Surprise 1.2! Now How’s 1.3 Coming Along?

Announcing the release of patch 1.2 for SWTOR, only 2 days before hand is much like surprise butt sex.  Sure, one can plan for it. You can beg your girlfriend to high hell, but it’s not like you can just go at. She needs some time and there’s no surprise about it. If your girl can take surprise butt sex, I’m sorry to inform you, but she’s a porn star. Hopefully you already knew.

Personally, I don’t like butt sex. I don’t like surprise butt sex either. Naturally, I’m not amused by BioWare’s sudden release of 1.2 to be release this Thursday morning (Wednesday Night for you West Coasters) either.

Why is this a headache? Because, Warzone commendations buy Battlemaster. The best thing to have if you aren’t full Battlemaster right now is to have both 1,000 Warzone and Mercenary Commendations by Midnight Tonight. This is challenging to accomplish if you are a fresher 50. Mainly due to the fact you are buying Champion Bags any second you get. I myself was 2 seconds away from buying 2 bags last night when a friend in vent said, 1.2 is on Thursday. I’m glad I obnoxiously said I was buying them in ventrilo. Otherwise I would be down 1,600 warzone commendations (400/400).

I’m not quite sure why BioWare was afraid to stick to a date and why they are patching on a non-patch day (IE Tuesday), but overall bad form.

Lessons learned from 1.2 developement:

BioWare needs to work faster. Two months on basically a patch that adds very little in content to retain current populations for more than … 2 weeks are not a good trade.

As we ran around Ilum last night for our last time, I felt odd. Not 2 months ago I was excited to be in this mass battle trying to control Center with 200 other players. Now it was reduced to a few small off balanced fights over armaments. And on Friday, it would be completely empty again.

I can repeat myself over and over, but there is no choice here. 1.3 needs to be Open PVP patch. And it needs a deadline before June. Ilum might not have been great, but at least when there were Valor requirements players gathered to fight. For myself and I think many PVP players, 1.2 is a compromise. It’s not all positive. It’s really removing a large portion of what content we had.

Hopefully this realization is hitting home to BioWare. We really don’t want to see GW2 kill your population to just PVE’ers.


4 thoughts on “Surprise 1.2! Now How’s 1.3 Coming Along?

  1. Look, the clear fact is that most of us enjoy surprises. I for one, am glad when my partner shoves something up my ass unexpectedly.

    You are just too damn angry. When I saw your blog named Mr. Meh, I came here expecting sunshine and lollypops. It was heart crushing for me to find this.. this garbage. Your blogging is awful and your tone is terrible. You should be happy with what you get, and overlook that half of what was promised for 1.2 was taken away last minute. I am. And I love butt sex, love it.

    Anyways, just wanted to give my 2 cents. It might have some ass juice on it. So be careful.

    • Oh Hai Monkey Man,

      I edited your comment. It was kind of funny, but lacking in creativity. This is what I heard as I read your earlier unedited comment.

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