Travels on Bondar Crystal: The Boastful

I worked from home yesterday. Mainly due to a Veterinarian visit by one bad kitty peeing on expensive stuff. But that’s another issue. I was home and had the time to enjoy Star Wars on its lowest population levels. It was enjoyable. I ran Warzones after winning warzones and earned my first War Hero item. I even had the time to finally go to Tatooine and see this Event going on.

Overall … pretty stupid, but it’s new stuff and makes achieving a Black-Green crystal very easy. With an hour I had everything I needed to buy one thanks in part from all the days of being infected by other people in warzones and on station. One of the dailies has you go East of the Map to do some Sand People investigating. Here is where my story begins.

I am running about collecting 5 samples. I then have to kill a dude. I then have to read a mural. I then have to kill another dude. Imagine that?

This dude is not exactly nearby. He’s on the other side of the canyon. I go to the edge of the canyon in hopes I can find a much lazier way of reach him, rather than travel around. I realize that I’m also in the exact spot you would jump off to reach the entrance of a datacron for Willpower. A task I have already completed.

As I doze off, my character is knocked to the ground. And then subsequently Force Pushed quite a distance. As I fly, I can only think, of how glorious this was. I was looking for the quickest route to get there without using my Quick Travel. And this nice little Sorcerer was going to oblige me.

That was, until I caught a ledge. “Damn it” I thought. Now I have to jump.

As I looked down, another of the Sith came bearing down on me with a Force Leap. His companion, Sith Sorcerer Friend still at the top and their companion are now pounding on me. Natural reaction had me put up a Force Armor Bubble. The Juggernaut can’t resist. He stuns and sends my character flying again an even further distance. Only again for my character to catch a ledge. These two have the aiming skills of blind idiots.

The Juggernaut follows mindlessly the kill he so desperately wants. Clearly looking for kills, as his only route after this would be to nowhere. When he lands I give him what I had hoped he would gift me. A subsequently stun and then I take my time to position to knock him off the ledge. His companion disappears as his body falls to the depths of the dark canyon.

I am now a good distance from the Lone Sith Sorcerer nearly 40 meters above me. Neither of us have the distance to strike one another. And he unwilling to jump to my ledge and I’m not in a position to close the distance. I don’t throw myself off. I’m still looking for that lazy way around. It’s not looking good.

The Sith above me is a name I am familiar with: Justandulas of the Bezerk guild. Not one I know well from the Warzones I have been accustomed to, but I recognize the guild name and tag despite our opposite roles in game. I cannot resist.

“Hahaha. That was awful. But hilarious.”

“Keep talking.” The Sith replies. We might not be in range to exchange blows, but I recognize his armor. It’s War Hero. Polished black and green. He may not have earned that through commendations, but he was clearly at least Valor Rank 70 to be wearing the master crafted gear. That is a good 10 level above my own. And he might have augments on those things. I’m probably outmatched in gear.

“You better jump off. You don’t want to mess with you me.” He follows up.

“Haha. Big talk from the guy who let his friend get tossed off..” Instigation tends to help the situation. It takes people from their comfortable strategy and urges them to perform heroics. Heroics that may help him jump down to my ledge taking some fall damage.

This would be enough for my DPS companion and me to make short work of him. I could see his healing companion next to him. That companion would be useless against someone like me that could sleep him instantly. If only he would just jump.

But he wouldn’t.

“Trust me. I would own you 1v1.” He says.

“You PVE’ers crack me up.”

“I assure you. I’m quite familiar with PVP.” He snaps back.

I’m not going to argue that. He is by my eyes familiar with it. And his guild has had their moments more than a few times against the Republics best. I’m judging my ability based on Companions and Fall Damage alone. I knew I had the advantage.

We stare at each other and send our companions back and forth. It’s clear this situation isn’t going to change. So I quick travel. But it plagues me. What was my skill in comparison to his?

Hours go by. Off and on activity between my normal life and virtual life change places. At night I join some random players for a conflict on Alderaan. Civil War takes hold on the surface and our team sits in a great position as our two turrets eat into the shielding of the Imperial Drop Ship.

We are overtaken and pushed out of our holding in the middle turret. The Sith responsible? Many familiar names, but one is present that I cannot take focus away from: Justandulas. My favorite new Sith.

I fly back to the extraction point. I head in the last known sighting of him. It’s clear to me that Republic is going to lose this battle. But I want to win mine.

I find him. Perfectly around the central node. Accompanied by a Sith Warrior. My memory is horrible. It may or may not be his past friend. It doesn’t matter.

I am alone and it’s two on one. I’m not going to win. But I am going to test my strength. I sleep the Sorcerer and DoT the Warrior. The Lightsabers light up. It’s a Marauder.  Great, this is going to be worse than expected.

He jumps on my position, holding me in place. I throw fallen droid and his head. Followed with an eruption of Force at his feet. It doesn’t have the Endurance to last me. He is roughly half way through.

The Sorcerer has broken free and aides his friend. They tear me apart.

I come back to the same place. This time, the Sorcerer is alone. There might be stealthed enemies nearby. But that becomes unlikely due the fighting taking place both East and West. I might have what I am looking for. A one versus one with my new nemesis.

I approach his placing in front of the Node. It becomes clear that it is in fact just the two of us and he sprints around the node breaking our line of sight. I see the Force waves electrify his position. He has applied his Force Armor and likely some Spices to enhance his fighting.

I match with my own Armor Shielding, but I don’t have the drugs to counter his. He doesn’t move from his hiding position. So I throw down an Area of Effect spiking the ground below him. I see it takes a small portion of damage. Meaning I critically hit his Force Barrier and broke through it in one shot.

He makes a poorly thought out move. He moves out from behind the Node and enters into form to throw streaks of lightening through me. I break his concentration with my interruption from Mind Snap and place 2 sets of DoTs on him. He matches my own techniques with his Sith versions. I see the effects taking place.

I hurl waves of debris I find with my Force at him. He finally breaks my Force Armor and applies a perfect hits of Lightening. I am greatly weakened. It is not looking good. Both of us have used our normal rotations and are now reduced to one ability. He, he is channeling Lightening to slowly work me down. And I’m, I’m channeling debris in the same towards him. He’s stronger. My Endurance is failing faster. But I had the advantage in the opening strikes.

My burst damage would soon be ready. Fearing that he would be ready to apply his Force Barrier again, I quickly threw two lucky strikes from nearby stones. I followed them with my Force in Balance that struck him to his death. I had won.

Barely. But I had won.

The Command Center rang over my communication link with a thunderous announcement. My victory had been relayed to headquarters and they had already awarded me a Medal. A Medal for victory in a One on One fight. A fitting end for a most worthy foe for it. The Boastful are only just that, Boastful.

(The End)


Like that sudo narrative? I have a side project going on here. I’m not going to lie. It’s kind of sexy.


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