SWTOR: Patch 1.1.5 Stupidity

This is absolutely unacceptable:

Medals are now worth 500 Valor and 10 Commendations. Players only earn Valor and Commendations for the first 4 medals earned each match. *UPDATED 2/28*

A last minute change that many didn’t see coming. Let me get this straight; You want to boost the Valor and Commendations per Medal Reward? And now you want to make it only for the first 4 medals only?

What kind of under achiever system are you promoting? You get 2 medals just for sitting on a point. That’s 1000 Valor and 20 Commendations for doing absolutely nothing what so ever. 10 minutes of afking on an objective now equals 50 Open PVP kills in Ilum.

Let me repeat:


Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?


[SWTOR] The Overlooked Aspects

** Warning – I have written with every intention of offending ***

SWTOR is a great game. It has captivated me and so long as BioWare has plans for more PVP (please don’t make the RIFT mistake) the game will probably hold me for a long time. I love so much of the game, but there’s so much I don’t understand. And a lack of understanding means, I should criticize it. Without further ado, here’s my list of the overlooked ridiculousness that should have had as second look before release:

#1: Lame Republic PVE

Since I have been fortunate enough to play both Agent, Inquisitor followed by Trooper and Consular storylines I can answer these facts:

  1. Light side choices make for a lame, lame, lame story. If you like pressing the number 1, then get ready for a lot of “Yes Sir!” and “For the Jedi!”
  2. Republic stories are broken. I first saw Scary’s post on it and wondered how many coke lines did he do. Works fine, I thought. Yeah, no, he’s right. Apparently all of Republic’s storylines and movies are broken. They have massive amounts of black out screening and lots and lots of stupid acting NPCs in backgrounds.
  3. While we are on Republic poorly written and edited storylines let’s talk about lameness. If you play a Trooper, be ready for pointing for no reason with your Assault Cannon in hand. Think that thing would be hard to control in real life? Guess again, weakling. Your trooper can wave it about with only a pinky. Why don’t you go work out now?
  4. Also, it’s hilarious to actually read or watch the poor stories. On the Consular, as if BW did this on purpose, I can name 4 times now that a Miraluka said “Oh, it’s good to see a <insert random adjective> face”.
  5. For when there are dark side choices you can make, deciding to kill people, et cetera, many NPCs are broken. Meaning, many times I have spearheaded into save this captured/lost/pinned squad to have troops fist pumping in the background as to be cheering for me. Only to then make a dark side choice to kill the incompetent/moron/idiot squad leader. The squad stops and gasp and as I cut him down they go back into the jump fist pumping frenzy as if nothing happened.
  6. Also, it seems I have to defuse a lot of bombs. As if Imperials can only do 3 things; send solo Siths to cause random delinquencies in the galaxy, pin down incompetent squads, and plant random bombs on debris not even worth blowing up. And for some reason someone always wants to talk to me when I’m defusing. This is how the conversations go:
  • I’m kneeled over.
  • Random dude: Hi.
  • I stand up.
  • Me: What the fuck do you want?
  • I kneel back over.
  • Random dude: Oh, I was sent here to talk to you about something that could wait.
  • I stand back up.
  • Me: Please go away.
  • I kneel back over.
  • Random dude: Oh, I can’t. That would be lazy story writing. We can’t have poorly written and lazy at the same time.
  • I stand back up.
  • Me: Why the hell haven’t I been given an option 3 to kill you yet?
  • Rinse and Repeat until your thumbs breaks from Space Baring.


#2 Body Shape Option

BW: We will provide the user 4 types of body frames to customize your character.

<Insert Public Cheering>

They will be….





Unbelievably Tiny


And … Muscularly Fat

<What the Fuck>

Here’s my beef. I just want to be tall. It is possible to be tall without being … a Body Builder. I’m okay with how unpopular the Tiny frame is. No one picks it. That makes me happy. Because then it’s rare.

Here’s what’s not rare: Fat Asses.

Here’s why it’s popular:

Because you made Fat into heroic fat, BioWare. Let’s face it. If your past time is MMOs, then your past time is probably shared with McDonalds and Chips (and not just regular chips, we are talking lard soaked grandma’s style heart attack by 55 flavor chips). The likelihood is high. I’m not going to judge all of you. But I’m pretty sure many brinks on the edge of disability.

