Towel Throwing

IGN had an exclussive interview with the director for SWTOR and revealed the contents of 1.3, these include:

  •  Group Finder (I guess this is good, don’t know)
  • Crafting Changes (And by that they mean we no longer need you Synthweavers/ ArmorMechs)
  • More Legacy (Somehow people enjoyed the legacy perks, good for them)
  • ….and Server Transfers (This is somehow a feature and not just a basic need)

These announcements come with much joy from the public. Why? I have no clue. A group finder takes roughly 5 minutes to program. Hell, WAR had it at launch. Then even their skeleton crew were able to setup a realm wide one just as soon as it was asked for.

In the interview, questions are posed by someone either on staff at BW or this person would like to be on staff at BW. But no official statements on the following:

  • Where the fuck are the missing features of 1.2 to include
    • Cross Server Queues
    • 8 Mans
    • Ranked Warzones
  • How about some hints for an overall Open PVP experience?
  • Guild Benefits?

Let’s get something straight: Server Transfers are not content. Waiting till 1.3 is stupid. Well really, waiting till tomorrow is also stupid. But that’s not happening.

Anyways, I held on as long as I could. You had a nice game. You don’t deserve a monthly subscription, but nice game none the less.

In other news, One More Day until the big EVE patch. Getting the itch to start a Minnie alt to jump on that sweet sweet LP discount they are about to have. Amarr only controlled 14 territories when I logged last night. Ridiculous.


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