Upcoming 1.2: Fake Nerfs

One of the things I most learned from WAR was that you have to stay cautious on the idea of nerfs. And the BW/Sorceror nerfs throughout the life of WAR only tended to make just another play style that much more inconvenient. It was as if the Devs would list the change as a nerf only to really buff the living hell out of the class. The same held true for so many classes. And I am basically seeing the same thing here in SWTOR. Amazingly, the public grief on the forums are nothing short of tears and urine, but it’s as if these classes have no idea how their class works.

First and foremost is the Commando/Mercenary QQ. The only whining I will accept is the Healing Nerf, almost everything else is a buff. You cannot simply just read one bullet that says 10% less Tracer Missile Damage and cry like a little bitch.

Though I can agree, the statement “Tracer missile has been rebalanced in order to encourage more active gameplay rotations” is pretty false, it’s actually pretty hilarious.

  • General Populace says: Dear BW, the Tracer Missile/Grav Round impact from Mercenaries/Commando seems pretty ridiculously imblanced and far too hard hitting for not having a cooldown. Please look into this.
  • BioWare: You are in fact correct, this looks very OP. We will nerf bat.
  • Mercenaries/Commandos: But, it procs everything we use. We can’t do any other rotations because of the class design. Can we have some variety instead of just a flat out nerf?
  • BioWare: Okay. To improve balance and to encourage more active gameplay rotations, we will nerf the damage by 10%.
  • Mercenaries/Commandos: What the … How is that a change to rotations?
  • BioWare: …  Because.

So, I’m not fully attacking Commandos/Mercs here. We/they are pretty overpowered in terms of burst damage. The class is very boring in terms of gameplay. Clearly BioWare doesn’t feel like doing something about it at the moment. I just love the notes. By encouraging more active rotatioins, they mean, nothing at all except the statement that this should. Hilarious.

So, this is a nerf right? Not really. Here’s why:

The animation and sounds for Tracer Missile/Grav Round are so obnoxious the populace believes these are overpowered. They are kind of right in one way, wrong in another. Problem being is that they don’t have a combat log to see what’s actually happening … yet. Yes, these are hitting you within a 5 seconds span and it looks like they are hitting you for the value of  Pure Brutal Rape. But the truth is, while their damage is considerably high, it’s these 2 abilities that are causing you to die in a pile of tears: High Impact Bolt and Demolition Roun (Commando Names, I don’t know what Mercs call High Impact Bolt).

Why are they so scary? Besides not having much animation or sounds, they hit for the value Rape +10, and on top of that nonsense, they get to bypass GCD. So, you as said victim are standing there hearing 3 sets of “Bzzzzztttttkkkkk” and going “What the Fuck! Nerf Grav Round!” When in reality what really took place was this rotation:

  • Instant Demolition Round “Plop” 2.5K
  • Instant bypass GCD High Impact Bolt <practically silent> 3.5K

So while, everyone might be gleaming or screaming over a 10% reduction to Grav Round/Tracer Missile, the 10% boost to Demolition/Heatseeker is going to mean that the rotation stays exactly the same while just distributing the damage in different areas. They have infact not changed or influenced anything to make us explore less mindless rotations, but just slightly changed when the damage comes in within that simple rotation.

Oh and here’s the real kicker. Now that we have combat logs in 1.2 on the test server, the 25% extra damage that Demoltion/Heetseeker were supposed to be applying, were in fact not working. They have fixed it and apparently the results on the PTS are just what you think… devestating.

So if you came to me and said, I’ll trade you 10% off your Grav Round and give you 35% more on your Demolition Round, you bet your ass I would take it. In the end it is 5% more burst. It’s not a nerf.


6 thoughts on “Upcoming 1.2: Fake Nerfs

  1. Hi Mr. Meh. I just started reading some of your blog for the first time ever. And I have to say, I am not the biggest fan of articles written in satire. You have both touch me emotionally and spiritually.

    I am brought to tears when I got to think about what you have written. Not because of the content, but because it is so painful for my small brain capacity to understand. It physically hurts. Really.

    I want to ask you a couple of a questions, maybe you could shine some light:

    What is your experience with SWTOR and Commmandos/Mercenaries specifically to help validate your claims? Some other less intellegent beings might ask, do you think you are some kind of badass? But I wouldn’t, that would make me sound completely retarded.

    Also, do you live in your mom’s basement? A childishly stupid question to ask, I know. I am just wondering if there are others like me out there with opinions.

    Thank you for your time. Please feel free to clean up my comment if it doesn’t suit your fancy with grammatical technique.

