Healing: Out of Group – A Drastic Issue

At some point, even if you aren’t a healing class, you have probably noticed the ridiculous renown gain of an out of group healer. We aren’t talking a couple of more thousand. We are talking 3x if not 4x times much as the next runner-up with the progression pack. In many cases it doesn’t require real healing dedication, as many post-nerf WPs and DOKs are proving. All you really need to do is cycle HOTs all over. And in most cases, even in heavy losing scenarios, a healer doing this can still get what most consider a good scenario renown gain. So win or loss, these out of group healers are racking in good to spectacular gains in renown, no matter what. 

I’ve seen cases where one side was only able to get 2 or 3 cheap kills in the entire scenario. Mostly the spawn campers got a little too close for a punt or pull into the guards. The result, is the out of group healer absorbs all their renown. And since the other side’s RR seem to be that much higher, that healer get’s 3 to 5K for almost no work and little contribution to working with the team. Obviously, if you were being camped from the start how are you receiving that much of a reward while the clever killer gets little to nothing.

So right now, the only things that keeps healers in group; are premade setups; general discomfort with the idea of doing it; willing to take to the hit to renown gain for the team; or they just don’t know better. I personally, under my WP/DOK shell have way too much discomfort in doing that action. Renown gain isn’t as important as knowing I did the best I could. And especially now with the nerf, my function is really all group. There is little room I have in RF/SE expense to use on other groups. It’s not a matter of bursting my group heal and distributing some love to the other parties, my RF/SE pool can’t afford doing more than healing my group. I just can’t swallow losing, or winning knowing that my heals were probably half of what they could have been. Not to mention utility in Morals and blessings for my group.

Last night is what really upset me as I have been swallowing down my pride since patch 1.4’s release. I was the solo healer in my SC, so I thought. I was a lone lowbie WP (my 2nd WP at RR42) with a group of tanks and DPS, with another group of tanks and some DPS in the other. Due in part to the tanks using shield and guarding everything, I was barely able to work my ass off in holding my group together, slightly. The other group had the mind to hold a little back as they were only receiving HoTs and every so often the normal heal and/or Moral 1 in an emergency.

At scenario end, I was proud to see a win score of 500 to 430 in Black Fire Basin, with 420K healing from a post-nerf WP. Which meant it had been one hell of a fight for BFB not to turn into a campfest. I had not been able to beat 200K in healing since the nerf. To my dismay, even with team kills totalling over 50+ on what looked to be fairly high level RRs on the other side, my renown was only at 3K on a RR42 WP with the progression pack. It was the second highest renown gain that Scenario. The first, you ask? A RP with 14K renown and with … drum roll … 120K healing. 420K in group healing  for 3K in renown compared to 120K in out of group healing at 14K … wow.

“THERE WAS A RUNE PRIEST IN HERE!!!!” I screamed in vent. “How is that possible? When I had to perform every rez? Not to mention that every person out of my group was dying for heals.” They literally would have to back off the attack and wait for the HoTs to get them to a moderate level. Most out of group never saw 100% health the entire scenario. I just didn’t have the RF do so. The  healing only seemed to move when I did the heal, and rezzes were only preformed by me, I had no idea a RP was actually also in the Scenario. He wasn’t there at the start, and must have quickly loaded in and then out of group before I notice his square on my Squared mod. The fact that the other group had so many problems shows that the fuck was only HoTing the entire time. For a WP to beat a RP in heals is a ridiculous notion. To be beat by a post-nerf WP is even more absurd.

So if the point of the game is to get renown, then what holds any healer from healing out of group? Premade, conscience, opinions of other players? Where as of 6 months ago I was under the impression that if you wanted to heal out of group, you could with the understanding that us competent healers hate you. With patch 1.4 and the progression packs, my opinion has changed.

As WP/DOKs have taken a nerf, I think, that it is time for an entire heal nerf. It is time for the elimination of out of group heals all together. To only be able heal in group members. The change needs to be made and soon.

