ability to heal my face off out of group, I should have no problem on this beast of a healer. I’m getting giddy thinking about the giant purple numbers already.