EVE Online: Buying PLEX Directly Is Retarded

With my much esteemed enthusiasm with EVE and the improvements to Faction Warfare, I realized there’s never been a better time to be a new player in the midst of ancient players. To prove it, I started an alt last night to join in an indirect opposing Faction to my own (so there’s no conflict of interest).  To make it a bit easier I contracted my new alt some implants and 10M in ISK just to help out. The reasoning I started an alt is in two parts:

  • I really want to get a hold of some of the sweet faction items that side has. This is just the easiest way. Plus plexing and missioning for this side is just too easy.
  • My corp switched faction sidings and kind of held me in a day old loop from gaining LP and making ISK. Which is unfortunate as I bought a little too much and became broke. And this leads me to the title of the article.

I had bought up 6 months worth of PLEX and so many ships to fight in the last month, I ran my ISK out. Our faction just can’t seem to get to level 3 rewards to save its life. And as a result what used to be an easy day of FW missioning for lots of ISK has now become I need to PVP everyday all day. 50 Kills in the first 3 days of June speaks to that in volumes. As my wallet approached 100M ISK and realized I need some more Nemesis fitted up, I, a character who has nearly a year of subscription time on his account buy purchasing PLEX with his own ISK, needed to purchase PLEX myself to sell for ISK.

Which I felt was a decent trade. I haven’t paid my subscription in EVE for over 2 years now. Giving some money from my own wallet to CCP couldn’t be that bad. So I go to see how to on the Accounts page and I amused. A month of subscription costs $15, but a Month of PLEX is $20. Go fuck yourself. You’re looking for an extra $5 for what? Amusing, I thought as I went looking for alternatives. And I find it.

The Buddy System.

You send an invitation to your friend for 21 days. If they subscribe you get to choose from either a month of subscription or a month of PLEX. Ummm…. I pick the PLEX, as they are the same thing, except one is tradable.

So … buying PLEX for $20 is retarded, especially when you can get it for $15. Not to mention a free spy alt if nothing else for nearly 2 months.


3 thoughts on “EVE Online: Buying PLEX Directly Is Retarded

  1. zzz more eve commentary. I have no idea what you are talking about. I don’t know what PLEX, ISK, LP or FW missioning are, or whether a Galliente boat is better than a Nemesis. All this technical gobble-dee-gook is making my head hurt. I’m going to have to lie down and read some textbooks instead.

    Please to go back to playing a real mmo with swords & sorcery, or in-universe analogs thereof. You know, SWTOR, Rift (http://www.gamespot.com/features/rift-storm-legion-is-revealed-6379459/), WAR, WOW. I liked your posts better back then :(

    • Boooo….

      Too bad. It’s probably going to be until GW2 is ready. That’s a while out. SWTOR is terrible at this point. Though I did get the felling that WAR might be fun again. Don’t know. Sounds like the city change is a mess.

  2. “zzz more eve commentary. I have no idea what you are talking about. ”
    “Please to go back to playing a real mmo with swords & sorcery”

    lol, another lame Hello Kitty MMO player who needs to be babysat to play an MMO.

    Here’s an idea – ditch the point and click bullshit grind and join the only REAL MMO that actually exists today.

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