As drastic as it is and many will hate that they could be in RVR right infront of a willing Zealot to heal but can’t, or that there is only 1 healer in the Scenario and one group is screwed. It would be a major change and much hate would come about. But quite frankly, exactly why are you okay with the loss the of renown? You realize that renown they are getting is not free renown, it was yours. From your contribution from your kills, they aren’t getting a small piece, it’s you that get the crumbs. Someone dies, they are worth a renown value at death. It’s distributed based on contribution, distribution in your group, and also to a great extent the healers that provided the HP after your kill. You are trading the possibility of receiving some heals for what? Massive loss in renown? Get a dedicated healer.

Tanks, can’t guard out of group, let alone anything further than 30 feet. What support are you as a non-healer not going to receive with a heal out of group? At worse, the demand for finding dedicated healers will go up. The demand for grouping will occur.

We don’t need a change to renown gain and contribution, we need a heal nerf. No more out of group healing, it’s time.

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The Melee Healer – A History Lesson

Part of the quick change made to Melee Healer on the Hot Fix last week has erupted into division of ideas and general discontent. Overall, I think much of the community is suffering from discontent in the game, but drastic changes have left some of us butt hurt, and too many others spouting falsities from their mouths of stupidity. So, here’s a quick little lesson from Mr. Meh, so you can stop saying stooopid things.

Hearing this; “Your healing has been OP for 2 years now” is a clear way to reveal: you haven’t been playing here for 2 years.

At launch, many of us WP/DOKs did exist, but for different reasons other than what you think. We weren’t born and spamming group heals straight out of Chapter 1 as you some how invented in your imagination. I think very few of us wore a Charm in our left hands at any point. Why would you? What benefit would a WP/DOK have in that time for having one? There was none. We were DPS and accepted that our melee healing was at best just a small by-product of our DPS.

By December of 2008, major losses to the subscription base had hit for the 3rd time. Mythic was looking at almost 1/3rd of the population they had only 2 months before. In Patch 1.0.6 of December 2nd, Mythic finally gave an attempted ‘fix’ to the melee heal, the Rend Soul/Divine Assault having its heal value increased to 350%. This upgrade was intended to save the melee healer, but only influenced the need for a DPS in PvE. The second adjustment, which finally made it viable to hold a chalice was 2 fold. One was the improvement that gave the WP/DOK proper RF/SE generation from the chalice, but also the improvement that RF/SE would generate after death and while in flee. This meant they could heal on the run and still in the retreat. Combine this with the addition of RvR influence rewards so that every WP/DOK could get a purple charm, caused the frequent sightings of WP/DOK that were trying to actually heal. Not well though.

Though obviously gimp and seemingly useless, there were still a decent set of populations of WP/DOKs running about still unwilling to unsub. Which then caused hostility as no one WB or group ever considered a WP/DOK a healer. The said ‘OP’ness came in March, almost a half of a year after launch. On March 3rd of 2009, Mythic in a Hot Fix apart fo Patch 1.2.0 had increased all shield and procs mitigation amounts by 50% globally. This change had sealed the deal for the death of melee healing. Whatever sad attempt it had been able to accomplish, fell dead at this change. Apart of patch 1.2.0 had changed the Group Heal for WP/DOK by lower the cooldown but greatly increasing the heal value. Not by a little, but by a lot.

Slowly but surely, the rise of healing melee healers came to fruition. And by mid 2009 WP and healing DOKS were the ‘Elite’ must have healers in your group for RvR, due to their combined survivability and burst healing. By Fall of 2009 with the nerf to AOE damage in Patch 1.3.0b, the use of melee trains had taking over as the elite damage source over that of SORC/BW bomb squads. The obvious foe to melee trains, were healers that not only were apart of the melee train but could survive it.

By the introduction of patch 1.4, too good of gear was just being handed out, not earned. Just incase you missed your chance before 1.4, they made sure you had the same gear and rank within a week after the progression packs were released. With so many WP/DOKs running about in full Sovereign, along with the poor introduction of Hardy Concessions, it didn’t take more than a millisecond to realize there was major problem. Giant survivability combined with burst group heals was noticeably a problem by even the users fo the classeds.

