Hello Reader,

I appreciate you taking the time or rather wasting your time reading such bleak and horrible opinions. For those wondering more about the author with so many grammatical errors or rather just what type of blog you accidently googled, this page should hopefully fill in some of those blanks.

About myself personally:

My real name is Nick. No, unfortunately, my last name isn’t Meh. No matter how awesome that would be.


My hobbies  include gaming, running, torturing kittens with lasers, drinking myself stupid and expressing my bleak opinions of issues that may or may not matter. My intention here, is to rant and rave about most things I am currently involved in and express how I see it. If I should diverge, offend, or use improper grammar, so be it. But I shall be as provocative and interesting as possible along those lines.

I am 30 years of age, and really not doing well with coming to grips with that fact. Somewhere in the last decade, I have spent my work life starting in Kitchen Redesigning and somehow transitioning to Defense Contracts. I went to college for Computer Engineer and left with Mathematics. Beyond my extensive career necessity to rule my life, I am more and more active in the running world (picture to the right is myself at the Chicago Marathon). Once work, running, and girl friend are fed, I basically have nothing to do but PWN some noobs.

About me in games:

I started my online computer gaming career with FPS (first person shooters), specifically the Battlefield Genres. I then would find a Clan =DiG= for my career time with BF2142 and COD4. It doesn’t take long to figure out that no matter how good you are, AIMBOT is better in FPS. Either cheat or rage quit. The later happened to me. After my FPS years, I would then join up for a very long time in the universe of EVE. EVE held my attention for years and I keep and active account training skills even if I’m not in the mood to play.

I dabbled in many big MMOs. I have never been into the browser-based or low-time MMO features. In most cases, they reinforced my career EVE. Some I enjoyed; Dark of Camelot, Everquest II, Guild Wars to name a few. Some I especially hated, Tabula Rasa, Fallen Earth, City of Heroes/Villains. And some that just couldn’t hold me for more than 2 weeks; World of Warcraft, Aion, Champions, Lord of the Rings. So, no, I’m not an MMORPG source of information. I just try every so often to try other things that are supposed to be successful or fun. 

My first big non-consequential type MMO commitment I found with WAR (Warhammer Online) starting in 2006 watching gleefully over the developement. I started in my high school years playing the tabletop version by Games-Workshop. Though it has been quite some time since I have played, painted, or even touched a tabletop model; the times and the involvement remain a great memory. And it is the major link that kept me in WAR. As a great many players in WAR are niche players like myself. I made my last home on the notorious server of Gorfang with the guild Mourne (MOAN) on my Disciple of Khaine (RR82).

About the Blog:

The blog itself did vary on great number of topics. However, ultimately its major topic had been gaming in Warhammer Online with a short transition to other big MMO releases. The topic of WAR brought the readers and as well helped me find other writers for my reading pleasure. Even without WAR in my life these days, I still find blogging on my current topic to be eventful, despite the change in atmosphere. Within these topics you can find a progression and rant belligerence that only a raving lunatic could enjoy. Mainly because they were written by one. On that note: It is important to realize that I am in no way a journalist. I have no integrity and no obligation to it. If it was funny for me to write, then I will. A blogger only has perspectives, no facts to share. Ultimately, the blog is the best answer for the giant WALL of text you so dread to read on any forums. And I, I am a giant wall of text type of writer. I would hope that the masses of forum readers would be entertained, but they are not. So why does this blog exist: I hate forums and I like giant walls of text.

The title of the blog comes from my time on Warhammer Online. I had never been able to escape the life of the Warrior Priest/Disciple of Khaine mechanic. I’ve played many things, but ultimately, I better served my groups playing these classes. Apparently, there was a way to be a little more than a group heal spam bot, and I wasn’t too bad at it. It just had been my online life in WAR, despite my classic altinitis (yes, it’s a made up word). The mechanic of this particular healer used an ability that made you stop, reflect, and channel your Action Points into your special mechanic (Rightious Fury or Soul Essence). For the Warrior Priest this is called Supplication. I felt it an appropriate link to my blog title.

Current topics include Star Wars: The Old Republic thoughts, with some dabbling in EVE and even more so rants about nothing. A great number of the topics use a theme and persona that portray a very angry nerd type response. It is the little brat inside us all coming out in me. Despite how you may think of maturity in MMOs being capable of upstanding tolerance, there is a little part of you too that wants to come out and call it like it is. Enjoy the text and the comedy with it. If you can’t find the humor, take it out in the comments. If you find yourself overly offended, please email mister.meh.blog@gmail.com immediately so I see it from my phone and can edit it privately for you. Being an offensive person, just means you learn other perspectives faster. Share your thoughts.

I hope you enjoy your time wasted reading my horrible opinions. Please feel free to add suggestions, input or hate mail. I love feedback.

Don't you dare try to steal this very very official signature.


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