Realistically Mean

Here’s the reality of the situation:

  • You are a month overdue on the PVP promises you made in 1.2.
  • You have not even hinted at a solution to Open PVP Warfare.
  • You have not announced a date or the contents of 1.3.
  • An MMO that boast major PVP game play that has a smaller basic version of WAR, a game produced by a studio you control by the way, is releasing most likely at the end of June.


I’m going to make claims, statements, and demands. I will follow with 3 predictions based on which route you take in the next month. It’s harsh and unfounded. But tell me as a fellow gamer, you don’t feel the same way, or you aren’t making your decision based on a different reason.


MMORPGs might be heavily populated by PVEers. PVEers are not long term customers. They sub for short periods of time, and only come back for expansions. Long term full time subscribers are hosted by those that PVP and have an end game that can support it. To ignore PVP is to doom you to a life of expansions just to hold subscriptions.

A monthly fee assumes content updates on a very consistent basis

As a game lives, it should not shrink in content (IE Ilum).


Most if not all PVPers that have PVP’d in other MMOs are very excited about an incoming release. Very little in negative statements were made about the Beta. The most heavily noticed negative comment on the Beta was about the release date. Most thought the game is ready for launch.

Your PVP subscribers will try GW2, they will unlikely return. They move on, they fall behind the gear grind, therefore they don’t return.


By my approximations, you have till the end of June to make major PVP advancements or lose your PVP population to GW2.

You need to make good on the 1.2 promises for Warzones prior to June. These include:

  • 8 man queue’ing and static groups persistent with warzone completion
  • Cross Server Queues
  • Ranked Warzones

By the end of May you need to make giant PVP promises for 1.3. This is to include:

  • Open PVP. (Ilum or other ideas)
  • Dynamic PVP Structures
  • Objectives
  • Rewards
  • Gear

1.3, that includes all PVP advancements stated above cannot come after June. It needs to be ready for GW2, less population drops. PVPers rarely return after they leave. Or at least not in the numbers you want. I can tell you from the 50+ PVPers on my server joining up for GW2, have no intentions of coming back to SWTOR. Some won’t even log in after the Beta. They see no point. And that’s just a small group.


#1: BW acts too slow. They make no promises on dates. Last minute in June they finally come up with a solution for Ranked Warzones, Cross Server Queues and 8 Mans that will be conveniently ready for GW2 release. They spin this as a PVP patch.

Sadly this action is too late and only impresses a couple of morons that rarely PVP anyway. The PVP hoards have already tuned off the SWTOR spectrum and are solely gearing for GW2 release. The news of such information is scuffed at by most. And only reinforces many of the players’ decision to leave.

#2: BW fulfils 1.2 promises prior to June. Activating a good portion of their PVP population to stay in game while they wait for GW2. This provides a small level of fun for the remaining month.

BW hints at broad ideas for fixing Ilum and Open World PVP. They give no dates or details. They wonder why PVP population isn’t satisfied with Vague on June 23rd and their active player base vanishes.

#3: BW fixes 1.2 promises immediately to combat GW2 beta events. They host not only new ranked PVP, but they put in special onetime only events each weekend. Most of these are for PVP. Mostly ideas stolen straight from WAR with Battlefront Events. This creates a rift between GW2 Beta excitement and PVPers competing on an existing game.

BW responds with Ilum fixes prior to June’s end. With a minor solution to Open World PvP in place, BW announces full plans to ramp up PVP in a fashion that would make WAR proud and GW2 blush. They set promises, dates and details. The commotion and dedication won’t stop players from playing GW2, but it will set a seed for players to return when GW2 doesn’t pan out.

In week 3 of GW2’s release, BioWare runs ads and email campaign with upcoming PVP changes for open world. They attack the even scale of gear in GW2 and the necessity to buy your way to better. As the fun of GW2 PVP sets into hardcore PVPers without long term goals, players return to SWTOR excited about the massive changes and the competitive PVP capabilities of SWTOR.


I like many want SWTOR to work. We just don’t get how you own the PVP MMO Studio Mythic, yet don’t have a solution for Open PVP. Losing these subs to GW2 should be more than embarrassing. Just steal the ideas right from WAR. It doesn’t make any sense how PVP is lacking.


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