Warhammer Online: Another Diary and am now Mr. Pleased

I like it. I like it alot.

Thank you, Carrie. Not that you read my rants of explicitness, but I am glad that more than just I are screaming for someone to talk to us. The lines went silent for a good 4 months there on the Herald. And I am glad to not only see more and more Devs actually taking a second to write “Hi, we are doing this“, but as well to actually go a another step and say “this is what I do and this is what we want.”

I really like that you gave us even just a little insight into 2 upcoming patches. And then you took the time to talk. Holy Hammers. I am a happy blogger today.

On another high note. I for some reason, and I know the reason, have hit my largest traffic day ever, today. Sweet.

Well, not really because I know the reason. Apparently, a good deal of you are now figuring out it’s possible to do something I wrote about in November and apparently, my blog is your guide. For shame,


Warhammer Online: Patch 1.3.4 and Podcast

Holy Warrior Priest Sigmars there’s a damn Podcast. I missed them so.

Did you watch it yet?

No, well don’t read anymore of my crap, you have entertaining video to feed you.

You back?

Yeah, so how long did it take you to realize that it was 1.3.2’s Podcast? Took me half way. I’m a smart guy. They have probably fixed that by now. But when I went to watch it, not so much.

If by chance it is fixed, tell me how Andy is on camera. Be interested to see the face of the guy.

I regret.

I liked my home on Phoenix Throne. Yeah, it was an RP server. Yeah, we were heavily out numbered by Destro. Yeah, we were basically unable to ever lock a zone even if our lives depended on it. But I liked it.

I was associated with a guild that used to be a very active guild. An old one too. In hopes that they would come back, I never left and stayed in a guild of maybe 3 active people. And we still never grouped up. We formed an alliance of multiple small guilds with basically the same story. All from different RP servers, all unwilling to leave their once glorious home.

Phoenix Throne for Order was basically split into two entities. One part small group based (high end content) and another of very casual, RP based or zerg mob players. My guild and myself for that time were somewhat linked with the large community of casual players. I guess it never bothered me too much. I was a well-known WP and I was basically on many peoples friends list. I was always being pinged for groups as soon as I logged in.

So when the server merge came for PT and DC, I chose poorly. Despite knowing that I would have more fun and more access to high level content with “the Elistist” that left for Iron Rock, I still followed my guild to Badlands server.

Since that time I have watched players disappear and the deterioration of old guilds I used to know. The players I used to know, rather play in everything but T4. Just re-rolling new toons, and deleting them to do it all over again. A slight level over endless free trial players.

I found a new guild that atleast tries to do the high level content, but the server itself is just … horrible. The community hates one another. They constantly do things to spite one another at no gain to anyone. They do it just to be dicks. Being in the Open RvR is just completely crap. Watching Region is like watching a group of pimply teens fighting over an old 70’s porno mag. They are unable to get to Stage 2 in the city, and the 2 times they have, they have failed horribly in every instance and king kill. The night time is ruled by morons and the day time is ruled by the asain market.

1/3 of the population refuses to come back to T4. Another 3rd just runs blindly in Open RvR sucking up RvDoor renown. And there is one 3rd that looks like they know what they are doing, but has pissed off the other 2/3rds so bad, they can’t figure out how to do anything as a Realm. There is no coordination and definitely alot of deep hate and disrespect for one another. Phoenix Throne is but a dream now.

I like my new guild, and I still have friends about, but they aren’t night players like me. We meet up on weekends, but so many of them are hot headed, they easily get pissed off. City Seige, they log off for 2 hours. Dungeon is taking too long, they take 3 hour lunch breaks. Some don’t like to SC runs, so forming a complete premade of just our guild is impossible. I like them, I just would like to see more of them.

So this all gets me wondering: Why am I here?

I like this game. Really. The posts on my blog are like the disappointment you have in your gay son. Doesn’t mean you don’t love him. Best analogy I could think of.

I’m not really leaving anything behind. I have a RR70 WP with no chance of Warlord Gear. And getting full Tyrant really doesn’t seem possible unless I piss off some people and beg my way into the über guilds. Yeah, I have a collection of Purple Talismans and a crapload of Black Dye. But that really doesn’t matter since I’m never going to get anything to put that on. I really don’t have much to leave behind.

Leveling a character takes no time it seems. Same for crafting. 