    -Sincerely, Some Random Asshat

    This comment was edited by Mr. Meh for clarity and purpose. It can be read in entirety here:

    well now.. you’re just a total star wars badass arnt ya there buddy?.i love how you write as if you’re some kind of hardcore army sergeant who’s seen action in every conflict since korea. Well, im sure thats how YOU think you sound. In reality you dont. No, you ‘actually’ (lol) come across as a whiny dork yourself.
    Memorable quotes of dorkdom include…

    “Oh and here’s the real kicker”
    “you bet your ass I would take it”
    “cry like a little bitch”
    “Though I can agree, the statement”
    “The animation and sounds for Tracer Missile/Grav Round are so obnoxious”
    “The only whining I will accept”
    “everyone might be gleaming or screaming”
    “forums are nothing short of tears and urine”
    “Pure Brutal Rape”
    “it’s actually pretty hilarious’
    “So if you came to me and said”

    Hey, hey you.. yeah you…. get out of your moms basement and get a life.

    • Hi Marcus of Washington,
      How’s the weather in Puyallup, WA this time of year? For the life of me, I can’t figure out what Rline is? It’s not that sad $17 sports drink is it? That would be sad.

      Anyways, I edited your comment, I hope you don’t mind. It seemed that your original text was written by a drunk special ed 13 year old. But the points made did ask some questions. So I have taken some time to help answer these for you:

      Do I think I am a SW badass?
      Yes. Yes, I do. Next question?

      Am I your buddy?
      Sure, why not. You seem like you could use some friends.

      Am I a hardcore Army Sergeant that has seen conflict in every war since Korea?
      No, I am not. That would be really sad to be in what … 12 wars/operation in my career and still be a Sergeant? You’d have to be a moron, to not accidently get promoted at some point, right? So, no, being an Veteran Army Sergeant and using that experience to write on a personal blog about patch notes to come with satirical elements about a game would be preposterous. No, I’m not a Sergeant. I’m a Colonel OF-5.

      Do I live in my mom’s basement?
      No, that would be awesome though. Then I wouldn’t have to pay this mortgage that cost probably near 6 times as much as your monthly salary. But, then again, it wouldn’t be that awesome. My sixe 2 girlfriend is a screamer, and that would be awkward for Mom.

      Hope that answered your questions, Marcus. Also, please refrain from commenting and/or reading my blog ever again. I have very little patience for asshats, and I can barely handle moronic ones at that. Next time you think you came up with a clever retort, go back and examine your pitiful vocabulary and comment on the forums of Hello Kitty Online. Because I will rip into your pathetic demeanor in five seconds flat.
      Go fuck yourself. No, really, go fuck yourself. Or better yet, take the fucking time to read the Bio section of the blog and realize that you aren’t commenting on the blog of some fat teenager, but the one of a satirical ranting professional that could probably fuck your girlfriend without effort, if only he could swallow the shame in having to do something that required him to fold back fat layers, you tiny dick internet douche bag.

      Thanks for stopping by. Don’t bother to again. Peace.

  2. Article was okay. I’m not sure I really care about the issue at hand. I don’t have a Merc and they don’t really seem OP to me. So … it is what it is. Good read.

    However, the comment battle below was just hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.

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  4. You do seem to be forgetting the life of a 20-39 bounty hunter in your rant. Tracer is our main weapon while leveling so nerfing it makes our leveling harder as heatseaker isn’t available till 40.
    By my calculation at level 29 i will lose 43 dps if the nerf applies to that rank. Infact while i have excel open the dps for rapid shot is 146.75 and with the proposed nerf (10% less min & max damage & 2 sec cast) the dps for tracer is now 159.1875 resulting in potentially less damage if your target is likely to interupt you.

    Not a good move in my opinion, especially for class quests which involve multiple strong around a champion, the lack of damage could hit us hard (pun intended).

    • 2 things.

      I generally don’t consider argument for leveling. I tend to overlook.

      Second is you misunderstand the 2 second increase. They just adjusted that you have to purchase the passive ability in the tree to reduce the cast time by .5 secs.

      This ability used to reduce the cost by 1. They globally reduced the cost by 1, increased the cast and make you purchase. This would mean you have to spec to spam. This change must have been to combat clever hybrid specs that I didn’t realize, as those spec’d this way wouldn’t see a difference other than the 10%. the cast time and costs are a wash.

      My consideration was to point out the missing 25% on the Seeker/demolition. To me, indirect buff due to the discovery. The rotation stays the same. Damage close to the same, just in different spikes.

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