Though a quick change was made on Hardy Concessions there was no evidence of there being a nerf to survivability of the healing melee healer. Instead the nerf came to the group heal. Now, though a WP/DOK can adjust and accept that burst healing is no longer in their focus, they can accomplish some fairly adequate numbers. But what goes untouched and unmentioned is always to the focus of what we wanted when we started our journeys on the melee healers: Working Melee Heals. Either they need to decide on a method to which they can uncouple the workings of melee heal to make it viable or Mythic just needs to admit it’s not viable and adjust the abilities in general, accordingly. Or they could ignore both.

Not that this story justifies making one ability OP. I just want you to stop saying “OP for 2 years.” Say “OP for over a year.” It took a good year to be considered even a healer. It took another year, to be considered the best. Give the progression some credit. From uselessness to demi-gods, the evolution of the Warrior Priest/Disciple have been actually pretty tremendous. You just didn’t realize it, because you weren’t paying attention.

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The Rise of the DPS DoK

Firstly, I made a complete overhaul to the blog site, tell me what you think. Also, I refuse to take down the mildly obnoxious and possibly fruity snow flakes. It helps add to the Naggaroth theme of my Disciple of Khaineness, so it stays for the next month! And that is that.


As we entrench ourselves in the new game play of 1.4, either by acquainting ourselves back with long shelved renown rank 80s, or by getting our next of kin that much closer, our aspects and long-term plans are probably changing. As so many are noticing, and or crying about (rightfully so) survivability is through the roof. To be a physical ranged DPS or classic melee DPS has become all so tough.

There is multiple reasons for this. One is a great deal of players were used to fighting other RR80s at select times. Their main opposition had been lower than 80s for quite some time. And for most, these DPS classes have been sporting defensive Sovereign sets. Now that everything around them is suddenly 80+ again, they are quick to notice that their ability to kill is lack luster. Before they were cutting through someone’s RR60 alt Archmage, today they banging on a RR82 Knight of the Blazing Sun. Two months ago, they had no problem ripping into a small grouping of miscellaneous sub RR60s, today they are being stopped dead in their tracks beating relentlessly on a Disciple to no avail in the mess of the crowding.

The addition of Hardy Concessions has led me to label patch 1.4 as the ‘Rise of the Healer‘. It took awhile, but Mythic remedied the renown ability to also reduce healing. Still however, with Sovereign, new RR81 Jewelry Pieces, you could make a DOK/WP an indestructible tank of healing magnitude, now maybe just more of a tanky healer. It was only a matter of time before the classes are nerfed in some way, which have been in talks for some time. My growing belief in the inevitable nerf to come to my heal class and the fact I am now battling to get in a good 6 man as everyone has more than enough DOK/WP to choose from now, has led me to trade in some Sovereign and respec to a Glass Cannon (full unadulterated DPS).

Not only was it the sole reason I re-rolled a DOK after having dedicated my first year and a half to my WPs, but the DPS DOK fills a role in the melee DPS chain that many other normal Melee DPS  just don’t have. It’s also the clear separation in the DPS difference between the Wrath Spec Warrior Priest and the Torture Spec Disciple. That is the tactic under the Torture Tree called Curse of Khaine. A 50% Incoming Heal Debuff that procs when ever you critically strike for 5 seconds. When you are RR80 in full Sovereign, it is not hard to have a melee crit at 50%. So there is no wondering if this tactic will crit, it will, and all the time. It’s actual frequency of procing is what makes it even more difficult to deal with, as it basically is always on your target, no matter if a healer is looking to cleanse it or not. Add the fact that it is an incoming debuff, also helps you basically focus on whatever you want, without worry of whom to kill first in many cases. 

It has found me a new place amongst my guild as I’m helping to serve a purpose in the DPS that we just don’t have. Our Sorcs can hit hard, our Marauders are now the respected beast that they should have, and our Squig Herders give more than enough problems, but to have a DPS that can chose a tank first among a premade and eat it under 5 seconds is devastating and unexpected. In many cases, you wait for DPS to engage the Slayer or WL in the front. Sure enough, their guarding tank will reveal themselves. The opposing healers will focus heals on the front DPS, but only provide the tank indirect group heals. In that moment, the DPS DoK moves on the tank, and basically can destroy it. As the tank will be taking damage from both its guard and now you with a heal debuff on them. They can’t detaunt you, they can only ask themselves, “WTF.” Once the tank falls, the DPS evaporates, and the confusion of battle overtakes the other side as quick rezzing takes place.

