GW2 and Cherry Picking

I don’t have much to say or report. I have been playing SWTOR a great deal. Working on getting my Sage into full War Hero, and not much is changing in that universe.

This weekend is the first Beta event I will be in for the upcoming GW2 release for this year. This was originally a game I was going to overlook. When I heard, even playing field on gear, I was not pleased. I don’t believe a game can have a consistent player base that doesn’t have something to work for. If I’m not trying to gain anything, then what am I doing?

My days on with SWTOR have led our guild onto a path of elitism in a way. The server is small and all names are familar. You can name almost any 50 and everyone has an opinion. Everyone knows each other. The small population has also resulted in an elistist mix of people. Having a casual green player in you warzone tends to mean you’ll lose. Double premades are more than common here. In one way it’s a terrible mix. In another it is in a way producing a much more select elitist community.

4 of the best guild on both sides of the server have opted to create a better guild for the upcoming GW2 release. This isn’t a merger of 4 guilds, no. This is each guild hand cherry picking their best to join one guild formation. A guild birthed from elistist, by elitist of elitist to be the absolute best.

This is pretty scary stuff. I have always been one to go play and find my way into a community. This will be a first for me to be in the formation and founding of one. Kind of exciting stuff. Not fair to which ever server we end up joining. Die hard PVPers aiming at being the best, not just good, will be awful tears from the opposition.

As for GW2, I’m hoping for good things. I’m also hoping I can turn off most of the effects. I’m more hoping the story line is actually interesting. I can’t make it through another Rift story basis. That was just horrible.

6 thoughts on “GW2 and Cherry Picking

  1. I think you’re underestimating the competitive level of the hardcore guilds in GW1 that will be moving to GW2. You and your friends might be the big fish in a small pond in a PvEcentric game like SW but thinking that will translate to the GW scene is perhaps a bit misguided.

    I’m not saying you won’t be competitive but Guild Wars is all about die hard PvPers. You’ll be one group among many.

    • Ehhh. While that maybe slightly true in a way, labeling SWToR as PVEcentric is just like labeling GW1 that way. There are two types of players, the game fulfills that need in either role.

      Our members aren’t just SWToR, they are veterans in each field they come from. Whether that is GW1 in many cases, most of us fair from WAR and EVE.

      Big fish in a small pond is not really accurate. But hey, unless our guilds meet on the field words mean nothing.

      But if you want to label us as care ear bullies, I’m cool with that. Might even suggest it as the guild name.

  2. There is a similar feeling all around. I know of a lot of the “elite ” or hardcore wow rift war gw1 daoc and eve guilds that are gearing up and making alliances and even agreements with hold enemies and skilled players a like in preperation for gw2 hopefully. That will mean many strong servers to play against. I think many pvpers can agree that there isn’t much fun to be had in totally dominating your opposition all the time. Better enemies better content as they say.

  3. Just on the gear progession thing..
    Gear/power progression should be irrelevant in PvP. Imo you want to kill the enemy with superior skills as a player..not enhanced power as a character. So an even playing field is a prerequisite to nice fighting and real competition…as PvP is about competition and not grinding stuff.

    Just look at WAR. The game derailed with gear/power progression through the later gear/power upgrades.. You can still have fun in this game when you fight equally powerful enemies..that are the engaging fights than you keep in your memory. One-shots on badly geared enemies are quiet boring ..

    • Well, WAR wasn’t even playing ground before 1.4. There was a giant difference between the teirs of PVP gear.

      Granted 1.4 took a giant dump on all of that. But that was also apart of the hidden ranks in the renown.

      You need a progression. It just should be minor.

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