EVE Online: Useless Skills and Custom Slot Idea

I’m a veteran of EVE Online, yet I am a nub. It’s what you get with a 9 year old game. To someone fresh, I have all the skills they would love. To me, I can look at all the time wasted in things no longer relevant. 45 Million Skill Points should really be all a normal combat pilot needs to have a good time. Yet, spent in poor areas, this can also mean that only 20 Million are relevant.

I add this it up because I am the 45 Million Skill Point pilot. A pilot that was brought into the universe thinking that there should be something to factions and loyalty. That was a poor decision. In the beginning I saw what an Ishtar could do in PVE, and what it could to in PVP. I spent 2 years training to fly that thing. Only to find that normal PVE can suck my right testicle, and after the Nano-Nerf of Oh Nine the Ishtar had a only a few places to go. Very versatile ship, just lacking the CPU to really take full advantage of it. And there are few places a heavy drone has in PVP these days.

When I joined Gallente Faction Warfare I tried to keep up the Gallente tradition. And that has over and over again proven pointless. When a Shield Nano Fleet is forming, short of Lachesis, there really isn’t room for a Gallente boat. When the Armor BS gang is forming, it basically is Abbaddon or nothing. The Megas will be accepted with heavy sighs at best. Even in Frig and Destroyer gangs, the Gallente are only accepted in Interceptors and Comets.

Sure, you can go solo rape in a tri-repping Myrmidon and there’s not too many things scarier than a Deimos fully tackling you with Blasters, but this doesn’t help the problem I see in general with Racial Ships.

You watch the EVE movies, trailers and even the posters, and you see these fleet formations of all the same race and you go “Where in the fuck did that happen in game?” The answer is it didn’t if you are Amarr or Gallente. I can see the Minmatar and Caldari having that chance. Each race has a solid performer in almost every role. And Minnies can pretty much do whatever they want in this game.

New Pilot Spoiler Alert: If you only have time to train for one type of Racial Ship, the answer is always Minmatar.

You see the Gallente poster and it has a wing of Tristans (possible) in front of a smaller wing of Catalysts (unlikely) that seem to be escorting a fleet of Brutixs (there has never been more than 3 in one place at a time) ann behind that some Hyperions (yeah, no). Put that with a poster for Caldari sporting Merlins, Comorants, Drakes and Scorpions and you bet that’s at least likely.

What it really means for me, is that I basically have a toon that has all the passive skills needed to V. I will need to spend the next 2 years training into Minmatar and Caldari to be able to bring the right ships. Another 6 months to get into Amarr Battleships proper. Just the thought of it pisses me off beyond belief. Seeing that I have Heavy Drones to V is upsetting. Large Hybrids to V is even more upsetting. It’s all very upsetting to know that really, the only thing we need is Minnie ships to be happy.

If only CCP would consider any of the following as a solution to everyone’s benefit:

Skill Point Refund

Account Management sells for a cost the ability to refund Skill Points for selected Skills. Say $5 per skill.

Attribute Remap

Account Management sells for a cost a neural remap reset. Say $10.

Customization Slot Point

CCP goes above and beyond and inserts a new type of Hard Point to each ship fitting. They call it a Custom Slot.

All ships still have the normal High, Mid, Low, and Mod Slots, but now they have a Custom Slot that allows the user to input a Custom Mod to change or further improve a bonus skill. At first glance and my bias for Gallente usefulness, would be to have it always change the Secondary Bonus. Each ship always seems to have 2 bonuses (I can’t think of an exception). The custom slot would cancel the secondary bonus and replace it with a new. Depending on the type of custom slot it may also adjust hard points, PG and CPU for that purpose.

For example I could take a Myrmidon and slot in a Custom Slot Mod to replace the 7.5% Armor Repair Bonus with one of the following:

  • Shield Resistance Bonus: 5% to All Shield Resist
  • Shield Booster Bonus: 7.5% Shield Boosting
  • Armor Resistance Bonus: 5% to All Armor Resist
  • Armor Repair Bonus: 7.5% Armor Boosting
  • Capacitor Recharge Bonus: 5% Recharge Rate
  • Capacitor Size Bonus: 5% Larger Capacitor
  • Inertia Bonus: 5% Reduction to Aligning
  • Speed Bonus: 5% Bonus to Max Velocity

Maybe take consideration for Mid and Low slot changes depending on the mod as well as PG and CPU changes to correlate.  Just food for thought that can help any user of certain ships adjust it at a cost. This way specialty skilled pilots can keep flying their favorite into combat as well a help break assumptions on ship when fighting what is thought to be sure fire.

That and new items to be built and put on market. To me, when this idea hit me, all I saw was very little change to the balance of ships, rather adding more economy, more variety and more shadows of war. I see a great deal of availability to improve ships thought to be useless, and rather than revamp each ship at a time, you now give the player base a simple way to revamp it for themselves without the ability to cause a massive new influx of overpowered ships.

Just gears turning while fingers are near a keyboard.