SWTOR: Patch 1.1.5 Stupidity Follow Up

As I exactly expected. Far too much Valor for very little effort. Only 5 warzones last night,3 were wins, took me from Valor rank 49 to 52. That’s indeed ludicrous speed. This will mean I will be Valor 60 in 2 weekends and into 5 parts Battlemaster.

BioWare really, really does not want us playing just 1 character.

“Oh, you like to PVP do ya? You like grinding out Valor and Killing people in your long marathon of race to earn Battlemaster”?

You don’t want to try out any of our other storylines, huh”?

Do you know how long it took to make those!? Don’t care, huh”?

Well guess what you single minded fuck, here’s a shit load of valor for no fucking reason what so ever! Now go roll a Guardian for a challenge”.

I have only one question for you BioWare:

Why are you planning to add a dozen more medals to warzones when there is no reason besides the 4 any moron can accidently achieve already?


4 thoughts on “SWTOR: Patch 1.1.5 Stupidity Follow Up

  1. The “theory” behind this change is to make people more focused on winning the warzone rather than farming the enemy and dragging it out. But you are right, if only the first 4 medals count, what’s the point of counting past that? The old system they had work just fine. They could have just buffed each medallion slightly instead.

    Just like what happened in WAR when they made Sovereign armor much easier to attain, it’s going to cheapen the accomplishment of all those players who put in the long hours to be able to wear battlemaster gear.

    • Well.. The good news is coming in late against the loads of battlemasters is no longer a worry. You can be geared and well placed in Valor fairly quick.

      Also, important note if you are 50. Your valor rank can’t surpass your normal Rank. Boooo.

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