SWTOR: The Devs, The Players and the Understanding

I basically keep up with a couple of websites to get my share of resources each day for SWTOR. As a former WAR blogger I am of course in habit of checking in first with my old resouces. I generally go check out Werit first. He keeps me upto date with WAR. Just in case I feel like coming back. But more importantly he also plays SWTOR and EVE, so his convenient blog roll on the side makes him my perfect resource for getting glimpses of bloggers I want to read.

From there I generally check in with Ask a Jedi. I find the read clean and to the right point. Many are doing the news at 12 approach, but I find this blog’s take on a daily basis worth checking into. Between catching Developer notes and just basic news, it seems to have what I’m looking for.

I also tend check in on OldRepublic.net. They have the some pretty useful guides. Incomplete in some cases, but useful. Plus the front page news source isn’t bad.

Which brings me to the point of the post. Today’s front page article is on Developer Frustration and the Quality of Forum Posts.

The site moderator pulled in a classic “Suck It” from a former developer on the SW Galaxies MMO. As funny as it is, it is sad, as Vexx points out, the vast majority of forum posts on the official forums are of the retarded nature. I find his statistic almost perfectly true. Ss when reading any post of any nature, it takes nearly 100 replies to read one well mannered and thought out collection of words. The high majority are of the regular texting language crap.

Is it that the overwelming majority of players are full blown idiots? Or is it simply the actual majority are either non-vocal or the refer to other mediums? I like to prefer to think that it’s the latter.

I mean really, if you have a good idea, do you really want it buried in the 500 replies inbetween “I R 2 Awesomes 4 U” and then below “I AM GOING TO END MY SUB IF YOU DON”T NERF <ROCK> -SINCERELY SCISSORS”?

The answer is no. I doubt that you do. So you start a blog and your opinions are never read again.

So while I appreciate the Developer Fuck You, based on the assumption that the player base is whiney unemployeed children, I like to believe in the CCP Model. Which from 2011, we learned, that the upset player base controls a lot. It only takes a couple of upgrades, rumors and lack of updates in other areas, to directly layoff a hundred or so employees. Which is really sad. A company goes after decent revolutionary upgrades (this being the station and character avatar customization, the best any game has ever dreamed) but ends up being a horrible company destablizing move.

To me, it’s a really important lesson.

Player base basically demands 3 basic things: More Ships, More Combat Stuff, Balance
Developer goes: Fuck You, You Want Non-Space Stuff, Money Buyable Crap, and Major Overhaul to In Game Shinies that Don’t Matter

And it results in … 2 destroyed side product, complete turn around of a companies image and let’s not forget the dozens that probably won’t return to work.

Yet, CCP still turned a major profit. That’s of course due to cuts in expenses. But they turned around. It took a genuine outcry of players to go, Fix Now or I Leave, in a childish approach for the developer to go “Okay okay … we have some stuff. It’s not ready, but we’ll halt all crap and balance and fix right now.”

So as much as I feel for developers being harrassed by what is clearly a very biased and unforgiving customer base, I do have to say what I have always said before…

“It’s free fucking feedback”

Think how much every other industry has to pay out to get customers to give them their opinion. In the MMO world, everyone gives you theirs for free. For free. And it’s completely trackable and you know everything about the opinionated voice. Amazing.

So while it’s failry annoying to keep reading “Sorcs R OP”, I guess it’s a little nicer than say, I don’t know … losing 30% of your subs in silence.

Just a thought.


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