Mr. Meh Status Update

Quick update on the future of this site. I am alive, thanks for wondering. I’m going to take some time to answer the emails I received.

Why have you not been blogging?

I have had some major life changes. Moving, new life, things. Work and life have just been a bit too hectic to allow the free time for blogging. Downtime that I have, has left blogging far at the bottom of the list.

Originally my blogging started during the downtimes at work. Waiting for emails to do the next step and the time I spent cruising the internet resulted in ideas. These ideas needed to be written. Without downtime at work, blogging goes with it. I’ll try to be better … maybe.


What are you playing? Have you given up on MMOs?

No, I’m still playing. 2012 have mostly been about SWTOR, EVE, then GW2, then EVE again and now SWTOR again. 2013 is going to start with SWTOR and EVE. I think DUST 514 is in there for me.

Yes, I have come back to SWTOR like many others. I have been here for about a month. And I’ll probably be here another couple of months if not for longer.

I’m on Prophecy of the Five with some classic guildmates.


What is your take on the Fiscal Cliff?

Why this would be asked of me, I don’t know. But it was too hilarious not copy to all others.

I think it’s crap. And I pretty sure I’m just basically going to be paying an extra 3% in federal taxes next year. I’ve reserved myself to that.


I’ve started blogging and I don’t see the point. What’s the point of the Echo Chamber?

The point is to hear your thoughts. You aren’t writing to the readers, you are writing to yourself. It’s like an idea not said out loud. You really will never realize how stupid it was to ask that of your girlfriend until it leaves your lips and you are in the dog house. Same with gaming ideas. Until you write it down and come back and read it, do you realize what it is that you were formulating. The point of the Echo Chamber, which I love the coining term, Karne, is exactly that.


Lucas Gives Final F*** Off to Fans

By now you should have read that Lucasfilms was sold to Disney for around $4 Billion. About the same Marvel sold out for in 2009.

And with that purchase, Disney has immediately slated 3 new Star Wars movies in the next few years to follow the story after Episode VI. That’s no shocker. Disney buys Lucasfilms to make money. No shocker there. The big shocker, to me at least is that Disney will be able to release the first film, Star Wars Episode VII in less than 3 years. How? You may ask.

Because apparently the fat asshole that proclaimed no more Star Wars films would ever happen, just happened to be working for the past 4 years on new 3 movie saga in secret.

How can someone that brought us so much joy, continue to be the biggest devious liar that ever apparently lived? Who knows?

Lucas is like your one Uncle that gave you a cool toy at some point in your childhood. And as you age it becomes more and more apparent that this Uncle is a flagrant asshole each time you meet him during the holidays.

The nerd world awaits Disney’s move. Surely, looking at how much the previous films made with massive criticisms, Disney has a great deal of room to improve. The next 3 years of news will be interesting to say the least. Can Disney make us love Star Wars again, without us just fondly remembering the originals?

We can look at their history with Marvel so far and take a gander at the process we might be seeing.

Disney’s first Marvel Film was actually The Avengers. Which I think we can all say, was really entertaining. Disney does know how to make us laugh. And it wasn’t all Iron Man that made us happy either. It was as good as you could make that movie. Because, let’s face it, grouping a bunch of heroes together is usually cause for disaster. We can just watch the evolution of Batman films in the 90’s to prove it.

So +1 to Disney’s ability to improve what looked like a guaranteed train wreck into something memorable.

Disney’s next approach will be Iron Man 3 next year in 2013. Iron Man 1 was fantastic as far a comic hero movies go. But really, the movie was made due to Robert Downey, Jr. really just being able to play himself. Disney buying out Paramount’s rights to continue the Iron Man Saga they had first means Disney is ready to take the full helm.

Sadly, the first Thor wasn’t bad enough. Disney will be making Thor: The Dark World also in 2013. For which only I can’t imagine it could actually be worse than Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. But hey, Thor’s fully capable of being the worst hero ever.

Then it’s on to running more major characters in the ground half heartedly as the next project is Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The first go was pretty anti-climatic. Here is hoping they turn that around.

None of the terrible X-Men recreations or redos in the next couple of years is Disney’s fault. The blame will go to 20th Century Fox. The first Wolverine wasn’t enough for the community to completely fall out of love with Hugh Jackman, they have to do again with The Wolverine in 2013.

Marvel apparently likes to confuse every ones girl friends. 3 Spider-mans and then Amazing Spiderman, left every poor deep hearted nerd to face palming as they each have to go into 15 minute explanations of why Mary Jane isn’t in the movie.

The rebirth of 2 Hulk origin stories didn’t bother anyone though. Not sure that 2 Wolverines will either.

If the whole dozen odd movies for the same super hero was getting old for you. Never fear, Disney thinks the same way. Be on the lookout in 2014 and 2015 for (NO FUCKING JOKE):

Guardians of the Galaxy

Doctor Strange

And … Ant Man.


