Mister Meh’s GIGANTIC SWTOR Wish List: Part 1

Oh this is a BIG write up. I took what was an outline of a wish list, then added some details, and I ended up making a three part wish list with just so many specifics it’s a TL;DR all in all. Please link it on the forums if you love it. Add suggestions, bring up points, attack a position; but tell me what you think. I’m pretty sure that I’ve mapped out the perfect MMO for me. I think if you are reading me, you are probably in the same boat.

Part 1: PVP Improvements:
Open, Warzones, PvP Gear
   (This Post)


Part 2: Legacy and Classes:
   Races, Additional Classes, More Advanced Classes


Part 3: Miscellaneous:
Space Combat, Gear, Customization, Guilds


Enjoy and Comment

Part 1: PvP Improvements with Open Warfare, Warzones and Landscape Objectives

I’m going to be honest, my emphasis here is: I realize that not only is PVP secondary in the game, but I also know that you PVE Dungeon carebears make up the vast majority of the game, even on PVP servers. I have no beef with you. I just want better PvP, and considering the resources available from Mythic, I’m pretty sure it’s all completely possible.

Fixing Ilum

What’s really just overall broken in PVP is Ilum. For multiple reason. And considering that in upcoming patch you’ll be adjusting kill count for the dailies to now be reflective in Warzone, I’m pretty sure you recognize the issues at hand.

Major Player Issues with Ilum:

  • Massive Lag – Many report lower than 10 Frames per Second
  • Ease of Travel – It takes a 1 minute Space Ship Ride, to a port (1 minute), to a landing pad (1 more minute) in a PVE zone, for a 5 minute bike ride just to get to PVP. Then you have to haul in on foot.
  • King of the Hill – 1 Place of Control that matters for the simple spawning of Armaments
  • No Reasonable Point – There seems to be no overall objective in Ilum
  • No Underdog System – Zerg equals even more bonus to Valor.

Lag: is something I don’t have a solution to. I can gander at the fact that there is a PVE zone attached to the PVP zone, or the fact that too much action of pew pew is taking place over our heads. But other than that, I’m sure the issues are something you can take care of. Mythic figured it out in WAR, I’m sure the same thought process needs to take place.

Ease of Travel: is basically very fixable. Cut out the travel to a landing pad in PVE. Replace with landing in the Republic/Empire base and then PVE’ers can travel by bike to the other pad.

Overall, Ilum’s point is lost. Though it’s open PVP, it’s very much encouraging Zerging. More players mean controlling center and outlier objective to increase valor through the roof. This means, whoever has more has the most.

First there needs to be an Objective to taking Ilum. Random fighting is fun and all. But there still needs to be an overall purpose. Needless to say, if I wanted military control of the planet, then most likely my plan of attack should probably be that Enemy Base. What we need is an almost linear objective take and hold movement over the Battlefield, which results in a realm bonus.

Sacking the opposing Base results in a Valor and Commendation Bonus. Performing this requires taking each objective in linear format and then attacking the enemy base head on. Here would be the suggested changes to the current system to account for this.

1-      Capture Action

  1. Taking down the 3 enemy walkers now signals for reinforcements. Rather than immediate drop ships, the objective goes on a 2 minute timer. This is the amount of the time; your allies need to fly in the necessary forces.

2-      Capture Requirements

  1. Capturing a new objective requires owning the previous objective. For example. If you are Sith/Empire taking Southern point requires owning Central. Attacking the Republic Base would require having Southern which implies control of Central.

3-      Center Focal Points

  1. There will be 4 focal points added around Central. To acquire Central, the attacking side will need to take and hold 2 of their corresponding focal points. This means 2 parts. Simply owning the Southern/Northern points do not directly inherit access to attack Central. This also entails a defensive strategy for offensive needs. For example. Sith/Empire have taken Central and are now pushing for taking Southern. Republic players can do multiple scenarios in this position. 1 is to simply fight on Southern to delay capture, as well; Republic can attack their 2 focal points to capture Central for themselves. Halting both Sith/Empire’s attack on Southern and gain Republic offense to Northern.

4-      Valor Bonus

  1. Capture Bonus: Being on Ilum when your side captures a point grants a 10 minute buff for valor boost. Central grants a 100% bonus to Valor. Southern/Northern grants 200%.
  2. Defensive Bonus: While defending either a control objective or Focal Point, the defenders are granted a buff for being in that area. Moving away loses this bonus. Defending Central grants 100%. Defending Focal points around Central is 100%. Defending Northern/Central is a 200% valor bonus. Defending a Base grants 250% bonus.