Re-roll, possibly enjoy the game again? Or just trudge through and wait for the next thing to come out?

Hmmmmm ….. hard to say.

Warhammer Online: Scenario Changes Now only Communicated by Diaries

Mike Wyatt has posted on Scenarios and helped put what Andy said on the forums into officialism. I actually kind of like this whole put a face to the guy we want to murder for the ideas we may or may not like. Thumbs up to more communication through the Herald. You make me happy.

Horay, you found a happy medium between Outraged Old Schoolers and enthusiast of SC Grinding Premade Groups. Maybe ….

You get a giant MEH at this though: Tier 4 players will not be able to queue for any Scenario if Altdorf or The Inevitable City are in a contested state.”

“… there’s almost nothing that we don’t know about the ebb and flow of what’s going on within Warhammer Online by staring at endless spreadsheets filled with all sorts of numbers.”

Well, you must be seeing different charts than me. Check your numbers in T4 when a City Siege occurs. You see that giant slope down? Yeah, that’s not good. Unless that’s needed time for your servers to cool down or your way of enforcing mandatory breaks, then yes, you win.

“Before anyone goes out and purchases a pitchfork to storm the Mythic Entertainment studio (too late?)”

We have lots of time to think about that while we are bored witless during that hour and half. Just something to think about,

Warhammer Online: Dev Diary: Sean Bosshardt and You

Yesterday, a Dev’s name popped up on the Herald that I didn’t recognize. But apparently wants to be the face on our dartboards  for when we start blaming for mistakes for RvR weapons. I’m joking of course. There was a definite lack in better weaponry in the game and really not only are the additions a good idea, but the encouragement to get more people in Scenarios for less Zerg based game play, is also a good move.

As I read through his letter I realized that he writes alot like myself. Stream of thought and the hell with edits.

I know there is alot of floating information out there right now on the new upcoming RvR weapons, and many of the great blogs on my right tab have been there for the test nights and Vent questions to answer many. As stated before, I don’t do the test server stuff anymore, so I rely on their info.

I guess my biggest question has been, what is the ease and difficulty of attaining a particular weapon? If Emblems are comparable to Crest, then I already give up. I’m RR 69 and I have 7 Warlord Crest, not one Royal.

If these Emblems just are automatically obtained, not dropped, by simply running SCs and the rank of the Emblem is based on your particular level, what kind of grind will it take to afford such a weapon.? I hate grinding.

Looking at the test server, the cost of such weapons seems extreme. However Q&As have revealed those cost to be fake. I looked to the diary of Mr. Sean Item Man to hopefully fill that gap of a question. I read this:

“One of the struggles with this system is wrestling with cost. How do we keep the cost of each individual weapon appropriate so that it feels attainable without too much of a grind, while maintaining a similar time investment to that of individual pieces of set armor? Ultimately, we decided to go with a progression system that we believe will feel organic and natural to you.”

Who the hell is “YOU”?

Is “you” the player that is on military leave for 5 months and has been playing from 7AM to 11Pm everyday, and has already made 3 RR 80s in that time?

Is “you” the player that you haven’t banned using Warbuddy and taking AFKs in Nordland and slowly out RRing me?

Is “you” the super casual player that seems to make up over half of each server and either refuses to make a character into T4 or just finally hit 40 yesterday and doesn’t understand what a Ward is yet?

Or is “you” me. A player that tries to atleast say ‘hi’ each night to guildmates and do something, if only for and hour and makes one of his weekend days his big rest up play day? Maybe 12 hours of play time a week. Probably only 7 to 8 in PvP.

If it feels natural for one of many of the Players on Badlands that logs on maybe once a week for 2 hours, then I’ll be holding a Warlord Tome before you even release the patch. If it feels natural for that guy that on his 5th RR80 toon, then can you up the Conqueror Tome to atleast have +8 RF building. Maybe that can be my Christmas present to myself.

My point is, is I dislike Vague. Can you give an example of what it would take to hold an Invader weapon. Warlord? Time, SC won, some kind of scale.

I’m irritated at the absolute low rate of Warlord Crest Drops. And after last night, Stage 2 just doesn’t seem possible. 31 winning instances to one stage loss in an hour and we got 64 VPs. Warlord gear is just not on my planner for attainable goals. What is in store for the Weapons?

Warhammer Online: The Warrior Priest

I think it’s important to not only fully understand your class, but to understand what’s broken about your class.