Syp is doing something pretty cool. He’s getting together a host of abnormally loud people in hopes they can make you just as loud as them. I think this is awesome.

Here’s how it’s going to work: You want to rant, you want to write, you just don’t think it’s worth it. Now ‘s the time to step up. I thought the same back in 2009. I didn’t think I could hold water. But, my anger shown through. My rants brought herds. Unwanted, but herds none the less. 3 years later and hunders of postings and replies, I have learned more than I ever could.

If you want in on the fun and need the support of a real asshat that will actually read your stuff, respond here and visit the website above. I’ll make sure you get the advise you need to make the blog bring the readers. If you have just recently started up as well, you still are elligble.

It’s not work folks. It’s just expression.

New Fan Fiction Blog Is Now Up

I have started a side project for Star Wars: Old Republic Fan Fiction as previously posted. New updates are expected every Wednesday.

First Post is now uploaded today. Please stop by here if you are interested.


Facts about the Fan Fiction:

It is about Star Wars The Old Republic.
It is more specifically about a Sage.
I am not a professional writer. If you see errors, point them out. I need an editor.
If it’s bad and needs to die, say so.
If it’s good, critique it anyway.


Thanks for your time.

Blog Updates

I finally fixed the damn widget issue. As a result, my blog now has the archives and search option back up. As well as RSS feeds. And more importantly, I have the Blog Roll back up. Now to go through the long process of updating the thing.

Even more insteresting than the widget, is the exciting unvailing of my side project I expect to have up next week. I was influenced to start my own version of writing fiction and have decided to take my project in the form of a weekly blog that will release a new chapter/sub-chapter each week.

I call it: The Mea’lan Legacy.

I will be posting the first article titled Prologue next Wednesday. Currently the site is a blank wordpress template. I expect it to have a fully functionally clean blog very shortly. Needs a decent header and a proper layout with backgrounds and about pages.

The goal for the Blog will be to add a chapter weekly on Wednesdays. I think using a deadline will help influence to keep the project. It’s a useful tool I have noticed many webcomics utilize.

The secondary goal is to add new works of artistic value to each chapter. I’m torn on whether I can keep up with this goal on my own accord, or if I require the help of actually skilled artist looking for exposure. Again, secondary.

Either way, I am pretty excited. I’ve reread and edited the Prologue neary 5 dozen times now. I think it’s pretty well thought out, but then again I am its author. And without a proper editor, I am probably writing scribble assembled in paragraph form. We shall see.

I Don’t Believe in Freedom of Speech

I’m not talking about Mittens and EVE and the debacle of stupidity that everyone is in love with. No, I’m just talking near the general idea of speaking your mind. Simply to the point; I don’t like it. In the U.S.A, where I live this statement is considered blasphemy. To say, “I don’t believe you should be able to share your opinion” is cause for everyone near to assume I’m the rebirth of Hitler. The truth of the matter is, I simply despise many of the freedoms given to us by our forefathers. The reason for their entry has been exaggerated to ridiculous level. Freedom of Speech is the main one. It requires that we must all suffer the excessive shouting of a moron daily. And just like short people, they are loud because no wants to listen.

The result of everyone feeling that they have freedom to shout whatever they want is solely based on just a recount of 3 words, Freedom of Speech. The phrase alone, most feel is the actual law. No definitions, no explanation, just means exactly those 3 words.  Not one person can recite the Amendment, nor do people understand the limitations of speech in the US, but damned if they don’t say it’s their God given right to say whatever they want.

Am I saying that I’m against all forms of public opinion? No. Clearly, this blog is a representation of this. My problem is that people don’t understand the difference between Town Square and Private Blog. I recently received some feedback from a commenter that had the expressive ideas of … let’s say an idiot, to but it Politically Correct. Normally, the simple answer is to disapprove of the comment and not let it come to light. The difference with me is: I don’t filter as much as I am against open idiotic ideas. I simply attack it until it dies. It’s a Flight or Fight situation. Some of us try to walk around or avoid the raving lunatic homeless man shouting “God Will Come and You Will All Perish!”, and some of us kick that man to the ground and set him on fire. It’s a basic and primal instinct; you cannot help your natural will. It is nature, people.

So, when some nit wit comes strolling into my Blog Comments and spouts ridicule, I can’t help myself.


March 27, 2012 at 10:21 [Edit]

well now.. you’re just a total star wars badass arnt ya there buddy?.i love how you write as if you’re some kind of hardcore army sergeant who’s seen action in every conflict since korea. Well, im sure thats how YOU think you sound. In reality you dont. No, you ‘actually’ (lol) come across as a whiny dork yourself.
Memorable quotes of dorkdom include…

“Oh and here’s the real kicker”
“you bet your ass I would take it”
“cry like a little bitch”
“Though I can agree, the statement”
“The animation and sounds for Tracer Missile/Grav Round are so obnoxious”
“The only whining I will accept”
“everyone might be gleaming or screaming”
“forums are nothing short of tears and urine”
“Pure Brutal Rape”
“it’s actually pretty hilarious’
“So if you came to me and said”

Hey, hey you.. yeah you…. get out of your moms basement and get a life.

