Towel Throwing

IGN had an exclussive interview with the director for SWTOR and revealed the contents of 1.3, these include:

  •  Group Finder (I guess this is good, don’t know)
  • Crafting Changes (And by that they mean we no longer need you Synthweavers/ ArmorMechs)
  • More Legacy (Somehow people enjoyed the legacy perks, good for them)
  • ….and Server Transfers (This is somehow a feature and not just a basic need)

These announcements come with much joy from the public. Why? I have no clue. A group finder takes roughly 5 minutes to program. Hell, WAR had it at launch. Then even their skeleton crew were able to setup a realm wide one just as soon as it was asked for.

In the interview, questions are posed by someone either on staff at BW or this person would like to be on staff at BW. But no official statements on the following:

  • Where the fuck are the missing features of 1.2 to include
    • Cross Server Queues
    • 8 Mans
    • Ranked Warzones
  • How about some hints for an overall Open PVP experience?
  • Guild Benefits?

Let’s get something straight: Server Transfers are not content. Waiting till 1.3 is stupid. Well really, waiting till tomorrow is also stupid. But that’s not happening.

Anyways, I held on as long as I could. You had a nice game. You don’t deserve a monthly subscription, but nice game none the less.

In other news, One More Day until the big EVE patch. Getting the itch to start a Minnie alt to jump on that sweet sweet LP discount they are about to have. Amarr only controlled 14 territories when I logged last night. Ridiculous.


Changing Homes

As you can tell, this blog is fairly inactive. By inactive, I mean not at all.

I’m going to start back up. But with a new theme focused on EVE Online. You can find it at The Intaki Supplication.

See you there,

Ikky (Mr. Meh)

EVE Online: The Universe Changes

I’m an old EVE veteran. But I don’t have much to show for it. In a game that revolves around timed training for skills, I’ve gone about it all the wrong way.

I started like many years ago in the game’s perfect state. The times when EVE was an investment, and the constant fluctuation of game play and the rush to new objectives were in constant sway with real life economy and out of game brokering. I started my character in Gallente space, and quickly found a home with newby friendly anti-pirates out in low-sec Amarr space.

What’s an Anti-Pirate? An Anti-Pirate is a player that invents this rule of ‘fair’ or ‘good’ game play. The rules in low-sec are few, and other than gate/station guns there isn’t much that holds pirates from doing just what their names implies. However, the game system doesn’t recognize anti-pirate. So many of the actions that you take as one are just viewed as criminal by the system as well. A pirate group could be camping a gate, but if you fire first, you’re the criminal.

It’s really a hard and unrewarding life. But I did it for the first 6 months of my gaming in EVE. Loss after loss, lesson after lesson, I learned so much about low-sec fighting.  Unfortunately, all the wrong the way. And in EVE, everything is tracked. Have you had an embarrassing PvP moment? Well, don’t worry, it’s captured for all time for anyone to view whenever they like on a Kill Board. Upon finally realizing that this Anti-Pie life was hard on the wallet and KB success, I found my way into Null Sec Life (0.0). I made great money, and ratted well everyday I was on. With that ratting, was always one or two roaming Reds about that we could pounce on for PvP fun. But time goes on, and things get boring.

Off and on for years I would pop back in; fly about, lose a ship, get pissed off, and set a skill to train for the last month of paid time to play. About 8 months ago, I did a version of this. But to only find my home in 0.0 had been completely taken over by Reds this time around. I found out certain things the hard way. One was, you can’t dock with a corp that doesn’t like you. So make sure you fire sale everything you can’t take. On my first dash for the ‘hell outa here’ run from 0.0, I lost a fully fitted Federation Issue Megathron with the best of the best loat in the cargo. No less, than on the last jump into NPC space to a warp bubble right of 70 KMs off the gate. Of course. They were not up for negotiations, sadly. I was able to get my pod out though, somehow by warping off and taking the long way around the systems. I was able to move out an Ishtar with a Jump Clone located at the station by going completely deeper into the Null Sec and with almost 50 jumps, making it back in to NPC space. Here I am in a station about 5 jumps into 0.0 from the heart of Amarr, but instead I decided that 50+ jumps deeper into 0.0 sec and into the heart of Red, would be better. To me, they must keep the main 3 entry points into this section of Null Sec, but bubbling the gates at all times. But I doubted they do that deep into their space. Heart racing stomach sinking feelings each time I jumped. But went into a giant 0.0 cicrle into Mimintar Space on the border of Angel Cartels. It was then just a matter of another couple dozen jumps back to a low sec area I knew and had some supplies.