And as an enthusiast of the Warrior Priests, I feel it’s important that actual issues be heard about the class itself. Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of the forums. The outspoken cries of idiocy are not in reference to what needs to be fixed or what is not working, rather than cries about imbalance.

As for me in game, I use my Main Warrior Priest through Salvation/Grace for Scenarios and Vulture Lord/Lost Vale, I also use a secondary WP in full Grace/Min Salvation for RvR and Crypts. I also have a third that was an experiment with Wrath, but I only keep him as a cultivator. So why on earth keep that many of the same class?

One: Because I already made them on different servers at different times as I bounced around trying to find a home.

Two: Because it’s not about re-speccing (which is awful expensive to do all the time), it’s about also having the right gear and renown abilities.

The issue is that a Warrior Priest/DoK lines of mastery aren’t like other healers, you can’t have best of both worlds, or even mediocre of different fields. You can’t be full on Single Target heal, with some group HoTs like a RP/Zealot. Or a full healer with some de-buffs like an AM/Shaman. No its, Full Heal, Full Melee Heal or Full Damage. Anything trying to balance in between fails. And it does. If you feel you are having success in between, it’s a fluke, you could be doing better.

A back line healer (Salvation) Warrior Priest relies on Willpower and major Righteous Fury Pools to keep with healing. So this line has to have a purple book. Blue won’t cut it. Mix this with some tactics that help increase your RF easier and you can become a healing machine. This healer has about 980 Willpower and 280 Strength.

Grace on the other hand can dish alot of heals. Especially when the tanks are struggling on the door from oil. But all the heals are based on what you hit for. So Willpower is not necessarily your friend. Strength is. The harder you hit, the more you heal for. The other day I had a Critical Heal off of Divine Strike for 2K. This Warrior Priest of mine, sports over 700 Strength, with Sigmars Fist, 800 and little over 360 Willpower.

So keeping on respeccing both mastery lines and renown, than keeping side gear to better suite your strength or willpower on one Warrior Priest, is actually way more exhausting than just simply leveling a second WP to 40 and keeping each handy when you need them. When you think about it having 2 is not so crazy.

However, from experience I can tell you, a Wrath Warrior Priest is a waste. You will never be like a DPS DoK. You really can do just about the same damage under Grace, except you can actually help people that way. It’s not a hard choice. A 25% heal debuff is nothing. A Spirit DoT AoE could be useful. Oh it’s a 1 second cast and easily set back? Yeah, no. Sure there is a Tactic to increase your Crit chance by 15%, but is one tactic worth buying a whole line for.

So the first issue with the Warrior Priest is that one of the Mastery Lines (Wrath is practically useless. Sure, you could be a PvE solo running WP, and then I could possibly see why you would like the Wrath line. But then I would wonder why you are even playing this game that is about mass PvP with forced broken PvE dungeons to obtain gear. To make Wrath worth it, all the damage amounts need to be adjusted upward. If that happens, we will revisit.

There are numerous problems with cast times. Randomly, I will experience massive setbacks on simple casts. Judgement being one, a 1 sec Spirit Damage cast. And Divine Aid being the other. This isn’t an opposing ability that is causing higher cast times. At random, these abilities will end up taking 4 to 8 seconds to cast. You can test this, by just standing alone and casting Divine Aid over and over on yourself. And eventually you will encounter the “super cast.” We aren’t talking a 2 second delay from server lag, or from lag at all, just a bug in the cast that ends up talking a long fricken time to cast. In combat you end up jumping up and down, hoping to break the cast so you can do something else. It’s practically a Stagger that you do to yourself.

RF and AP pools stop regenerating randomly. We had this problem back in September right after the AP fix came. Don’t know why, but at random PvP (and occasionally Dungeons) moments when the RF and AP pools are low or empty they will start to rebuild and then disappear. I might have thought that the AP was actually a Maruader AP drain ability, but nothing that I know of drains RF. A fix is needed, and fast.

And my biggest complaint with Warrior Priests, and this really pertains to all healers, that our Purifies only work for Hexes and Curses, but not Ailments.  Other healers might be able to complain about not having the ability to remove Curses. But you really have screwed us WP in dungeons. Particularly in Vutlure Lord. Any other dungeon, you can easily take 2 WPs if need be, but that’s not even a possibility with VL.