Now, this isn’t the first asshat I have ever encountered. No, I’ve seen my share. With topics like mine, I can pull the best out of people. My normal response is to just edit the comment. Why? Well, I already told you I don’t believe in freedom of speech. And the second reason is, because it’s and I can. Which mean I get to make myself and others laugh. The result is me editing the comment to this:

This comment was edited by Mr. Meh for clarity and purpose. It can be read in entirety here:

Hi Mr. Meh. I just started reading some of your blog for the first time ever. And I have to say, I am not the biggest fan of articles written in satire. You have both touch me emotionally and spiritually.

I am brought to tears when I got to think about what you have written. Not because of the content, but because it is so painful for my small brain capacity to understand. It physically hurts. Really.

I want to ask you a couple of a questions, maybe you could shine some light:

What is your experience with SWTOR and Commmandos/Mercenaries specifically to help validate your claims? Some other less intellegent beings might ask, do you think you are some kind of badass? But I wouldn’t, that would make me sound completely retarded.

Also, do you live in your mom’s basement? A childishly stupid question to ask, I know. I am just wondering if there are others like me out there with opinions.

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to clean up my comment if it doesn’t suit your fancy with grammatical technique.

-Sincerely, Some Random Asshat

Oh, I don’t leave your shame there. No, no. Remember, I kick you to the ground first, then I light you on fire. There is a step process here. Which means, I have to Reply:

Mr. Meh

March 28, 2012 at 11:27 [Edit]

Hi Marcus of Washington,

How’s the weather in Puyallup, WA this time of year? For the life of me, I can’t figure out what Rline is? It’s not that sad $17 sports drink is it? That would be sad. Anyways, I edited your comment, I hope you don’t mind. It seemed that your original text was written by a drunk special ed 13 year old. But the points made did ask some questions. So I have taken some time to help answer these for you:

Do I think I am a SW badass?
Yes. Yes, I do. Next question?

 Am I your buddy?
Sure, why not. You seem like you could use some friends.

 Am I a hardcore Army Sergeant that has seen conflict in every war since Korea?
No, I am not. That would be really sad to be in what … 12 wars/operation in my career and still be a Sergeant? You’d have to be a moron, to not accidently get promoted at some point, right? So, no, being an Veteran Army Sergeant and using that experience to write on a personal blog about patch notes to come with satirical elements about a game would be preposterous. No, I’m not a Sergeant. I’m a Colonel OF-5.

 Do I live in my mom’s basement?
No, that would be awesome though. Then I wouldn’t have to pay this mortgage that cost probably near 6 times as much as your monthly salary. But, then again, it wouldn’t be that awesome. My sixe 2 girlfriend is a screamer, and that would be awkward for Mom.

 Hope that answered your questions, Marcus. Also, please refrain from commenting and/or reading my blog ever again. I have very little patience for asshats, and I can barely handle moronic ones at that. Next time you think you came up with a clever retort, go back and examine your pitiful vocabulary and comment on the forums of Hello Kitty Online. Because I will rip into your pathetic demeanor in five seconds flat.

Go fuck yourself. No, really, go fuck yourself. Or better yet, take the fucking time to read the Bio section of the blog and realize that you aren’t commenting on the blog of some fat teenager, but the one of a satirical ranting professional that could probably fuck your girlfriend without effort, if only he could swallow the shame in having to do something that required him to fold back fat layers, you tiny dick internet douche bag.

Thanks for stopping by. Don’t bother to again. Peace.

 All that is for my enjoyment, and I laughed all while doing it. Not a week later I have comments and some emails from a different source, but with the same IP, telling me this:

 oh Im the tiny dick fucker, huh?

y dont u leave the comments alone and answer the questions?


Like, everything else, I set it on fire:

Look Captain Masochist,

I did reply to your comment in whole, answering each one of your questions. I will summarize for you, since yo readin aint superb:

I am a badass.
An Army Sergeant Veteran’s experience has no viable relation to satire criticism of upcoming patch notes for an online game.
And don’t live in my mom’s basement.

 I further implied that I was willing to bet that I was better off in life than you, I was far more handsome, and that my cock was larger. This does not mean that I would like to exchange pictures of W-2s, headshots and glorious dick pictures. But I did imply that if you had a girlfriend, which I doubt, that she not only would rather fuck me, but I probably wouldn’t even give her the time of day.

To help relate your comment to an adult’s ability to basically write within a 5th grader’s skill, I simply edited your comment to a structure so that my more common readers could at least understand you. They may not be fully fluent in Stupid.

 If you are quite done and comfortable with your recent confirmation of how small your penis is in relation to mine, I will bid you ado. Have a good day, I will not respond nor reply to any further communication from this point.


 Mister Meh

Just decided to share to you all. I hope you can enjoy it the way I could. Fire!!!