I sold what I could I packed up and moved out West (Gallente Space) to participate in something I always wanted to, Faction Warfare. I travelled with my one and only ship, an Ishtar to Orovelle and signed on with the Federation Defense Union (FDU) and went to go buy more ships and equipment. In all the fun, I failed to upgrade my Clone, and in my exploration, I was podded by an Intereptor. This caused me to lose half of Cruiser V. Meaning that I wasn’t able to fly my HAC anymore. FYI, Cruiser V is a Month long training, half is 2 weeks. The CSR response in 3 days time was not very receptive. Upset that I couldn’t fly my only real ship, I logged off once again, after setting the training. And promised not to return this time.

I was never very good at promises. I recently signed back on. And with some luck, found a new home in a militia based corporation that is based with many friendly similar corporations. Each night, these corps either have scheduled or pick-up fleets. There is no lack of PvP. But what is the complete opposite experience of gameplay for me, is the PvP difference. Here in low-sec we hunt for opposite militia players, but we get the advantage over pirates as we don’t take any sec standing loses or worry about gate gun aggression. We have giant slews of players to fight, but with none of the disadvantages. Constant stable action with more than enough to choose from. Best yet, is because of high sec security against War Targets, I can have my PvE Carebear ISK making runs too, safe from invaders (for the most part).

This might be this character’s 4th year of EVE coming up, but the type of gameplay is a completely new experience. If this was the case years ago, I’m not sure I would have ever left EVE in frustration or boredom in the past. And maybe then, I would actually have a character with 4 years of Skill Points, rather than 1.5 years of SPs. Such is it, and to each their own woes to overcome.

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It’s like Cocaine …

It’s been a crappy 2 months for MMO gaming for me. Most have the RIFT betas in between things that they are catching up with in other places. But I find myself more and more drawn away from the Betas. I don’t want to ruin the launch for myself. I don’t want to be on launch day running as fast a possible to level 30 just so I can see the new stuff. That is still going to happen, but in a way, I wish I was never in the beta.

As well DC Universe didn’t pan out for me. I thought it would give me a solid 2 weeks of fun at worst. Instead it couldn’t do 6 hours. And that’s 5.5 hours extra just because I didn’t want to hate just the beginning of the game, so I pushed through to hate more of the game. I’ve been trying to get excited about other MMO’s upcoming, doing what I can to get into Betas and other events, but alas, I was lost.

I was then playing boring cheap games, and while bored out of my forsaken mind I was updating passwords to all my recorded accounts, and went into an Inbox through Hotmail I have not used in a very long time. The 9,432 emails in my inbox were overwhelming. By the way Blizzard really really cares about my account security. just needs me to enter my log in and password to remedy the issue to prove that I am me. Take that message a times it by 4 times a day, and yeah, there’s my inbox. Who exactly falls for that? As I attempted to actually skim the mass pile for probable important emails, I gave up and just deleted everything before 2011. At the top I saw 2 emails from CCP. 1 was the good old news letter from EVE and the other, the other had this very interesting deal;

Paraphrasing as Mr. Meh would read something:

“Oh hi, Intaki, you have been gone from us for so long. We found this old picture of you flying about and remembered the good old times. You know, the times when you were still paying us a subscription. I don’t mean to get personal, but have you been working out?

Anyways, I know things didn’t end well between us, but we figured it has been a really long time and we have changed some things. Like this cool character thing. And did we mention Sansha are invading? We know how much you loved you some Sansha Plates and Hardeners. We kind of made the servers a quite bit faster, and the Blob is not terrible to deal with anymore. And we eliminated Learning skills, so you have like 5 million SP to redistribute however you like right now.

We know you don’t believe us and would like to stand beside your last statement of “Shove it you Cod Raping Bjork Loving Ass Munchers” in your last appeal. And since our 400 other attempts to offer you 4 free days went unanswered, we figured that you may actually enjoy 14 free days. Your call?”

14 free days!!! I was thinking about taking a month to do an article on the harshness of new player experience in EVE just to see if was off it’s rocker. (They are). But why use a brand new account and die constantly in cheap crap ships for a month, when I can go a die constantly in really expensive ships? Why not?

4 hours later on the character creator and a mirror now hanging about my computer monitor. I do have to say, you spend all this time in probably the most detailed, all encompassing facial creator made for a game to the users, yet you only made 8 hair styles to choose from? And it’s the extremely far and distance future, why oh why can we only still wear 1972 aviator sunglasses? But then, then you have to pick attire and then do a photo shoot for your avatar. So yeah, 4 hours. I got OCD bad.

Then I get into the game. And have a ton of SP to distribute. Enough to buy level Vs on skills that no one would normally want to wait a month for. It seems before I left last time, I left (ran out) of my old home in 0.0 sec and setup for Faction Warfare in Federation Space.

