Patch 1.3.0B

1.3.0B or as most know it, the AoE (Area of Effect) Nerf. I’m mixed on how I feel about it. I feel it’s either a long time over due and too late, or a poor choice of meeting half way in the middle.

In most cases I’m against nerfing of any sort. My personal belief is if you add a fox to an ecosystem of rabbits, the answer isn’t to chop off the front paws of foxes to make it a fair fight. If something is too powerful, then add something in to balance it, don’t neuter the thing. But after the addition of the Choppa and Slayer, things weren’t right. You can tell for two reasons: (1) you probably never been in scenario that didn’t have atleast 4 Choppas/Slayers in it. And (2) the server populations dropped right through the floor 2 weeks after their release. First time I encountered one, I knew right there and then there was a problem and I wondered how long it would take.


But then again my philosophies are somewhat tainted. Because, I pretty much agree with the AoE Nerf, known by some as 1.3.0B. Mainly due to the fact I also never liked Crowd Control (CC) in almost any sort. The ability to pull someone to you, the ability to completely hold them in place while disabled, the ability to knock them into lava or down a large cliff to your doom (or guild scroll), or my favorite, the healer on the Outside of a Keep healing friends that are two walls and two flights away from him. I never liked any CC or any AoE in any way in the first place.

So even though we all got nerfed, it’s not only been a long time coming, but I think it’s far too late to make up to all the people that left in frustration over CC.


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