BioWare Releases 1.2 Today – No Word Yet On When the Features of 1.2 Will Go Live

I’m all for new content. Love it when an MMO puts in the time to give and give more to the community instead of just watching it die. So, let’s get one thing straight if nothing else, I like content. If you have been reading my blog, then by now, you are aware that 1.2 is not favorable with myself. It is adding the features that I hate in PVP MMO. It’s removing content. And more important it’s now not even going live with the content that it was supposed to go live with. This being Ranked Warzones. This is frustrating. And pretty much the bottom of the straw pile.

Here’s how the development of 1.2 has gone in my eyes:


Community: “This game is great. But we are kind of hitting our end game wall, there’s becoming less to do other than to roll new alts.”

BioWare: “Good. That’s what we wanted you to do.”

Community: “Yeah, but what about long term goals.”

BioWare: “Long term goals? Hold up lover, I just want some sex, I’m not marrying you.”

Community: “But …”

BioWare: “I’m joking.”

Community: “Whew. Had me there.”

BioWare: “What if I told you we have this planned: New Operation, new Flashpoint, and a new Warzone?!

                        “Now, what if I told you that we also have a new set of gear for the next level of end game?”

                        “Oh, you know that legacy bar? Well, guess what, we are going to make that useful.”

                        “You like custom gear, we got that coming too.”

                        “You like PVPing with your guild. We are going to let you take that step into ranked Warzones.”

                        “What do you think?”

Community: “I think I just had 4 orgasms.”


Community: “So how’s that patch coming?”

BioWare: “Oh it’s good. Want to come help for free?”

Community: “You bet I do.”

                        “Ummm … BioWare, it seems that there are some issues.”

BioWare: “Oh really?”

Community: “Yeah, you are kind of raping healing in general to those classes. And you are nerfing a variety of other things. Not to mention, the new armor sets are kind of horrible. I’m not sure you have grasps that this is Star Wars and not Power Rangers.”

BioWare: “Yeah, well …. Whatever.”


Community: “So, ummmm …. Populations are kind of sucking. And we don’t have much to do. GW2 is looking pretty awesome. And 1.2 is taking forever, do you have any ETAs.”


Community: “That was kind of unnecessary and mean. But …”

BioWare: “I’m joking, it’s ready right now.”

Community: “Right now?

BioWare: “Yeah, no joke. I just turned your computer off and started uploading it.”

Community: “Oh I guess that’s cool. Thanks.”

You can’t take this in any fashion of negativity as you want. I really don’t care. If you are happy with the patch, then clap your fucking hands. The point is simple, this patch isn’t adding to the game, it’s revising it.

We were promised: 

  • 8 Man Queues – Tested but now not happening with this patch. This is a giant last minute kick in the nuts. All the PVP guilds can’t tell you how unfortunate this is.
  • Cross Server Warzones – Not happening in 1.2. And unless server merges happen sometime soon, this is a major kick in the crotch for many PVPers.
  • Awesome New Gear – In most cases, the reception for the new gear is met with hostility. Some are nice enough to remark “That’s not SWTOR, but I’ll wear it.” I would think that when your audience overwhelmingly comments “This is bad” you take that for what it is go back to the drawing board.
  • Legacy Stuff – Wooo, Legacy. It’s neat and all. Don’t get me wrong. I just could care less. It’s month 3 and people hit the End Game Wall.
  • Advanced Crafting – This was nice. The addition of PVP crafting was also very much welcomed.
  • New Content – New warzone, new flashpoint, and the new operation are all welcomed.

Here’s what many received that weren’t solicited for:

  • Healer Nerfs – No one likes nerfs. And the guys that get focused the most, hate it even more.
  • Gear Disparity – We start PVP with 3 sets. 1 set that anyone can get fully into in under a week. The next set that is a bit more work but not impossible. And then a final set that requires valor rank 60 and a ton of work to get into. We stratch this system entirely. Replace with buying Blue gear as useful as hugs on a 3rd date. Massive boost to stats on Battlemaster gear and balance this buy making it easier to obtain. And then add a War Hero set that takes 3 times as long as Battlemaster gear takes. I can’t be the only one. This is not a good design. Scratching your valor as any requirement seems bad. Gear stat disparity is very bad. Obtaining gear based on who can grind the longest is Very Very bad. It shouldn’t take my bleak opinion for veteran developers to realize this.

I would like to assume I speak for much of the PVP community now looking more and more to GW2 when I say this:

Get that other stuff back in the game and get working on fixing Ilum.

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