GW2: Choose Wisely … or at least act like it matters.

It’s that time. A time of renewal. A time of planning. A time of … waiting.

It’s the worst of times. That little notch of space before a launch where you just casually play different games. I hate casual gaming.

I’m still buried deep in EVE for the time. And actually plan to keep playing. The PVP has just become that good. But what EVE lacks is family. It’s business. You can get along with your corpmates, but you still probably call them by their avatar’s name.

With GW2 fast approaching, it’s time to gear up and get set. It’s time to make decisions. It’s that time. Why?

Because, when you aren’t casual, neither are the people around you. This means they are there for launch, they are there for the first couple of weeks pioneering the landscape of the server, they are at the forefront of knowing their class the best, first. To change toons on Day 2 is far more detrimental than most assume.

I look back at RIFT for an example. In all terms the game was okay. It was the most amazing launch month for an MMO for me to date. No launch have I been in more interested than that one. The Open PVP server was amazing. But, then again, it was amazing because I was one of the top levels. No one was there to pick on me. It was wonderful. After that, I was only left with memories. I have to assume GW2 will be the same for me. Not the exact same way. But if nothing else the first weeks will be amazing, even if the game doesn’t work out long-term for me.

GW2 launch is actually a different start for me from all my other beginnings. In EVE I was recruited outside of game and had a Corp waiting for me. In EQII, I just plaid solo. Same happened for LOTRO and AOC. WAR I joined on my own and found many homes. It was WAR the made me realize, I wasn’t casual. From there I joined only in guilds to other games: AION, RIFT, SWTOR. In SWTOR, we made the PVP our own. We had to, BioWare didn’t realize it existed. We just assumed they would fix it. And in that wake we strategize and befriended different guilds to prepare for Open PVP in Ilum. Sadly, the complete opposite happened. BW just pulled out of Open PVP all together. Hopefully this is a testament to all future developers what it means to ignore endgame PVP.

But the guild friendships of the server endured. A collaboration of PVP focused players realized the flaws of SWTOR and prepared for GW2. After the first Betas, it became apparent that WvW would eventually mean numbers. Not the most, but numbers would mean something. These former SWTOR friends and enemies formed a joint guild to prepare. Which in itself is a neat idea. Players coming from older guilds willing to let go of the history and be apart of a new formation. It’s amazing to see the formation take place. But I have written on the subject before. To which I have heard, “What makes this so special? You think you are the only PVPers to do this?”

The answer is no and yes. No, I don’t think we are the only PVP oriented guild to form in the wake of a new MMO. But yes, I do think it will be a formidable force. But only time will tell. What will the internal politics do to the guild? What will game changes do? Will individual philosophies take over? Will the game just fall apart and claim the beginning and the end of the guild? I don’t care. What I do care about is being surrounded by the most competent professional MMO PVPers I have come across in years. And to be within a guild that discovers the best route, rather than reads up on the best route is in itself worth watching.

Right now, the ideas are set around, what class, what builds.

I was pretty much set on Guardian far before I should have settled. The class just screams volumes to the type of archetypes I play. More armour, off healing, buffs and debuffs with a little CC. It’s the Warrior Priest/DOK, Cleric design just in a new format. While a Mace and Shield will be required for any healing, I’m quite intrigued with the Great Hammer. Single DPS with a barrier. Sounds perfect.

As for a race, the Norn I thought were for me. Then I realized how ridiculous they looked. Therefore the opposite must be awesome.

I’m pretty set on an Asura Guardian for launch. Pretty set. Now, the question or the bet is, how long can I level before saying fuck it, and going straight to WvWvW? I say Level 3, the moment I have to wait to do a quest with others around me.


5 thoughts on “GW2: Choose Wisely … or at least act like it matters.

  1. I fear that we will see a lot of asura guardians and warriors…

    Soon, the asura will have all our bases and the golem army will conquer Tyria…

  2. Im at least going to try to get past the first zone before I do WvW. In every BWE I get to around level 5 and find myself spending hours upon hours in WvW or sPvP. I’m not much of a PvPer, but it’s so nice I GW2.

    I have to agree with you, the Norn are odd looking. I’m going to make a human Necro. Divinity’s Reach is by far the best major city and it’s the only character model I can look at and not feel annoyed a bit. I’ll be on SoR server with Gaiscioch so if you ever find yourself pair against that server just know, I’ll be there hunting dirty Asura :)

    • Holy shit. I never knew you had association with Gay Socks. Don’t tell Ben I said that. I used to play a lot with Gaiscioch on WAR. I used to roll with Old Roar’s WBs. His passing was definitely sad to hear.

      And I’m rethinging the Asura already. I hate mainstream.

      • That’s another reason why I’m going human. Everybody wants to be different so they flock away from human (except female Elementalists). I’ll be unique by being normal

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