Sad, But No Surprises Here

According to Gamasutra and it is also on the official forums, an undisclosed number of layoffs are occurring in the restructure of BioWare’s Star Wars Team.

It is sad to see the effects take place. When people spout anger over a game’s design or progress they say the company in whole. What they really mean is those in management and in decision-making areas. But really, what’s easier to say: “Damn BioWare” or “Damn you managers and directors of the SWTOR division of BioWare”?

With these kind of number drops and the promise of layoffs of the fiscal year-end report by EA, this came at no surprise to the literate. It just sucks to see those not responsible take the hit. We wish you luck.

What really get’s on my nerves is the BioWare comment on the reasoning behind this layoff process:

“The publisher blamed the drop-off on fewer trial players and on casual customers who decided to not keep their subscriptions going.”

You are joking me, right? It’s the fault of too few trial gamers taking on subscriptions and then it’s the fault of players unsubscribing? Oh, no, there is no way it’s your job to entice them to buy or give them a reason to continue?

Not still sure what you are trying to prove or accomplish. But here’s a slow clap for the management at BioWare. Good job.