Upcoming 1.2 Patch: The Death of Green Big Guns

The initial patch notes for 1.2 are out.

 What’s surprising to me is who is whiney and who is not. There are some pretty significant changes, but the parties I expected to be the loudest are not yet screaming like I think they should.

Anyways, I’ve not been very happy with my Commando in PVP healing. It basically has a 2 button rotation to maintain Ammo (mana pool) costs. I feel like I’m Marauder Cat Food. Basically with their interrupt and cooldown increase, I’m a sitting duck. And they know it. With their incoming buff in 1.2, I wasn’t all that thrilled, but it was the first thing I read. While reading down the list I assumed they would be giving us Commandos something to combat the upcoming changes of PvP doom. My heart sank as I read the changes to Combat Medic:

– Field Training now increases critical chance by 1% per point.

Oh my god a buff, right? Wrong. Wording makes it seem this way, but this ability used to be 2% per point, so yeah, slight nerf to crit/surge specs.

– Field Triage now reduces the cost of Medical Probe by 1 (down from 2).

This is a Gigantic Nerf. Basically, if you don’t play a Commando, here’s a quick class synopsis. You have an ammo pool of 12 shots. This regens, but does so slower the lower your ammo gets. Meaning, you can really only go below 6 to dig deep when you have a Reload (2 min cooldown) ready or you have no other choice. Going below is basically a last result in most cases. To maintain healing more than, I don’t know, 7 seconds you need Field Triage so that you can cast Advanced Med Probe for 2 Ammo and consequently so that you can throw Reg Med Probe for 1 Ammo. With this change, now it’s 2.

To put this in perspective, we need to compare it with the Sage who is given a 500 point Force Pool that slowly regens. The Sage uses a 3 sec Cast called Deliverance which is more comparable to the Commando’s Medical Probe. The Sage also has Benevolence, which is a quicker cast, smaller amount comparable to the Advanced Medical Probe. Now while this is about where the similarities end, these are basically the main healing skills these classes have, even though the Sage has multiple other options to directly heal with.

Deliverance is 55 Force and Benevolence is 50 Force. While Medical Probe cost 3 Ammo and Adv. Med Probe cost 2. While the Commando can use Field Triage to reduce the Medical Probe cost by 1 (was 2) with advanced med probe the Sage can ignore Benevolence in a straight healing contest. The Sage can also go to the immediate bottom of the Telekenetics tree to not only increase their Force Pool by 100 (600 Total) but can reduce all ability cost by 9%, making their Deliverance costs 50 now.

Saying that both parties are spec’d similarly, their heavy heal should heal for an average of 2.5 K while their secondary quicker heal should be more towards 1.7K.

Regens for the Sage are roughly 8 Force per Second. Regen for the Trooper depends on the amount of ammo. Currently the assumed amounts are for 8 ammo and above, 0.6 ammo/sec; above 3 is 0.36 ammo/sec; and below 3 ammo result is in a 0.24 ammo/sec.

For the Sage at 600 Force over 30 seconds of straight healing could cast X number of Deliverances. At 30 Seconds, that would be (30*8) an extra 240 Force. Meaning with proper upgrades you could cast 2 second Deliverances (Qty 15) at 45 Force each for a total of 750 Force. At the end of 30 seconds the Sage would have 90 Force left and would have at least (without crit) 37,500 worth of Healing.

For the Commando with 12 Ammo we have to follow the progress in step format:

Cast Adv. Med (2 ammo)/ 1.5 Sec/ 1,700 Health = 10 Ammo/1.5Sec/1,700H
Cast Med Probe (2 ammo)/ 2 Sec/ 2,500 Health + (0.6*1.5) 1 Ammo Regen = 9 Ammo/3.5Sec/4,200H
Cast Med Probe (3 Ammo)/ 2 Sec/ 2,500 Health + (0.6*2) 1 Ammo Regen = 7 Ammo/5.5Sec/6,700H
Wait .5 Sec for Adv. Med
Cast Adv. Med (2 ammo)/ 1.5 Sec/ 1,700 Health + (0.36*2.5) 1 Ammo Regen = 6 Ammo/7.5Sec/8,400H
Cast Med Probe (2 ammo)/ 2 Sec/ 2,500 Health + (0.36*1.5) 0 Ammo Regen = 4 Ammo/9.5Sec/10,900H
Cast Med Probe (3 Ammo)/ 2 Sec/ 2,500 Health + (0.36*2) 1 Ammo Regen = 2 Ammo/11.5Sec/13,400H
Wait .5 Sec for Adv. Med
Cast Adv. Med (2 ammo)/ 1.5 Sec/ 1,700 Health + (0.36*2.5) 1 Ammo Regen = 1 Ammo/13.5Sec/15,100H
Wait 1 Sec for Adv. Med for Ammo Regen
Cast Med Probe (2 ammo)/ 2 Sec/ 2,500 Health + (0.24*2.5) 1 Ammo Regen = 0 Ammo/16.5Sec/16,00H

Now you cast into Recharge and Reload to get back ammo to get to the 35,000 worth over 30 Seconds. But if that’s not available, then you are just plain fucked. Not to bore you with numbers, but using this system with the old cost would have meant you could have made it to 28 Seconds before getting to 0 or 1 Ammo.

This is in all essence a giant nerf. I understand this was probably a change for PVE, but I’m not liking the pool management now in comparison with the Sage. This just makes my decision that much more easy to make. Sage it is.

– Kolto Bomb now affects up to 4 targets (up from 3), improving reliability in group and Operation situations.

I like that they specified the PVE usage.  

– Kolto Residue now increases all healing received by 3% (down from 5%).

Kolto bomb healing is almost useless now. Not sure why we are nerfing an already useless high cost ability.

