Why GW2 Will Fail

Oh no, controversy.

Let’s go ahead and put the real facts about GW2 and ArenaNet out. I like to first off tell you, despite the title I do like GW2. But … I can say upfront as well, that if it were not a F2P model, I would not be happy in the least. This is not worth $15 a month. And since it’s literally not $15 a month, I take it for what it is. A $60 box game that just so happens to be a MMO.

The reality is, if this were a subscription MMO, we would be leaving, we would be kicking and we would be screaming. If you deny this, you are either so far up the rectum of ArenaNet, no one can help you. Or you have a level 30 character and somehow have decided to have full opinions on a game early.

Here’s the reality of the GW2 MMO, with brutal honesty as best as I can give it:

Broken Dynamic Events

Almost everything above level 50 zones is near completely broken. And I say Dynamic jokingly. It’s scripted. It’s cool. But it’s scripted. But the map above the original testing areas for Beta have more than enough, forever standing escort missions, or defenses that have no attackers, or champions on the map that just don’t exist.

It’s all so clear, that testing in the upper level zones, were not performed.

Completely Broken Dungeons

This one has to be the biggest one for anyone that’s 80. Not only are the instances broken, but the grouping functionality is broken as well. You have a 10% chance of clearing the dungeon. Only due to hope that the dungeon doesn’t break.

There’s a new idea. Since we can’t really gauge our difficulty because really the only way to properly do anything in GW2 is ranged weapon/dodge, let’s just make it more difficult by building the buggiest piece of shit dungeon system any game has ever thought of.

WAR players. If you thought TOVL was the most broken crap you ever played. Try playing a game that rewards almost nothing thoughout the run, only to probably stop dead half way through. Can you imagine how TOVL would have been if there was a 80% chance the 6th boss just wouldn’t spawn?

Yeah, welcome to GW2.

Pointless Extremely Large WvW

There is no real reward. While it’s fun, for the time being. It doesn’t have a real reward system. So, where the other Open PVP games WAR and DAoC had renown, and renown based gear. GW2 has … literally nothing to offer for their WvW, other than a small frame of window for bragging rights against 2 other servers. What it is a massive money sink. And already the only real successful strategy is for a guild to claim a keep and defend that and only that.

While vast and while awesome that we have a 3 way fight, it lacks any real end objective. No rewards, no real point, no real long lasting effect means … minimal retention.

PVP gear?
WvW specific rewards?

What am I hear to steal every basic idea from any other game. Tel l you what ArenaNet, if BioWare remembered to have it in their game, than you should be sad that you don’t. That’s like a Kia Car having a feature you don’t in your Mercedes. You should feel bad.

Broken WvW Queues

Man are your queues broken. Beyond broken. 5 of us queue at the same time. 2 get in right away. 3 sit there. Half an hour later, 2 more get in. The last guy sits there. Hears a random 10 other guildies join in, log on and immediately get into WvW.

It is broken. Completely broken. So long as the player is in a guild, that has voice comms, this issue is all too apparent.

Bans, Suspensions and the Overall Effect

At first we thought it was okay. We liked the heavy scrutiny against bullying, racism, and vulgar attacks on players. But now, your shit is out of control. It’s like living in Nazi Tyria. Many players are afraid to chat in any sort. It’s comms or nothing.

From the Reddit post you so happily made public:


@ANET Subject: Account Blocked.

I’ll bite: Why was my account blocked?

Username: SteveNick.7325 Character name: Santar Server: Dragonbrand

I can’t think of any conceivable reason why I should have been banned unless ANET literally has the strictest code of conduct ever created.


Name: Ok. Chat: Not ok — “we have like 30 people here jerking off on their corpses”

That’s right. Banned for not cursing, not attacking anyone or their belief system. He commented on jerking off. Vulgar I guess. But that’s scary Gestapo shit right there.

This guy got a 3 day ban:

Hi, i think my account has been suspended. is it possible to check please? char name is Fat Spanner. Cheers


That character name is ok. The other one — Floppy Eared Fooker — isn’t.

Not an “ask to change your name”. No. You are suspended.

It’s not okay. It’s just not okay. This is where the F2P model fucks us. Because they would certainly think twice about suspending a player for 3 days over an alt name if it would potentially lose them hundreds in subscription.

