Character Lineage

Ever wonder if you ran across this raging moron of a blogger online in games before?

EVE Online

Intaki Kauyon of Quantum Cats Syndicate
Gallente Militia, SP 50M+, Combat, EW, Command

Noir Kauyon (currently unemployed)
Industrial, SP 18M, Marketing

Guild Wars 2

Gates of Madness Server

Nikh of Team Focus [ADHD]
Guardian, Asura, Level 80

Læg of Team Focus [ADHD]
, Norn, Level 80

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Bondar Crystal Server (PVP East)

Nihk of Ewoks Anonymous (Opprimo Umbrah), Biochem
Jedi Sage/Balance, Level 50/Valor 70

Nikk of Ewoks Anonymous (Opprimo Umbrah), Cybertech
Commando/Assault, Level 50/Valor 60

Warhammer Online

Gorfang Server

Nihk of Opprimo Umbrah/Arsenal/FATE/Mourne
Disciple of Khaine, RR 84

Nikh of Mourne/Arsenal
Black Gaurd, RR 60

Badlands Server

Nicholaes of MOAN/Clockwork Orange/Roisin Dubh
Warrior Priest, RR 80, Badlands/Phoenix Throne/Ostermark

Laeg/Kauyon of MOAN/Roisin Dubh/BANE
White Lion, RR 68, Badlands/Phoenix Throne/Ostermark/Averlorn

RIFT Online

Deepstrike Server

Nikh of MOAN
Cleric, Level 50

Laeg of Roisin Dubh
Cleric, Level 20

AION Online

Laeg of Roisin Dubh
Cleric, Level 40

Miscellaneous Games

World of Warcraft, Kauyon

City of Heroes, Captobvious

DC Universe Online, Captain Obvious, Lagsalot, Nikh

Tabula Rasa, Kauyon

Perpentum Online, Mistermeh

Lineage II, Kauyon

Everquest II, Kauyone

Fallen Earth, Nicky Hasslebot

Naming Etymology

My early days of gaming I wasn’t very creative. That hasn’t changed. In the year 2000 I fell in love with Gav Thorpe’s army creation for Warhammer 40K called the Tau. A very futuristic combination of Star Wars Episode I Droid Tanks mixed with very Anime Japanese based crisis teams. In the Codex, the book referenced 3 play styles for Tau armies. And the one that most appealed to me was the slowly fall back while pulling the enemy apart style of Kauyon. And in Tau naming conventions, your General’s name not only started with the rank, but commonly took a military style in the name. So most of my early gaming used Kauyon (Pronounced COW-YON) in the name.

When I joined Warhammer Online everything changed. Even though my first character, a White Lion was named Kauyon, I ended up liking the Role Play servers better and found my self on a Warrior Priest named Nicholaes. I would later join for a long time a Celtic Irish Guild, Roisin Dubh and from there I started making alts and using celtic Mythology for my naming. Here I found Laeg which I really tend to stir towards these days. Láeg was companion warrior on a chariot that accompanied Chulainn in the Ulster Tales.

I ended up playing Nicholaes the most in my WAR days. And I got used to people referring to me as Nick in comms. When I went to play on Gorfang, I decided to make Nick into as much Elvish as I could. The best I liked was Nikh/Nihk.


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