Fueling the War Against Homosexual/Christian Propaganda: A BioWare And a Fake Organization’s Story

No surprises here, just as soon as BioWare hinted at the possibility to have same sex relationships with your companions in SWTOR after the release of Mass Effect, Christian Extremist come out the woodwork to … write angry letters. As Penny Arcade illustrates:

Apparently, The Florida Family Association is calling to spam BioWare with letters of demands to stop this needless addition to game with this form:

My family and I were disappointed to learn that BioWare and Electronic Arts plan to add LGBT content to Star Wars video games.

American families grew up with the Star Wars film series that was family fare. The films contained no profanity, no nudity and no sexual situations.

It makes no sense that BioWare and Electronic Arts would shatter that family quality in Star Wars video games just to pacify 35 LGBT polling participants and appease extremists.

Star Wars video games are for children. An overwhelming percentage of the 1.7 million games sold are being used by children who do not need to be exposed to this propaganda. Please stick to your policy to avoid such advocacy representations in your games.

Please tell us that it is not too late to stop this from impacting our children.

I look forward to sharing your response with family and friends.

Thank you.

Multiple things here:

  1. If you want to stop BioWare, you aren’t going to do it representing yourself as a non-paying customer. You should spam LucasArts so that they stop BioWare from doing it. That would make sense.
  2. The original films had plenty of near nudity and sexual situations to include; incest based kiss; nipples and sex slave torture. You clearly didn’t watch the films.
  3. Bioware is pacifying extremist huh? Giving their customer base what they want is called business. Not doing what they want at your non-paying non-customer demands is called pacifying extremist.
  4. The game is not for children, it is rated for teens. Furthermore, MMORPGs are dominated grossly with adults. As it has become the last safe haven in the gaming world for the mature community to gather under.
  5. You reference a policy that BioWare has for not representing gays in their games. I think everyone is confused. What policy?

As you all are Christian Extremist, I’m more concerned with why you think Star Wars is Family Friendly to your Beliefs. Not sure if you have played the game, but rest assured Star Wars contains the following intense themes to include:

  • Pre-Marital Sexual Encounters with Multiple Partners. Holla Playa!
  • Massive Amount of Options to Deliberately Murder Near-Innocent Beings
  • Mass Genocide. You may enjoy this. EM-RAH really represent Jews, and you get to murder them all.
  • Playing Evil Sith that in fact Do Very Evil Non-Christian Things
  • Playing Good Jedi that can in fact Also Do Very Evil Non-Christian Things
  • Did I Mention Needless Murder?
  • In-Depth Explanations of Religious Awesomeness of the Force 
  • Very Concise Decisions to Murder People

But that all doesn’t even matter because of two things. Because arguing with an extremist is much like punching your balls, you only look stupid in the process.

And more importantly the Florida Family Association is not in fact a group of extremist nor an advocacy group of people worried about Christian American Fundamentals. No, apparently you don’t have to have more than one person to actually be an Association. The truth of the matter is the Florida Family Association is actually a one man owned and operated function by one David Caton. Davey Caton is most famous for his Anti-Muslim propaganda, but more so famous in the examination of the born again Christians gone crazy. You see Mr. Caton used to be a Club Owner and on top of that one of the most obsessive porn addicts anyone has ever seen. He even wrote a book about it.

What Mr. Caton has figured out over his decade of issue mongering, is simply that you don’t actually need a real organization or supporters. You just need a printer and a mailing list. He spams such mailing list with exact duplicates of the same message, let’s the organizations PR scramble to contain the situation, and let’s other extremist crawl out of the fold on their own once the issue takes movement. And he watches it burn.

Which goes on to his ultimate plan that in a creepy way is very diabolical. He doesn’t get to make news that would title: One Psycho’s Delusional Christian Values Takes on Corporate Game Maker BioWare over Anti-Gay Rights. No, he gets this in the news: Christian Activist Groups Petition Game Maker to Exclude Same Sex Marriage. It is in fact brilliant is a sinister sort of fashion. He, without any support, gets to represent Christians as one against a non-issue.

I wonder if people like this know that they cause more hate and anxiety over religion more than they do advocate their position. Or maybe that is what these people are trying to do?

Either way, he’s a Sith. Just saying.


4 thoughts on “Fueling the War Against Homosexual/Christian Propaganda: A BioWare And a Fake Organization’s Story

  1. I think they are afraid someone is going to jump through their screen and sodomize them. I hope they are non paying customers and stay that way. Close minded homophobic have no place playing Satan’s video games. They need to stick to churning butter and forcing their wives to have sex with them.

  2. You Are Gay!

    This comment has be edited by Mr. Meh on the commentor’s behalf. Mr. Meh feels that insults are the foundation for self improvement and as such Mr. Meh is happy to edit your comments for basic grammatical errors in attempt to refrain others from insulting the insulter. Mr. Meh’s Supplication does not discriminate against the mentally challenged and small penis folk that frequent his blogging arena. Feel free to comment carelessly without comprehension or any understanding of the topic at hand. Our editors will adjust your nonsense text on your disabled behalf into a clear and concise garble of shit.

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