EVE Online: It Has Never Been This Good

In just two weeks back to playing EVE full time I have racked up more kills in this month than I ever have.

That’s due to the changes to Faction Warfare. It’s an actual warzone out there. It always was. But now it’s even more so. It’s no longer about running FW missions every so often to pay for the mass of BCs and AFs you need to fleet in.

Now it’s about everything. It’s about Frigs and Destroyers plexing and skirmishing while tyring to earn LP. It’s about Cruisers and Tech IIs meeting on gates. And it’s still about large fleets meeting on the field in a wide variety of ships. We get our cake and we get to eat it too.

Last night was most amount of damage in ISK I have been apart of. A small part of our corp leadership leads out noob FW players in Frig gangs to help give them a feel for Fleets and FW action. Instead of the vast majority of them thinking its all about plexing and escaping, we show them it’s about fighting smarting and learning how to catch things. Frig gangs help move faster. And it means that if you have spies, who cares. The fleet moves too fast for your spy intel to do anything about it.

The night starts off with a catch of a 1.2B Legion. Poor sad pirate was on the gate with a nice size fleet. Their eyes even saw us come into system, but they didn’t move off field fast enough. Our solo Inty scout caught this fat fuck 20KM off gate. Nice start with no losses.┬áIn only jump 3 more systems down a pipe into deeper Caldari sections, only to find not 1 but 2 fat Lokis. One must have been bait, as 3 ships pointed him, another Loki warped to his friend along with a Drake. Only fifteen minutes into the Operation and with few losses to brave hero points, the fleet had racked up 3 T3 kills along with 3B in ISK.

After some roaming and small kills we find another pirate camp. They know we are coming, we know, at least those smart enough, that this is a Leroy chance. The idea is we will die, but we are taking something way more expensive with us. We took a Sleipnir and a Cane before losing half the fleet of cheap frigs. Decent trade, for us.

Nothing in my time in FW have I found a fight as fun as the one we accidently run into. Towards the end of the roam, after reshipping, we see what we think is a Armageddon Navy Issue being escorted by 2 Drakes, Ferox and a Brutix only 2 jumps from our full fleet location. We finally have found some legitimate WTs for FW. After piling on the gate our Inties jump in. After decloaking and scramming the Arm Navy Issue and the fleet in flight to the long gate away, we hear: “They aren’t escorting the ANI, they have a Charon!”

It gets pointed as well only 1 jump from high sec safety. Exactly 30 frigs and dessies swarm over the two expensive ships. The Charon finally goes down. Only 23 of us left we go onto the ANI and it goes down. What’s surprising is that the BCs haven’t fled. They burn off, and many escape point range more than once, but yet all remain one by one dying in a ball of fire.

For 7 cheap frig kills, the fleet turned over 5B in ISK in kills. The Charon was empty. And more suprisingly the pod was actually worth more. With all of his implants, the pod kill was worth the most at 1.5B in ISK. This was the big parts of my night. Throughout it, I racked up 20 other kills later on.

If you don’t play EVE and want to start, I can’t tell how much not to listen to those guys going on about Mining and WH space. You want to make money and have fun actually PVPing, then FW is where it is at. I’ve been Pie, I’ve been Anti-Pie, I’ve been 0.0 drone and I have been a carbear. I have never had PVP fun like I have had every day in Faction Warfare. And that’s the important part. Many spend a day roaming for a fight. You can accidnetly get one in FW in less than a minute.

If you want to Mine your life away and resolve to think that the only PVP in EVE is griefers on Hulks, then have fun. You want to think that PVP is not profitable, then continue running your industry.

EVE is a vast place. And your side of the Map is nothing like my side of the Map. EVE has somewhat fair and profitable PVP. It’s just in a unlikely place called Faction Warfare.