SWTOR: Allies Patch

This is interesting, but mostly extremely annoying.

You have a content patch coming within the next month and have a name for it, yet … no one even has a clue to what’s in it.

You have outraged subscribers and leaving populations. Torn pissed off that you have ignored the needs of PVP, massively missed to deliver on the last patch, and now are just overall beyond pissed off that you don’t even want to discuss it.

I’m going to give you tip, go talk to your friends over at Mythic. Ask them how vague and silence on plans works out. It took them two years to realize that you need to engange your community. Not slightly, fully. Unfortunately, two years too late.

It might be a good time to layout the plans for this “Allies” patch to the community and see how receptive it will go over. This way you know you aren’t wasting time on items that won’t retain or draw in players. You need positive buzz.

I’m hoping Allies 1.3 includes these:

From 1.2:

  • 8 Man Static Teams for Warzones
  • Cross Server Warzones
  • Ranked Warzones

Much Needed:

  • Open World PvP
  • Dynamic Objectives
  • Server Consolidations


  • After completing the above you maybe permitted to provide ‘new’ ideas

I swear if Allies means Legacy Companion crap, you will be reporting a very very sad 2nd Quarter Report. We don’t belive your 1.3M for a second. Time to get serious.


BioWar Makes Up for Dropping the Ball

I see 1.2 as an instance of Huttball. The players take the ball, run the outside like smart people, and BioWare as if it was all planned stood on the edge going, “Throw it to me!” And the player does. The blue crystalized orb floats in the air, a spectrum of blue highlights the floor in a giant circle identifying the area to which the ball should land. And then without warning, BioWare runs away. The ball hits the ground and Baron Deathmark subsequently tells us “Rotworm pass, goes now where fast!”

1.2 is in all, very much this scenario. It takes too long to make, it doesn’t fulfill the promises it made, and gives very little to the end game other than a grindfest for PVP. I like that I have a Battlemaster Lightsaber today at the Valor Rank of 56. I like the realization that it will be a long up hill battle to get into the rest of Battlemaster. I like that I can basically quadruple that time for War Hero. But I miss PVP options already (Ilum) and I’m not found of the wait time for Warzones and I’m not happy to be not cross server queueing with my 8 man in ranked warzones. I am not a happy end game PVPer.

However, I’m not alone. I’m not crazy. I’m not just some nerd who’s uncompromisingly unwilling to accept a patch. I’m not just some blogger who’s endlessly negative. There are always going to be negative people, and adversely, there are always positive people. I cannot decide which is worse. Is it more annoying when a decent patch is met with negativity, or is grossly more frustrating for a player who has a dozen alts, not one level 50, telling you your being too negative on the patch that isn’t delivering much, and breaking promises. I think it’s the latter.

Waiting for the patch to load I followed the site outside of the patch notes. What I found amazed me:

A Free 30 days to all active subscription that had at least one level 50 by patch day.

That may not seem like much. But it speaks volumes to me. You are a big MMO developer. Your PVP population is stating that they are going to leave your game for GW2 scheduled for June, and instead of going, “Welp, let’s get that extra 2 months out of ya, before you go.” They go, “We dropped the PVP ball hard. We promise to don’t do it again.”

To me, this is a big sign of gratitude. And an unexpected move as well. Very welcomed in fact. What means even more to me, is not the subscription, but the promise to make these updates and testing go faster. BioWare promised not let the delay of 1.2 happen again. To get those missing parts in. And to prove that promise, they gave a small token of gratitude. And that’s enough for me to believe them. I’m happy to see BioWare not stand beside failure with pride. And arrogant move I think we are all to use to seeing in our MMO post release patches.

Here’s to 1.3, BioWare. Don’t let GW2 take you down. I think you can do it, despite what I will say about it when we get there.