Horay, you gave the fatties a body option to play in game, BW. “I’m fat in real life and my character is too”. Horay. And just like my delusions in real life, I translate my 120 pounds of over-weightiness to 120 of muscle. And my avatar speaks to that in volumes. Point proven.

There was nothing wrong with making a fat option. There was something wrong with making Fat look like an Apple, instead of the Pear.

I forgive all characters that make John Candy, Fatty or Adele references in their names. All other fatties are unforgiven and are being judged by everyone. Just so you know.

#3 Ilum

You know why it’s on this list, BioWare.

How does one absorb 70% of the RvR inventing Studio (Mythic) that has learned the hard way every aspect of making balanced and fun Open PvP, only to ignore everything they did in the last 4 years?

I am baffled.

SWTOR: Lessons Learned

I finally hit 50 last night. It was bitter-sweet as I was hoping to rather spend the rest of my night earning Warzone Commendations so that I could buy 5 bags at my consequently level. But instead the major portion of our level 50 part of the guild wanted to go get the +10 All Stats Datacron. Let’s see, rush to 50 and get a guaranteed group to get the group required datacron, or pound out Warzones for the hope that I will get a lucky break from the Champion Bags?

After all the failure of finding out the Republic +10 datacron is bugged to hell, (I kept getting ported outside the ship when I grappled) we gave up and I ran some Warzones. Oh …. bottom of the tier again. Sigh.

Being a competent healer pre 50 made me a celebrity. I guess because no one levels a healer. It is much slower in PVE. Much slower. After the rank of 20, I can’t remember a warzone where I didn’t get cheered, bowed to, or waved. The /ops chat would light up with, “Oh Good, we have Nikk”. Or my favorite, “Fuck Yeah, NIKK”. I haven’t gone without receiving at least 2 MVP votes per game. In fact I had 3 instances of receiving 6 MVP medals. People love healers. I guess because they aren’t willing to do it themselves. It hasn’t even been a day and I am missing the healing praise already.

Which leads me to the fact that running Warzones solo is probably going to be an uphill grind. I’m already considering making a Sage alt to get back to healing for 2 reasons:

(1) Despite meeting many competent healing Commandos, I have yet to be beaten in healing numbers by one. The only class that beats me in numbers is the Sage. It’s happened a couple of times. Also the mechanic for ammo makes me sad. You lose generation when you fall below 50%, that’s retarded. I want to worry about managing my bar, not subsections of my bar.

(2) That fucking back piece that stretches for no apparently reason is obnoxious enough for me to reroll again. My camera is behind my character, I can see nothing but that. How did you not BioWare? It’s worse than clipping, a thousand times over.

So I have decided that I am reserving my Commando to level 50 groups with my guild and to not foolishly queue or roam alone. The other is to work on a Sage. Here are the things I am going to do differently:

  • I am going to do all the datacrons as I am on the planet. This was a mistake in two ways to overlook. One, you’re right there and coming back later to do it is just a waste when discovering them gets you XP. Discover them all and you get even more XP, because aparrently uncovering the entire zone isn’t by going everywhere its by finding 3 hidden little boxes. Secondly, as minor as the increases seem, the end result is quite a bit of increase to your base stats. Granting that much more edge.
  • Screw Side and Heroic Missions. I’m tired of the collect these and the planet commendations that buy me mods for the right now, not the future. All that matters is the Story Line and Planet Mission (Each planet generally has 1 mission that you get in the port that runs parallel with your story). Doing everything PVE puts you behind. If the mission log isn’t in the Yellow it’s not worth doing.
  • I’m going to remained queued the entire time. None stop PVP. And while doing that I am going to pay attention to my commendations this time around and realize that I need to spend them before I cap out at 1,000. Between 20 and 40 I must have thrown away thousands of commendations because I didn’t even look.
  • I’m going to stop caring what my Companions think of my actions. Companion gifts fix everything.
  • I’m not going to run all the Space Missions each day. Only the ones that are for my level and grant the acceptable level of XP. By your 40s it takes an hour to each one of them.
  • I’m not going to worry about keeping Orange gear to upgrade. If the green I can buy is better, than I’m going to sell the orange and wear the green and blue. I wore this orange Civilian Pilots Belt for the entire grind to 50, only to realize that no matter how much you upgrade it, level 40 belts had 3 times the armor rating. An old guildie told me to keep everything and to upgrade it. I took that heart and never questioned it. I should have. The gear does scale, just not perfectly.
  • I’m not going to waste money buying every single skill that I don’t need. Such a waste of money. I kept me broke always saving up.

