SWTOR: Allies Patch

This is interesting, but mostly extremely annoying.

You have a content patch coming within the next month and have a name for it, yet … no one even has a clue to what’s in it.

You have outraged subscribers and leaving populations. Torn pissed off that you have ignored the needs of PVP, massively missed to deliver on the last patch, and now are just overall beyond pissed off that you don’t even want to discuss it.

I’m going to give you tip, go talk to your friends over at Mythic. Ask them how vague and silence on plans works out. It took them two years to realize that you need to engange your community. Not slightly, fully. Unfortunately, two years too late.

It might be a good time to layout the plans for this “Allies” patch to the community and see how receptive it will go over. This way you know you aren’t wasting time on items that won’t retain or draw in players. You need positive buzz.

I’m hoping Allies 1.3 includes these:

From 1.2:

  • 8 Man Static Teams for Warzones
  • Cross Server Warzones
  • Ranked Warzones

Much Needed:

  • Open World PvP
  • Dynamic Objectives
  • Server Consolidations


  • After completing the above you maybe permitted to provide ‘new’ ideas

I swear if Allies means Legacy Companion crap, you will be reporting a very very sad 2nd Quarter Report. We don’t belive your 1.3M for a second. Time to get serious.


10 thoughts on “SWTOR: Allies Patch

  1. UMADBRAH????

    How to play MMOs successfully:
    sub for a month and play all the content
    play other games/mmos for a while
    resub when there is new content

  2. Well.. I may remind you that Mythic’s communication increased with the number of people transfered from WAR to SWTOR.. at least I have the impression that there is some correlation between that, but then again it might be just some conspiracy theory I’m constructing here ;)

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