But that is but one tactic. The beauty in that move is that most tanks don’t expect to be punched in the face first. They are used to being the last touched, but they have fundamental flaws so long as you take advantage of it. There are many other great uses you can make of the DPS DoK. The addition of one in any melee train is a devastating proposal. As I look around our server, I seem to only be 1 of 3 high RR DoKs with this aspect. 1 I have known for a while in my old guild, and the other is a player that is just amazing. They make great use of the 3 DOK, Chosen system. With 2 Heal DoKs, a Melee DoK and a Chosen Guard, the team can take in just about whatever else they want in the other two slots with having more than enough survivability.

The drawback of being the DPS DoK is the arrangement of activities you can do. Simply going to highly contested zone to just join in the mass war, is generally not an option. You won’t survive, especially not without a guard. PuGing scenarios is also a general problem as you’ll never be able to coordinate the people around you to make the proper kills. In many cases just joining on quick scenario groups also then becomes difficult, as you really don’t have the proper mix of a defensively spec’d group around you. But, on the other side of the argument, there isn’t much out there that can take on a DPS DoK solo in the Lakes. Though boring, the renown payout for roaming in AAO areas solo can be very rewarding.

Going from 79 to 80 took approximately 10 hours of play time in a heal spec DoK. The journey from 80 to 81 took about 14 hours in DPS mode.. I would point at the reason being mostly around the healing aspect is able to just steal renown from everyone around them at all times. Out of group HoTs, along with Khaine’s Refreshment seems to give you a steady stream of purple at all times, not to mention a lot less deaths. The adverse effect is that, healing the masses is boring … boring. It’s awful, what you will do to keep getting the purple. When AAO was first implemented I remember being in Reikland for 6 hours straight just healing around the keep walls of Wilhelms, practically asleep with my face resting against the table top. It had made me realized that purple numbers are like cocaine, and there wasn’t much we could do to shake the habit. Overall, DPSing may take a little longer to level on, but it’s certainly showing to be a much better alternative for the stimulation in the game. I die quiet a bit but I also have a great lot of moments.

Just the other day I was wandering about Black Crag, looking for some cheap kills for the mass load of Order trying to take the zone. I spent a half hour unable to ever find a small group, just large hordes. I joined on my guild group and we were amassing in Praag, so I was now looking for a good way to die. On the BO, for some unknown reason (I see this a lot now), there was almost 2 WBs of Order guarding it. I thought to myself, “I bet I could get 2 or 3 BWs before they got me.” I slid down the cliff behind the unsuspected groups of idle Order, mostly mounted. I found the first BW, who died in 4 hits, and never moved. I then started to take out a slayer who quickly freaked out and ran into the center mass of the Order cluster. Unwilling to let the kill go, I followed crazed, slicing rampantly through the air, like a blender of torture gone astray. He fell, but he had accomplished putting me in the middle of 2 WBs all now focused on my presence. Lucky targeting (because we all know how crappy it is to Tab target in the mess) found me another BW, who was nice enough to be squishy and double potted, so that I could actually get a full Rend Soul to provide me full life. He fell, unable to bypass the friendly collision that holding him tight in my blade dance. Now my life was falling fast, 2 health pots and on and off Consume Essense spamming was only delaying the death that should have already come for maybe but 3 seconds ago. Why even waste the pots? But I did. I was frantically tab targeting through a mess of tanks, trying to find a squishier target to get melee heals on. Best I could was a Warrior Priest. Though unable to kill him, the WP did allow me to get yet another full Rend Soul off. This time, I found my next target by clicking. The fact that I was still alive was beyond believable to me, everyone must have been a RR30. And so it was, a WL that gave me my last kill with my Moral 3 cast. I almost thought I was going to go on forever, until an IB knocked that thought right out of me. Or at least for the 4 seconds I was on the ground bleeding out to death.

