You Cannot Stop the Romance

Literally, you can not.

I have been very openly against the romance options in BioWare games. I like optional conversations, I hate romance. To me, what sad lonely life do you have to live to like them? I just try to avoid them all costs it seems. I can’t stand the mushy childish love scenes.

And exactly what is romance without conflict? Why is this game teaching idiots how romance doesn’t work? What are we teaching; throw a bunch of expensive gifts and eventually your interest will fall over you? How this may be true in so many ways, it doesn’t justify the end game touchy feely conversations.

But you can’t avoid it. No matter what, it seems. If you like XP, then you better learn to say the right things.

I’m leveling my Sage, who is on the copse of 48 and that is thanks to Nadia Grell. Nadia is emotional child that can’t help but talk about anything other than her feelings for me. And you as a Consular, cannot escape it. I was able to on my other toons, but with the Consular they made the story so that as long as affection builds with Nadia, you she’s going to get you.

I played my Sage with Light Side. I am a beacon of Jedi will. I’m not romancing. You can’t make me. The problem is, all your conversations give you options to do nothing but. And even when you think you aren’t, Nadia so in love with you she loves everything you say. It’s like an adolescent girl. You push her over, she loves you more. And everything is worth +300 affection to her. I save a galaxy and fulfill Qyzen’s expectations as the Herald of Awesomesauce, but he only gives me +15. I kick a Jawa in the groin like an asshole and Nadia is dry humping my leg for +180.

I can’t stop Nadia’s advances is the bottom line. This bitch is persistent. Got news for those of you that don’t understand real life. If you ever have a woman that gets this pushy and attracted to you for no reason other than you being yourself, you are either an Italian Model for Underwear or she’s a prostitute. It’s usually the latter unless there’s scores of alcohol involved. Even then.

I can’t completely dislike Nadia though. I ignored her requests to talk for multiple levels. I ding 47 and go to my ship almost immediately, and then go into a string of massive quantities of mushy conversations and she gave me enough XP to ding 48 within, literally a 10 minute time span. Her love interest gave me a free level for doing nothing. Which made me realize, she wasn’t the prostitute, I was.

I took a very long shower, scrubbing out the dirtiness while crying hutched over in the corner.


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