– Psych Aid no longer reduces the cost of Field Aid. It now causes Field Aid to heal the target for a small amount.

I get that you have basically given all Troopers the Psych Aid for free to the class. A specified “Small” amount would be nice to know. Small as in the useless amount the Trauma Probe does for roughly 250 health or small as in the slightly useful amount that Advanced Medical Probe can do?

– Supercharge Cells now restores 1 Energy Cell (down from 2) when used and increases all damage and healing dealt by 5% (down from 10%). The shield applied by Kolto Bomb now reduces damage taken by 5% (down from 10%).

Another Nerf in all sorts of ways. That Energy Restoration was a big one for healing Commandos. Mainly because Reload is on a massive 2 min cooldown, you’re only other dig for ammo recharging was the Supercharge. The extra 5% being taken away is basically a dick slap after the load has been blown on your face.

– Trauma Probe now costs 2 Energy Cells to activate.

Let me get this straight? You have taken an ability thought to be useless outside of leveling that roughly heals for 200 health on damage only in 2 sec intervals but at least was a free cast that you can only apply to one player. And now you are making said entirely useless ability cost 2 Ammo?

Go ahead you twats. Make it 10 Ammo while you are at it. And reduce its healing by 90%.

If you want to make it cost Ammo, maybe you should make it heal for some amount over the current near non-existant.


Normally I see room for adjustment, but this just overall says to me that the Healing Commando is considered extremely over powered in terms of Energy Management. I just don’t see how this is true. It’s my biggest grief with the class operation. And now you are basically cutting that usage by 30%. I don’t find these terms acceptable. But, then again, you basically just gave me resolve to play my Sage non-stop for a week.

2 thoughts on “Upcoming 1.2 Patch: The Death of Green Big Guns

  1. Hy Meh. I am french so sorry for my english :) Yeah I read a lot of your articles today, a lot of things are true and it is why I learnt these things. But here you said that you are a thing like “food for marauder” if i understood. At the moment, Mercs/commando are the best healer in term of survivability/power. You have an heavy armor, good cooldown and an amazing resistance. You said that you are kick all the time. I understand and it is why the MMO create the “fake-cast”. It is not my main but I have a healer Mercs and I am never kick due to this. Moreover, in SWTOR kick are just useless in front of healer.

    – OKay I heal
    – No no, I kick you
    – WTF ! Okay I heal with my other spell
    – … F*** !

    Then, you have your shield which give you a total immortality during 15 secondes. No kick, reduce the damage taken by 25%. Just Godmod.
    For me, the nerf is justified. Sometimes, I can take 3 or 4 guys on me, I am never under 30% of my health. If you look at sorcerer or agent, 2 marauder on him and he is dead without doing something.
    And to finish, your class is the only class which can be an amazing hybrid Dps/healer.
    Maybe the nerf is too much, we will see, but Bioware had to do something with it, because it was a (too much) perfect healer.

    Of course, it is my opinion and some things you said are true.

    • Salute,

      Couple of things. I have to slightly disagree with some points on this premise alone:

      I have both a 50 Commando and a Sage. So my opinion on the durability and usefulness of the Commando is based on my experience with another class.

      I can tell you, that despite the Heavy Armor, Commmandos/Mercs don’t have that great of a defense. Sure it gives Snipers a little less to DPS through, but Armor doesn’t mitigate Tech or Force Damage. Guess what every class does in terms of Damage? And even when the class has to rely on Kinetic or Physical damamge, EX Assassin/Shadow they have armor bypass. So, armor isn’t as great as one may hope for. In comparison to the Force Armor, it’s something to be jealous over.

      The immune to setbacks for 15 seconds is bit overrated. It makes Maruaders/Sentinels QQ a bit, but in reality you are talking about an ability with the cooldown of 2 minutes. In PVP, 2 mins is what we call “Useless” or “1 shot”. Sure I can annoy a Marauder for 15 seconds twice in Voidstar. The rest of the match he rips me to death for 10+ kills.

      The “Fake cast” You are referring is a viable strategy if you see it coming. But then that comes down to ‘Are you healing yourself to survive?’ or ‘Are you healing at least 3 others?’ Sure you can survive. No one else is. Compare this to the Sage/Sorceror who can cast up a Force Armor and heal his friends, then when the interupts come in they can use other heals and keep throwing shields up to defend friends. My point is, a Maruader goes after the Commando, it forces heals all one friendly (probably him) and the group will fold without a second healer. The Sage however can withstand the onslaught and break away from the healer killer due to utility alone.

      What I don’t like about the Commmando in both Heals and DPS is the overwelming simplicity of 2 button smash. To compesate the lack of utility and class structure, the Commando is roughly too hard hitting or capable of healing very strong. The only balance in the class was the energy management.

      With that being effectly cut in by 1/3 effeciency, I consider the healing capabilities pretty meager for you really need in PVP, and that’s burst heals.

      With 1.2 testing very much over by other people, I would assume we won’t see a giant nerf. What I can tell you and anyone else is, having the option to either play my Sage with all of his utility and endurance, or go and heal on my Commando who I was already annoyed with not having very effecient energy mechanic nor variety, this nerf doesn’t seem balanced to me. This is only a perspective that I beleive based on the having the 2 classes at high level PVP.

      As BioWare said, the healing capabilities for PVP were grossly inflated and it’s not the balance they were looking for. Apparently they want to see more kills. For that reason I can understand a healing nerf all around. But, I think the Sage/Sorc is getting off easy in comparison. A Mana dip now hurts they’re health?? Big deal. In comparison, the healing Commando/Merc is getting the real slap in the face in terms of energy management.

      BioWare simply claims its a healing nerf to all classes. I don’t think the nerf is balanced.

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