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Adjusting your DoK and WP for the Nerf

In further testing, I have found myself to be completely wrong. Completely. I found a much better gamble. I didn’t have a scenario last night in which I didn’t bypass 200K and consistantly stayed at 350K. Not close to where I was, but it’s something.

New article on the way. If you want to read an entry below with some funny points, but remember to keep in mind that I already know I am wrong.


Alright, if you were a Warrior Priest, most likely you were spec’d up the Grace tree to the Wounds buff and then fully up the Salvation tree with nothing purchased, just full 15 points in Salvation. You were, like me, not sporting shields or and AOE heals. If you were a DoK, you probably were all the way up Dark Rights to get your One Thousand One as well as the AOE heal and mabe your Shield Tactic, the rest of your points were probably in Torture to increase the damage of your Covenant.

And most likely in your gear your were, if not sporting full Sov, mixing armor to get you Willpower to 750, and then slotting a mixture of Armor and Toughness talismans.  Your Renown was probably based in Heal Crit and Toughness (after the Hardy Concession Nerf).

Essentially, Mythic wants you to abandon your ability to lower your willpower in exchange for more survivability. The reason you could get away with less Willpower was overall you had one big heal going off every 4 seconds (at best) with some HoT cycling in between. Willpower might help for heals that need to be spammed, but back then, you didn’t need that kind of boost. The difference was a heal on group heal for 1,450 instead of 1,550. But now, you are a heal spammer like your healing cousins. Instead of being a 2 to 3 second burst kind of healer, you are now like them, spamming heals relentlessly. Ever hear that guy in vent wildly clicking or clearly smashing one button? Yeah, that was probably your Zealot in the group. Now that’s you.

You now need to stock a little higher on Willpower if you want to make up slightly  for the heals you’ve lost. Which means you’ll be giving up some of that survivability. But, that will only mean you need to be back line healing like your counterparts. You don’t need to be up there getting hit. You now have 150 feet on your heals (as of 1.4.0), use it.

To get my heals back to a respectable level, I first respec’d my mastery on the Warrior Priest. Abandoning the Wounds Buff. I went up the entire Salvation Tree, picking up the Tactic for AP gain on the Single Target Heal. Since it was ‘fixed’ I also picked up the HoT group heal, as well as the group shield. The remaining points went in Wrath (not Grace) to pick up the AOE Dot ability. For my DoK, not much changed, but I still needed to respec. I went up the Dark Rites tree again to pick up 1,001, but I also stopped to get my AOE heal, my group HoT, my Shield, my Shield Proc on Crit Tactic and the Moral Gain tactic for the single heal. the rest was put in Wrath to pickup of the AOE DoT.

Your new friend is your single target heal. You know that thing you tried to avoid using on group mates and only reserved for out of party healing because of its ineffectiveness and cost. Yeah, it’s now your friend. But you are now using a tactic that makes it that much better, your AP/Moral boost. Your friends will probably never notice you have it slotted, but is one of those not clearly visible, but big advantage.

Your gear probably needs Willpower and Armor mixed. Willpower to boost you HoT spamming and Armor to keep in check the melee that think they can kill you now. With my renown I went full Heal Crit and then for the Warrior Priest full Disrupt defense, the DoK I went more Willpower.

My Warrior Priest Tactics are the Willpower Buff, the AP boost Tactic you have to buy, Exalted Defenses, and the 10% Disrupt.

My DoK’s are Willpower Buff, Moral Boost Tactic from Dark Rites, Heal Crit Shield from Dark Rites, and the 25% SE boost on hit.

No AOE detaunt you say? That’s right, you probably can no longer get surrounded and survive. 1)Even if you slot it, you don’t have the heals to survive. 2)You now don’t even need to be that close to care.

If you do get surrounded, plant your Mistress of the Marsh/Sticky Feets and run. Oh, you don’t have that. Ummm run away and spam like you always do your instant cast single target heal for 15 AP the crits for ungodly amounts relentlessly on the move. Oh, you don’t have that either. Ummmmm… learn to emote mean things before you die.