It was my 3rd day and EVE was getting old already. My connections in 0.0 were run dry and most of my old buddies were either now sold accounts or in completely different areas of play. So I kept working FW missions, hoping to find something. FW missions are … dumb. Fly really long distances, do a PVE mission, but setup for PvP because you are going to get invaded. Dumb.

On my way back from a mission, I came off a gate and a War Target (opposite faction militia player) scrammed me. It might have been awhile, but there isn’t much in the Assault Frigate line that can hold against an Ishkur very well. Instead of staying neutral and heading back to the gate, I released my drones and gave him the same scram and web he gave me. My gamble was correct, my drones skills were eating him alive. As we both had each other webbed, neither was able to get close enough to actually shoot each other. But my DPS is in 5 very nasty Hobgoblin IIs. I was at 50% armor with a Rep going, and he was about to go into structure because he couldn’t get within 5k of me. Unfortunately, I always forget about the friends. And right at the end a Destroyer shows up. It was my undoing. I probably could have switched targets and popped the destroyer, who clearly didn’t have any buffer for that kind of damage. But I didn’t. I was 3 days back and already making my KB losses worse.

I found a Corporation advertising in the militia. Though they really didn’t seem to have much to offer, they did have constant fleets that they had access to, and their top pilots had great KB scores. So I joined up. In less than a week, I’ve found a nice high sec mission area so I can run level 4s in peace when I need to. And I have setup home with a great many quick PvP ships in my new home.

When I started the game years ago, my life was in lowsec. We declared to be anti-pirates just for the sake of always having PvP. But the cost were high, as gate guns don’t know understand that claim. And Sec statuses are always an issue. I would build my time into an established Zero Sec Corp and live a luxurious life ratting the best. But I have to say, Faction Warfare is where it is at. This is fun PvP that we never had before.

So it’s been about a week and in that time I have lost 4 ships, but I’ve killed almost 2 dozen. And I’ve lost that many to bad judgement. For some reason I thought Cheap Fleeting was a good idea. And then I brought a solo gank setup to a Logi Fleet. I’m dumb. But, you apparently need to keep relearning what you thought you’ve learned about dozen times over.

Now to go home and fit up my 3 Ishtars properly. Yeah, there is no doubt that EVE is the MMO Cocaine.

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A Fresh Start this EVE

I been really trying to figure out how to hold over this next weekend. It seems like it’s going to be more football and beer to forget about my lack of gaming. I was hoping DCUO could hold me over until February for Earthrise Online, but bless it’s trying little soul, it sucks. I guess if I was on a Playstation 3 or high out of my mind it would be entertaining. It’s just lack luster. So here I am twiddling my gaming thumbs until the next RIFT beta on Tuesday.

So while I play old RTSs and campaigns of old games I never really spent that much time on, I tend to goof off in vent with my guild which is spread all over. Some still going in WAR, some spending all waking hours on League of Legends and some just in there like me. I’m trying to get others to take the leap with me in Earthrise. I’m pretty excited about this game. It looks graphically excellent in terms of other matching games in its genre. But its main appeal to me is mostly its sandbox player economy driven play. So, it sounds like EVE without ships, and maybe less gate camps.

I think my guild realizes I am an EVE fanboi, and they aren’t about to jump to Earthrise based on my opinion. Some understand the glory that is EVE, but getting people to come to that game is hard. They want to. It gets great reviews, its visually amazing for almost really giving nothing graphically, its deep and complex and just overall amazing. However, if you just are starting today, not so much of a game you’ll like.

My guild leader then says something that just never occurred to me before. “They just need to start up a fresh start server.”

A relaunch? How suspiciously amazing that it hasn’t been done by CCP yet. To think, all these customers you don’t have probably just in fear that they would have to face 7 year old players owning their face. Knowing that they’ll always be the low man on the totem pole. Knowing that even in 2 years when they are a competent pilot able to final do all the fun things, that they are still always going to be behind. That’s a hard sale to any player. Every game would like to believe that their noob friendly, most veteran players know better.

I wonder exactly, if with enough talk, could EVE potentially increase it’s subscriber population drastically with a fresh start server. You aren’t going to lose those already on the first server. And if enough time passes for decline in population on the original server, there could always be a server merge down the road years from now. It would just be interesting to think that if CCP were to setup a second server, just how many players they would get back and gain never before seen players. Not to mention that players in EVE are notorious for holding multiple accounts to do certain things. You can practically guarantee any holding old accounts to open new ones on the fresh start servers.

Or maybe I’m just day dreaming. I don’t know CCP’s server cost, but I would think they could easily gain double the their account subscriptions almost overnight without offering anything new, other than a fresh start. I know I would buy in immediately with the largest play time subscription I could sign up for.

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