More over the biggest issue I have, is without the asshole putting the idiots in line, they run wild and free. Who still has region not hidden? No one. Well no one, that likes reading.

Literally region is filled with basic questions, followed by the exact same question less than 30 seconds later, and repeat.

You want to know why that doesn’t happen in any other MMO. Because by now, a hero among gamers would have told them to lean over, shove their mini penis up their ass, and fucking google the GOD damn answer like everyone else that lives past the year 2002. This isn’t fucking EQ folks, look up the answer.

And without this, WvW communication is fucked. Without the leaders of a server coming down on the potentially moronic, the dialog is filled with nonsense and uncertainy. With freedom of speech, the true leaders appear. They oppress the mentally challenged. They clear the air waves by immediately attacking the epeen size of the twit that so fluently expressed their stupidity. And slowly but surely, the server’s communications become a clear a valid place to not only express real information, but a place to see important information.

Fuck your Nazi Regime ArenaNet. You boost the unintelligent to have the loudest voices, and ruin our community as a result. My character name is under the character lineage, ban away. I won’t relent.

We can all applaud bans on actual infringements, what you are doing now is completely out of hand. And thankfully, you are at least putting it out in documented form for us to acknowledge the level of ridiculousness that you have reached.

Hacked Accounts, Or Crap Security?

This is probably the largest issue right now. ArenaNet lacks real security. Again, if BioWare did it and you didn’t, you should feel sad. The hacking of accounts and phishing is a bit out control. It’s also, extremely rampant in scale. To the point it makes me wonder, do we really have a hacking problem, or do we have what RIFT had an issue with. And that was their main account website was easily by-passable. It took a pissed off customer to fix their issue.

We have currently 5 guild members on suspension for gold selling. Not one of which over the level of 50, not one of which under the level of 20, and not one of which with anything more than 2 Gold in pocket.

Not only that. When you are banned, you get the error and the message, but you can’t log in to make a ticket. Website or game. You have to call or send an email. Currently, the wait time for email responses is 2 days behind.

Again, scary, scary shit. And I won’t be at all surprised one day to see the Grey Screen of an improperly investigated ban. At this rate of mistakes, it seems unavoidable.

Mysterious Spontaneous Patch Notes

This is probably the most unacceptable thing to see in any modern MMO. Mysterious nerfs/buffs daily. To what? Who knows.

This must be what think Easter Egg Hunts are. Can you figure out what costs we increased, how about that ability nerf, oh you found out that boon is now working as intended. Good for you.

How hard are notes? Is this truly progression? Balance? Community communication?


I play GW2 and I ponder, why, oh why did WAR have to break? Why does EA have to own Mythic?

We have very little chance ever, of having back real playable Open PVP, in a game that deserves us to pay for it. DAOC2 will never happen. WAR2 will never happen. And GW2 isn’t the answer. It’s the current answer. But this bitch isn’t anything more than a fuck buddy. And you know it.


22 thoughts on “Why GW2 Will Fail

  1. Have you thought about making a youtube channel instead or in aid of your blog? With a title like this I’d enjoy reading the comments. Also you can make advertising monies.

      • Well then what are you going to play now? Rift: Storm Legion? Apart from the story which you dislike, Rift seems to have better graphics than GW2, conquest open pvp and a cool soul system. Mists of Pandaria? The Secret World?

      • EVE has more PVP potential than the rest. RIFT just doesn’t have the capability to hold my interest.

        Secret World might be fun to go try. I hear things, like it failed because its difficult. That’s something I think its worth seeing.

      • You wouldn’t like The Secret World. It doesn’t have enough grinding and resource management to suit an EVE player like youself, only oodles of useless story content. But IF you were going to try it, I would get it over the Halloween period as I believe they have something very special planned during that time.