For your Warrior Priest, you need to be a disrupt fool. Those Magus and Sorcs think they can kill you, they probably can, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get 20% better healing from the 50% disrupt rate you are going to be sporting.

For your DoK, you have a great deal more survivability from you tactics, you are relying on your Willpower to strengthen your heals.

You new healing life is composed of guessing where the HoT should go first. When damage starts coming to your friendly you are there with your single target heal. You need to anticipate where the damage is going to get a good start on the heals. Hopefully you moved your group heal to a location on you hotbar you aren’t subjectively tempted into touching, but it does need to be within reach. If such spread damage start occurring, you need realize that you need to HoT, spread single heals first, then follow-up with maybe 3 group heal burst while the HoTs are working.

Now, besides your quick AOE cone lash, and your AOE knock back, you can now use that Wrath/Torture AOE DoT to help you build some RF/SE back. Keep in mind, it’s like the WP lash, it builds on the move. So you can start casting it and move into your enemies for it to fire on. Now, unlike the lash, this AOE damage does not grant SE/RF unless it actually hits something. Besides these 3 abilities, if you still need immediate RF/SE, you can, even on the move, use your Supplication. It will only do the first tick, but it’s about 30 RF/SE you needed. 

Starting the night yesterday with my old specs left me unable to surpass 150K in healing. Yeah, you can spread HoTs like any other healer for full renown whoring , but as for being the effective glue that kept your group together, 150K was not made by focusing. And for the most part I couldn’t even surpass 80K. I mean, my other Archmage that is rank 20 that I’m using to level some friends on Badlands, can do 120K by accident. So at first it was a nerd rage for me. But I have based my entire 2 years of game play around these classes, so I was not ready to rage off yet. I did all kinds of respecing and forcing people to do what I wanted to do in PvP to test it all. This perspective I have now is the best I could formulate to make the classes less gimp. Though, don’t get me wrong, these are still completely gimp, I’m just trying to figure out how some can stay in there and wait for some good news in this.

I will also warn you, that after formulating these ideas after about 4 hours of strategizing, I shelved the toons. If I didn’t love my guild so much, I would have quit all together. But I have other more useful healers and an easysauce tank to use. I’ll probably be on my Archmage for now on, but I wish everyone the best through this. Any testing you need, I’m willing to help. My DoK is on Gorfang, and my WP is on Badlands. Throw me a line if you need it.

Also, of course, if you have discovered some better ideas, be so kind as to share it. Right now all you can find on the forums are QQ, and the HAHAs from those that have been QQ.

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WP/DOK Group Heal Nerf

In my trollings of other blogs, I have taken on my own version of showing the effect difference of the group heal nerf that was enacted today.

Basically the run down is group heal for both WP and DOK have had the value of heal seriously reduced. In replacement of such a horrible thing, Mythic has also reduced cast times and removed cooldown on the ability. However, the expensive cost of the ability still remains.

Though I am not completely convinced of the SE/RF actually generating fully in a cast I have taken on both assumptions from my fellow bloggers and displayed that within my numbers run.

Displayed below is an example of how fast a PreRR 75 Disciple of Khaine could heal saying they needed to pump out as much group heals as possible. The chart compares the old system and the new system enacted today.


It’s cool. Don’t freak out. You totally have your HoT still.

So ummmm …. DPS then right? Okay, cool, see you there.

Oh, you are a Warrior Priest, huh? Got any other toons? Oh okay, ummmmm …. I hear nows the right time to prance about in a Wolf Skin wearing a Top Hat.

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Holy Sigmar, Why Have You Forsaken Us?

Post Entry Note: There actually a pretty good arguement taking place in the comments. I know that I generally miss a great deal of the wall text in comments on blogs. But the comments here are between two bloggers and each entry is almost worthy of blog post on their own. I would say its worth reading them for entertainment value if nothing else. 


