Mr. Meh Status Update

Quick update on the future of this site. I am alive, thanks for wondering. I’m going to take some time to answer the emails I received.

Why have you not been blogging?

I have had some major life changes. Moving, new life, things. Work and life have just been a bit too hectic to allow the free time for blogging. Downtime that I have, has left blogging far at the bottom of the list.

Originally my blogging started during the downtimes at work. Waiting for emails to do the next step and the time I spent cruising the internet resulted in ideas. These ideas needed to be written. Without downtime at work, blogging goes with it. I’ll try to be better … maybe.


What are you playing? Have you given up on MMOs?

No, I’m still playing. 2012 have mostly been about SWTOR, EVE, then GW2, then EVE again and now SWTOR again. 2013 is going to start with SWTOR and EVE. I think DUST 514 is in there for me.

Yes, I have come back to SWTOR like many others. I have been here for about a month. And I’ll probably be here another couple of months if not for longer.

I’m on Prophecy of the Five with some classic guildmates.


What is your take on the Fiscal Cliff?

Why this would be asked of me, I don’t know. But it was too hilarious not copy to all others.

I think it’s crap. And I pretty sure I’m just basically going to be paying an extra 3% in federal taxes next year. I’ve reserved myself to that.


I’ve started blogging and I don’t see the point. What’s the point of the Echo Chamber?

The point is to hear your thoughts. You aren’t writing to the readers, you are writing to yourself. It’s like an idea not said out loud. You really will never realize how stupid it was to ask that of your girlfriend until it leaves your lips and you are in the dog house. Same with gaming ideas. Until you write it down and come back and read it, do you realize what it is that you were formulating. The point of the Echo Chamber, which I love the coining term, Karne, is exactly that.