GW2: Level 80s Before Official Launch

No, no, it’s not me. I didn’t take off this week, and I like sleep. I’m only 40. Which is still leaps and bounds it seems over many.

As of 9PM EST last night (Monday) we had our first level 80 ding. He still didn’t go to sleep. No, he spent the next couple of hours getting the rest of his buddies to 80. We now have FIVE Level 80s. With a dozen around the corner in the 60s and 70s. With a major portion over 40.

Things that I have learned about leveling in GW2:

Open PVP WvWvW does give you a ton of XP. But you have to stay on track. Take objective, defend objectives. Kills are kills, but not if they take away from objectives. The map is overall too big to maximize XP gain. But … as long as you aren’t just dwindling about looking for kills, and take things, you’ll get a ton of XP. Actually, if you have the gold. Pick up siege and defend common attack points. You’ll get massive kills and you’ll bank massive defense scores.

Group levelling is stronger, but it requires a team that stays on track. There is no split XP, so if you can group and all do everything together and push through, you’ll do fine. There are no follow options so, staying on track is the difficulty.

When completing task in an area. Pick the kill stuff option to complete it. “The Charr encampment requires help. Kill invading separatist, fix bombard stations, or train nearby troops to help.” If you didn’t take that entire area by killing Separatist, just punch yourself in the balls. You could work today and either a) get paid or b) work for the satisfaction. If you aren’t killing you aren’t getting paid. Think of it like that.

Overall my understanding of how they breached 80 so fast wasn’t just a manner of no sleep. They were levelling at amazing paces and no of it was due to XP boost purchases. They basically stayed together and did every event they could find. When they out levelled an area the travelled to lower areas and help the zone by wandering for these events. So, getting Gold in the events is your best bet. Other than escort missions. Those are apparently time sinks.

Going to buckle down tonight and tommorrow and try to breach atleast 60. I feel like a slacker now.


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