We just don’t know how to help you, Mythic. You are clearly self-destructive. It comes down to that. You make a drastic, drastic changes (nerf) essentially overnight and then leave for holiday break? What exactly do you expect to come back to in January? Did you have too many subscribers and it was more of a burden on the servers then it was worth in value?

Warrior Priest and Disciples are by far the most played classes of any. Short of a few exceptions, WP are almost completely composed of healing spec only, and DoKs aren’t too far away.

Your constant lack of testing and your blunt and drastic changes to a key mechanic, not only of the class but of this game for the last 2 years has now been taken out of the mix, is this time seriously going to cost you. You cannot simply nerf a key mechanic overnight and expect them not to FLIP THE FUCK OUT!

Combat and Careers

Disciple of Khaine
  • Khaine’s Embrace: The base healing value of this ability has been reduced and its cooldown has been removed.
  • Khaine’s Vigor: The base healing value of this ability has been increased and its duration has been reduced. 
Warrior Priest
  • Pious Restoration: The base healing value of this ability has been increased and its duration has been reduced.
  • Touch of the Divine: The base healing value of this ability has been reduced and its cooldown has been removed. 

It’s actually just mind-blowing. What the hell happened to this:

“All we have are our group heals, our single target healing is non-existent, so why are you doing this to my career?

In the future, we will give better single target options for “back-line” healing Disciples of Khaine and Warrior Priests. Actually, we have a couple of ideas to help single target healing in general and we’ll discuss that in the future. “

I guess I must have been out of my mind. When I read this, I like everyone else, thought these changes are in OVERALL thought and developement.

And really, it doesn’t matter. You have but a very, very small window of complete nerd rage on the forums, to which you can either act fast to remedy and save subscriptions, or you can see how it goes while subscription start mysteriously disappearing.

You could have been somewhat mindful to what you are doing to the class and at least refunded us our renown and mastery points in the patch today. I’m sure many of us need to do some re-specing. Maybe we can try to find a new place in our groups before our subscription period runs out.


Anyways, in other news:

There apparently was a ninja release of an amazing MMO last month. I didn’t even know it was on the radar. And apparently, neither did much of the MMO community. Perpetuum Online went live on the 25th of November and has already made it in the top 5 of MMO releases this year. I would say that’s a pretty big ‘to do’, considering it was developed by a 10 man team. To the reviews that I can find, I’m seeing constantly seeing the same thing. It’s being described as EVE, but now we have a chance. It’s apparently lawsuit worthy by CCP it’s mechanic and game play are so close. And consistently, I’m seeing people comment on how they are yet to find a bug. Which to me is the most mind-boggling thing ever. An MMO without a bug? Well, it was the most, until I read Mythic’s Hot Fix today, then it was the second most mind-boggling thing.

With no box to buy and a $10 subscription, I have a stong intuition what client will be downloading first on my computer tonight.


I’m sure I’ll log onto my WP and DoK tonight sometime before I cancel my renewal cycle,

Don't you dare try to steal this very very official signature.

To My Other Healers: Love/Hate Letter from a DoK/WP


Dear Other Healers,

We understand your current state of jealously, for we have had it many of times. I remember a time when the Red Hammer or the Purple Khaine’s Hand in the Warband didn’t actually qualify as a healer. It was always a great feeling hearing in vent, “Could we have a Healer in our group?” With the leader replying “You have 3 Warrior Priests.” And to their reply, “Yeah, could we get a real healer?” Oh, I remember those days. And not that I want to tell you to suck it up and deal with it, but I’d like you to take a moment and reflect on this being the first time we were considered the better healer. However, that is also in itself a flawed concept. For your belief that a strong group heal being an overpowered function to a game about MASS (IE more than 6 persons) war is really quite humorous from my perspective.

When we are in the mess of fighting we can heal … 5 other people. You can heal all 200 if you like, quite well. When Shattered Limbs is getting cycled on us, you have the ability to choose from at least 6 other functions to keep healing from. We get to take 6 seconds to hope our cleanse comes back off cooldown and watch our group die. When we encounter actual premades that don’t distribute damage, but focus it, you get to show off your variety of heals, being able to single target focus heal and thwart the enemies plans. We get to use the same ability despite the fact that the enemies tactics have changed, our’s unfortunately is always the same. Let’s hope for the best, and hope the single target healer is paying attention when this occurs.