  2. You obviously play, but let me give you a fan’s-eye-view:
    Purchased the game 6 months prior to release. If that doesn’t show support, I don’t know what does. Waited for betas. Played in them. Gave my feedback like a good little unpaid QA drone. Started playing during the three-day headstart. I got around 50hrs of playtime under my belt, if that. Then, literally during a five minute brown-out, I was banned. Turns out I was hacked. Odd, since the ‘hacker’ didn’t compromise my email address, or change it via my account page. “Then how the fuck…?”, I think to myself. I created a support ticket to asked wtf was going on. Three days later, the launcher tells me I was banned for RMT spam. Since I’m based in North America and don’t work for an RMT site, I figure, “Yep, hacked.” I update my ticket to reflect that. However, by that time (five days or so), there is a new process for hacked account tickets. They have to be labeled a certain way – only, users_cannot_change_ticket_headers! So, my ticket can’t be prioritized properly. I know, fuck me, right? Okay, they’ve said we should make [new] tickets with a proper heading to prioritize the [old] tickets and get these resolved because, per some exec bastard, “All tickets submitted prior to 8/31 have be resolved.” They fuck they have!
    By this time, the forums are finally up. Quite literally the_next_day there’s a post there saying “Oh shit, wait, I’m wrong, please delete the new tickets to prioritize the old tickets!”

    I do that. I remark that I’ve done that and ask could someone, please dread-fucking-Cthulhu, look at this 300hr old ticket of mine?

    That was two days ago.

    But wait! It gets better! If you happen to respond to any forum post in anything other than glowing, conciliatory prose, your post is deleted and you’re blackballed. So, not only are you forced to wait until the executive circle-jerk-and-slurp is over, you can’t actually tell_anyone how fucked up their shit really is.
    Beyond that, they aren’t being honest about how the hacks are happening. I won’t elaborate, but to say these hackers aren’t using trojans or phishing emails to get to people.
    At all.
    I might actually be able to help Anet solve their hacking problem – but I won’t. Why wouldn’t I, if I’m a fan? Because THEY’VE KEPT ME IN FUCKING QUEUE FOR >300 HOURS! Also, because I’m pretty sure that anyone who actually did figure out how it was being done and told them would be sued for being behind it. You said it yourself – Nazi Tyria.
    So, even though I kinda enjoyed the few hours I did have to play, have been a financial supporter and a fan, my attitude now is pretty much “Fick der Gestapo!”

    Hopefully, I can get my fucking money back. Wonder how many hours that one is going to take, eh?

    • This right here is exactly what I am wondering.

      I don’t beleive for a second that innocent players are getting so easily hacked or phished. This scale of players being banned leads me to beleive they have bigger issues than RIFT had.

      The whole non-communications on the forums is absolutely upsetting.

      Thank you for sharing. It’s incredibly hard to not beleive stories like this.

  3. Spot on mate.

    “Or you have a level 30 character and somehow have decided to have full opinions on a game early.”
    My dualboxing toons just hit level 30 and I’ve already made up the same mind as you have. Sorry about all that time you or anyone else spent leveling to 80.

    “No rewards, no real point, no real long lasting effect means … minimal retention.”
    You forgot the one thing that makes good pvp…no risks, which leaves only EVE atm as the only interesting pvp mmo around.

  4. I think some of the areas and artwork look great and the large player population has been good fun, but overall, the game is dead boring. The pvp is pointless, as mentioned above and to be honest, the pvp experience is average compared to WAR, in my opinion. I cannot bring myself to play anymore and am slightly pissed at the waste of $70 (AU)

      • Im a wow player wanting to try something new.. So i buyed gw with 7 rl friends all of wich dont play it anymore 4 of them are playing mop 1 of them is me, the so called dynamic events are just same events over and over.. In wich you have to kill a certain amount of mobs wich reminds me of qeusts in wow.. I stopped playing gw around level 20 cause well in 20 levels seeing nothing really new i got bored, ive completely deinstalled gw and to this day still hate myself for wasting money on it.

  5. You didn’t touch upon PVP. You should, because it gets fucking worse once you get into that pile of shit. The balance is fucked beyond compare, thieves make up 60% of all matches, and you either go full bunker build or die without the thief leaving stealth. The game is a pile of dog shit, and the forums are full of people complaining about the same things. Thives being WAY out of balance. ANets response? nerf engie nades. I have never seen such poor design, and I have had to deal with EA on a few occasions.

  6. Are you going to give GW2 a second try? I heard it hasn’t had a lasting content update since it was launched, you might get some nostalgia moments :D.

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