Blog Updates

I finally fixed the damn widget issue. As a result, my blog now has the archives and search option back up. As well as RSS feeds. And more importantly, I have the Blog Roll back up. Now to go through the long process of updating the thing.

Even more insteresting than the widget, is the exciting unvailing of my side project I expect to have up next week. I was influenced to start my own version of writing fiction and have decided to take my project in the form of a weekly blog that will release a new chapter/sub-chapter each week.

I call it: The Mea’lan Legacy.

I will be posting the first article titled Prologue next Wednesday. Currently the site is a blank wordpress template. I expect it to have a fully functionally clean blog very shortly. Needs a decent header and a proper layout with backgrounds and about pages.

The goal for the Blog will be to add a chapter weekly on Wednesdays. I think using a deadline will help influence to keep the project. It’s a useful tool I have noticed many webcomics utilize.

The secondary goal is to add new works of artistic value to each chapter. I’m torn on whether I can keep up with this goal on my own accord, or if I require the help of actually skilled artist looking for exposure. Again, secondary.

Either way, I am pretty excited. I’ve reread and edited the Prologue neary 5 dozen times now. I think it’s pretty well thought out, but then again I am its author. And without a proper editor, I am probably writing scribble assembled in paragraph form. We shall see.


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