Upcoming 1.2 Patch: Prestigious Means Different Color

There was a bit of work up in our guild when we heard about Rated Warzones. 

“Alright, it looks like you all are going to have to focus fire and actually pay attention.”

Here we thought we were going to finally be forced to play like we did in the old days. Organized and top of the teir. Our biggest worry was with a re-roll to Republic most of our key players gave up Battlemaster Siths to be Champion Pubs. We currently only have 3 starting to get Battlemaster and the decent majority of us in Centurion and some Champion. And then on top of that you have 3 others re-rolling new toons for upcoming adjustments. So, when it seemed Rankings were going to determine our guild’s ability to be in better gear, we got a little worried.

But never fear, with the release of the patch notes we finally read this:

– Players with high ratings can purchase Rated War Hero gear and vehicles. Rated War Hero gear has the same stats as War Hero gear, but has a more prestigious appearance.

Oh, well this is good and disappointing in a couple of ways. I guess good that it doesn’t cause an immediate imbalance for guilds that already have 8 mans in full Battlemaster being able to immediately obtain the best and stay on top. Disappointing in the fact that it doesn’t really give a reason other than bragging rights. What more do you need right? I guess maybe a slight advantage would be okay.

Well, who cares right? At least our hard work in the rankings will gain us much better appearances. And then this happened  (thanks to Old Republic.NET for posting them):


Besides being the worst design for end game gear ever, the term “Prestigious Appearance” apparently means slight color variation.


2 thoughts on “Upcoming 1.2 Patch: Prestigious Means Different Color

  1. If you notice, it’s the same for the current PvP gear. Centurion, Champion, and Battlemaster all look exactly the same but are different colors. Although disappointed, I am not surprised Bioware went that path.

    I would have LOVED to have seen different sets for rated, even if it was different helmets and chest pieces only. Different helmets would be rad because it’s the most noticeable part of a character.

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