GW2: The Story … Part 2

I wrote originally on some of my intitial impressions on poorly written story in GW2 here.

I meant to write on this early, but the more and more I run the Arah dungeon, this continually upsets me. If you ever going to run the Arah Dungeon in story mode, for all that you can respect, skip the story. It’s unbelievably upsetting.

So you are fighting your way through the dungeon and guess what? All of Destiny’s Edge is back together.

Oh it’s so amazing. They hit like paper and die like lemmings, but hey, story.

So you get to the point where you need to escape. A flying ship has come, but somehow, like all of GW2 story, some poor sap needs to stay behind to defend to make sure the escape happens. Spoiler alert, this is the entire backbone of GW2 story telling. Gandolf style, I’ll hold them off but I will refuse to pull myself back up even though their is no longer a reason I shouldn’t just leave with everyone else.

Firstly, you are climbing a rope to board the ship and taking off. No one needs to stay behind. But sadly and thankfully, Logan the Human does it. We all hate this guy. If you have a soul, you hate this guy.

You leave Logan behind, everyone cries. You then take to the skies with somehow 15 other flying ships and battle in epic proportion hordes of undead dragons. Your ship flies screaming through the skies as fast as possible trying to outrun the dragons as you fight them and take them out of the sky. You triumphantly kill mulitple dragons and meet up with a giant more poweriful flying ship, since yours in broken.

Logan is piloting the new ship.


You go to talk to Logan to try and make sense of this. All he wants to talk about is how much better he and Dipcharr are doing in their feelings.


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