Sages and Sorcerers: Over Powered or Over Esteemed: Part 1

I have had my turns in a few of roles in SWTOR. I started the game late assuming the wildly rare class of Imperial Agent in the month of December. I, of course, more attracted to healing aspects went the route of Operative. Reading about the character was by far more fun than actually playing the character, and by January’s start I was so irritated with the lack of progress, that I was dabbling in all sorts of projects. Not one of which attracted me back to my Operative. Even today, my conclusion stands that this role in game is only one you can appreciate after having played other roles.

I then went with some old friends to a new server and for some reason at the rank of 10 decided that go Assassin instead of Sorcerer despite the fact I knew I liked healing. It was as if my right and left brain had a battle and my right side just laid down to the left’s demands.

  • Left Side: Wooooaah…. A double blade lightsaber option?
  • Right Side: We just got bored with an Operative because we don’t like Glass Cannon DPS and we rolled this specifically to be a Sorc.
  • Left Side: Darth Maul!
  • Right Side: That’s not even an argument. You are just saying relatab….
  • Left Side: Double Blade Lightsaber!
  • Right Side: Okay, but …
  • Right Side: Okay, Geez …

To a point, when my guild started alts on the Republic Side a few weeks in, on the same Server to help balance the Open PVP, I was somewhat relieved. I had my moments as an Assassin, but I was clearly misplaced in my calling. So when we all started new toons, I of course started a Consular. And I played such Consular to the ripe rank of 12 before my Left Side Brain saw a Commando.

  • Left Side: Big Gun!?!
  • Right Side: Yeah, it’s a race to get to rank 50 right now. We are behind the main group and this will cut a day into our overall leveling plan …
  • Left Side: HEAVY ARMOR!
  • Right Side: That is true, but you know how we are always …
  • Left Side: NOOOWWWSSS!!!
  • Right Side: For God Raping Mary Sake … Fine!

And Right Side leveled that Commando to 50. With no help from Left, who was too busy wasting precious ammo on Explosive Rounds trying to get 25 kill medals. It was a terrible union.

  • Left Side: Must fire … another wave of Full Auto!
  • Right Side: We are a healer. And we only have a half bar of ammo left.
  • Left Side: Explosive Rounds!!!
  • Right Side: Great, out of ammo.
  • Left Side: Boooooo. Why?
  • Right Side: Why? Why?!? You ignoramus, because you wanted a big gun instead of a Sage. Guess who gets a practically limitless Action Pool?
  • Left Side: Whaaaaaaaa?
  • Right Side: That’s right. I was right back then, but no … we keep listening to you.
  • Left Side: I wanna LightSaber!
  • Right Side: We already have a 50.
  • Right Side: (I do this to myself)

3 weeks and some massive leveling and now both Left and Right are happy.

  • Left Side: Throw Stone. Throw lots of Stones. Now throw 2 Stones. Now Mez. Now Stone.
  • Right Side: Now, now Left. What did I say about stability?
  • Left Side: Oh yeah … Throw Stone. Cast Force Shield. Throw Stone. Throw Lots of Stones. Yay! He Dead.
  • Right Side: Good boy.
  • Left Side: How long can I do this for?
  • Right Side: Forever, Lefty. Forever.


Tune in next chapter, when I get away from writing inner brain dialog to actual factual data and analysis of the Classes.


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