Why GW2 Will Fail

Oh no, controversy.

Let’s go ahead and put the real facts about GW2 and ArenaNet out. I like to first off tell you, despite the title I do like GW2. But … I can say upfront as well, that if it were not a F2P model, I would not be happy in the least. This is not worth $15 a month. And since it’s literally not $15 a month, I take it for what it is. A $60 box game that just so happens to be a MMO.

The reality is, if this were a subscription MMO, we would be leaving, we would be kicking and we would be screaming. If you deny this, you are either so far up the rectum of ArenaNet, no one can help you. Or you have a level 30 character and somehow have decided to have full opinions on a game early.

Here’s the reality of the GW2 MMO, with brutal honesty as best as I can give it:

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