I’m glad you are impressed by our Armor and that you think it’s cool that we can stand toe to toe with Marauders and White Lions. And it’s not that we really want to, as much as we have to. You see, we don’t heal on AP. So all those cool little bonuses abilities and tactics other classes use to help their team, we don’t get that. We have this mechanic that doesn’t naturally regen. Though our abilities cost are the same, you generally regenerate AP at about 25 per second (250 point pool, regen at 10% per second) even if you aren’t using any special talismans or renown tactics. We, we can hold a cup or a book and get about 8 per second. By Renown Rank 75 we can hopefully equip our Royal Charm, the Sovereign Gloves and Jewelry for an overpowered RF/SE gain of … 11 per second! 11 is totally better than 25, we totally see your point. So because of this mechanic we either have to fight or we have to slot a tactic that allows us the chance to regain some small chance at more points for any attack we take. We literally have to build our characters to be punching bags to just be able to maintain our mechanic to keep healing, otherwise we could only do that ‘overpowered’ heal 3 times before we ran out of juice. So while you think it’s totally unfair you have to kite from a single melee DPS, we would like to see how much you’d enjoy having to stand about 100 feet closer to the action in front of the BW/Sorc’s range, not to mention everyone else.

We totally have this overpowered detaunt too. We can waste a whole tactic slot just to turn our detaunt into a slightly more relevant AOE detaunt. Because we all know how much our enemies always stand 30 feet within each other. Wait what? You get both a detaunt and an AOE detaunt that you can cycle? And you don’t have to use a tactic slot to do it? And if you are a RP/zealot it’s actually just all damage reduction plus AP discounts? You’re right, our single detaunt with a 15 second cooldown wasting our tactic slot is totally overpowered.

The fact of the matter is Mythic has already stated during a Q&A they are looking to turn the Melee Healers into more of that; more front line. To which I’m not sure how much more front line I need to be, I’m already in the mix trying to get punched in the face for some SE gain. I guess I will actually have to get so close to the BWs now that I can actually just press Boiling Blood for them. But we all know that just means Heal nerf with some poor adjustments to the melee heals. To which we just will revert back to our pre-2009 forms, all DPS. In which DoKs are still very usable DPS, Warrior Priest will go back to rolling a different toon. Also my fellow AMs and Shammans, you are getting a boost to your HoT so that it heals on the initial cast. Can we say ‘Uber Renown Whoring?‘ QQ Moar.

In my days of healing on my DoK and WPs, the scenarios I accomplished with great numbers never, and I say that confidently, NEVER translated into an outstanding victory. Sure I have seen big numbers in win. But big numbers from a DoK/WP just mean the entire group was taking massive distributed AOE damage. It meant the other team wasn’t focusing. I don’t think there was once in a proper Premade versus Premade that the Zealot/RP or AM/Shamman didn’t kick my numbers ass all over the place. Facing the competent enemy takes more than a group heal with a faster cast. We know our place in those cases, it’s to be consistent heal bursting, with a better concentration of heals on the focused friendly while maintaining RF/SE when you are up against an enemy smart enough not to touch you. Do you know how hard it is to maintain your RF/SE pool if someone doesn’t punch you in the face?

I like to present you this offer:

  • You gain the ability to cast you group heal at 1.5 seconds.
  • You can have 2,000 more armor.
  • You lose your second detaunt.
  • You lose your magic buff.
  • You lose all your healing abilities other than your group, HoT and that useless expensive one that heals a little bit with a 4 second HoT that only WP/DoKs uses because they have no other choices.
  • You now regenerate AP at 1/3 the current rate.
  • You can slot a new tactic that gives you a 25% chance to gain 35 AP for any direct hit. (DoTs don’t count and it only works every 3 seconds)

So did you jump right all over that offer? What? You don’t want to live a life of looking for someone to purposely punch you in the face? Why not?

Signed yours truly,