Here’s to the lesson learned.

P.S. I wanted to originally make a guide to levelling but realized that if your goal to get to the 50 the fastest, then the only thing to know is to  avoid everything but missions. And only do the ones higher than your level. As soon as you catch up, drop useless missions and run your storyline and get to the next planet. Running around only for mission XP is not the fast way. My grind from 20 to 30 took a week because I was too busy thinking that mission XP was worth it. My grind from 40 to 50 was a weekend because I realized that. I am convinced that you could take a toon to 50 in under 40 hours of play time if you only did missions 2 levels or higher ahead of you with you being DPS and your companion being CC and Heals.

Now leveling to 50 the fastest while still being poised to be able to tango with the big boys, that’s a different approach.

[SWTOR] First Time for Everything

For the first time in my entire MMO playing career I have experienced a digression I never saw coming. No, it is not that I am dissatisfied with the game. It’s the opposite. No, I have a whole new problem.

Hi, I’m Mr. Meh, and I’m ….. I’mmmm …. apparently a casual player.

What happened to me? I have been one of the first top ranks in almost every game I’ve ever touched. Granted I wasn’t working when Warhammer released, and I stayed up literally 3 nights in a row. But I did the same thing in RIFT as well, while working 60 hour weeks. I don’t get what happened to me in SWTOR. Granted we rerolled, but I haven’t even breached 40 on either toon.

Did they nerf XP in Warzones just a little too high? Do I spend too much time flying my spaceship instead of actually playing my storyline which I am now 7 ranks infront of, meaning it grants little to no XP? Is it because girls do get in the way of gaming? The answer is yes to all of them. Watch out girlfriend. I’ve got to figure this shit out.

Side note, I switched from heals to DPS last night. For some reason, the more I leveled the less effective I was healing. I don’t know if it is because of the scaling in WZ due to my gear being 5 ranks under my level, but I can’t critical hit anything. When I was 20 I was getting my 2,500 heal merit in the first 10 seconds of play. I played 5 warzones in a row last night and didn’t get that once. I’m pretty sure it’s the gear to level scaling in the WZs but I’m finding myself less and less competent. So I’ll go DPS, and this will force me to break through my storyline and catch me up to my gear. Though DPS in WZs is fun, just so long as others are willing to heal.

Oh and WordPress tells me this is my 200th post. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

SWTOR = Success?

Pretty ****ing amazing numbers being posted by Electronic Arts yesterday.

In their quarterly report they not only posted just over 2 million in sales, but more impressively, they have 1.7M in subscribers. So many impressing numbers here.

One: is just the you have sold 2M in under the first month of launch at FULL retail. Keep in mind folks, when games reach a giant number, it’s not normally full retail. It’s over a year period (maybe more) and it’s with all kinds of sales. This 2M at the least of $60 a box. Not to mention th vast majority being sold direct by download, negating the retail overheads. It is a landmark that we expected, just maybe not that high.

Two: is the real shocker I didn’t expect was the 1.7M in subscribers in month 2. To only lose 15% is amazing to say the least. And we all know none of that is make up slack from free trials subb’ing in. Mainly because there isn’t one. These people bought boxes, played and then bought subscriptions. An 85% retention. That is mind-blowing.

To put these numbers in perspective. Understand that at its peak, WoW only was only ever able to max subscriptions in North America at 2.5M. SW:TOR is half way there in only month 2 in sales alone. Now as for comparing the cost of game productions, you might have a major offset to catch up to their. 

How likely is that EA is lying for stock gain? I wouldn’t put it past them seeing that it is EA. However, I can remember the upfront honesty they had in their reports with their first project Warhammer Online. To put those numbers in perspective, WAR sold 750K boxes, and had reported less than 400K in month #2 of subscriptions. So from a veteran WAR players standpoint: SWTOR numbers are looking very hopeful. Here’s to the start in a good run. The stamina will rely on investments for expansions and in-game content updates. I would assume EA still needs to make back quite a bit from the steep investment, so I doubt they’ll abandon this as they did with WAR. Now if only we could convince them to steal the ideas of WAR?