5 Ways SWTOR Changed My Life

I’ve noticed my SWTOR playing has become a bit intense. Not so much about the time playing, but rather the affect it has had on me in the real world.

#1 – I (Wave My Hand) To Get My Way

Me: “It’s pantless Tuesday! Let’s get our pantless dance on.”

Her: “Ummmm … no. House is coming on.”

Me: “You want to take off your pants.” (wave hand)

Her: “Go play your game.”

#2 – I Feel That Every Thought Process Needs 3 Options

I find myself pausing, wondering what the second option could be in every situation. Of course the third is always simply Force Lightening.

I curled my fingers and made the Darth Sidious face from Episode VI to my manager after being asked to take on someone else project last week. She asked if I just attempted to electrocute her. I gave her +100 affection points and left the office.

#3 – “You Just Need to Learn to Deal”

I’ve heard my Inquisitor say it like 50 times already. I find that much more fun than saying “Deal With It”. Really makes people wonder about you.

#4 – I Set Daily and Weekly Goals at Work

No Joke. I know keep a checklist open on my second monitor that I update in the morning and close with things I want to accomplish today and by friday.

The bottom one is always, win 9 Warzones.

#5 – I Pray Everyday in Thanks that Gungans Weren’t Featured in the Game in Any Fashion

No explanation needed.


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