5-      Capture/Campaign Bonus

  1. Capturing a point grants Valor and Commendations. Central is 500 Valor. Focal Points are 250 Valor. Northern/Southern is 1000 Valor. Capturing a Base is 3000 Valor.
  2. Campaign Bonus is the result of being a part of the War in total. This helps players to stay on Ilum. Each Capture in progressive order grants additional Valor based on the campaign. Each linear capture adds a percentage bonus to each reward per capture. The Campaign Bonus shows as a buff and displays the bonus by percentage if your realm captures. Leaving Ilum puts this buff on a 10 Minute countdown before disappearing to account for reasonable disconnects or travels for resources.
    • Capturing Central Grants a 15% campaign buff to all other captures
    • Capturing Northern/Southern grants a 25% campaign buff

These are cumulative but not for the same point. So capturing Central grants the 15% campaign buff for your time on Ilum, but losing a recapturing does not add an extra 15%. Northern and Southern are separate, so capturing Southern (25%) then Central (15%) and then Northern (25%) would grant the max 65% Campaign Bonus capable for capturing the enemy base.

Kills are aside from the valor bonus. A complete sweep of Ilum would grant at least 22,400 Valor. This would require starting from a Base defense, capturing Southern/Northern 1,000. Then capture each Focal Point in under 10 mins, would be an additional 1,875 (250 x2 x125% +200%). Then taking Central would be an additional 1,875 (500 x125% +200%). Capturing the next Northern/Southern would then be 2,800 (1000 x140% +100%). Taking the enemy Base in under 10 mins would then grant 14,850 (3000 x165% +200%). Near impossible, but with little defenses, this would yield a high no player kill valor output.

  • Base Capture
    • Capturing an enemy base results in a zone reset. In which all points goes neutral except for the Bases. Objectives are not attackable for 5 minutes.
    • Neutral points taken do not grant either Valor nor Campaign bonuses. They are simply up for capture to put a time delay on another Base rush. Works as a speed bump system in case one side is over populated. Gives time for defenders to assemble.
  • Under Dog Buffs/ Over Achiever Buffs
    • The Under Dog buff is gained by the side that has had their base sacked. This buff is given to anyone on the Under Dog side that enters Ilum for their time on Ilum. This grants 3 parts:
      1. Valor Bonus for Captures and Kills
      2. Time for Capture Bonus
      3. Expertise Bonus to Stats
    •  The Over Achiever Buff is given to all that enter Ilum for their duration. This buff works as a debuff:
  1. Valor Derogation to Capture Bonuses and Campaign Bonuses
  2. Time for Capture
    • Base Capture to Underdog Chart

The buff shows up on as a level. The level correlates directly to the number of base captures your enemy has preformed sequentially within a duration. If the duration of the buff runs out or your side captures the enemy base your buff disappears. It does not tier to the next lowest level.

Level of Buff Number of Captures Duration Capture Time Valor Bonus Expertise Bonus
1 1 2 Hours 2:00 10% 5%
2 2 4 Hours 1:30 20% 10%
3 3 8 Hours 1:00 35% 15%
4 4 16 Hours 0:30 50% 25%
5 5 32 Hours Instant 75% 50%
    •  Base Capture to Overachiever Chart

The buff shows up on your character as a level. The level correlates directly to the number of base captures your side has preformed sequentially within a duration. The debuffs do not affect stats. They stand as way to prevent revolving door sacking during opposing play times. The Valor debuff is only to captures and campaign bonuses, not to player kills or the capture valor.

Level of Buff Number of Captures Duration Capture Time Valor Bonus Expertise Bonus
1 1 2 Hours 2:30 -20% No Effect
2 2 4 Hours 3:00 -35% No Effect
3 3 8 Hours 5:00 -50% No Effect
4 4 16 Hours 10:00 -75% No Effect
5 5 32 Hours 15:00 -100% No Effect


Warzones need a couple of additions. Knowing that one more warzone version is coming in patch 1.2, some of this might get taken care of.

Major Player Issues with Warzones:

  • Lack of Variety
  • Choice of that Variety
  • Grouping
  • Voice Overs

Here’s what we need to fix this:

1-      Variety

  1. Deathmatch Warzone
    • No explanation needed.
  2. Hybrid Warzone
    • Point based warzone based on both capture points and kills.

2-      Choosing Warzones

  • We need a queueing option that allows us to queue for what Warzones we are interested in waiting for.

3-      We need to be able to have easily reformed groups on warzone completion.

  • The whole reforming after the warzone is wildly irritating.

4-      We a disable voice-overs for the beginning of the Warzones.

  • It was cute at first. Now, we are to the point of anger in having to hear it.

End Game PvP Gear

Currently PvP Gear is outlined as follows:

  • Centurion Sets
    • Centurion Commendations (Plentiful in Champ Bags)
  • Champion Sets
    • Champion Commendation or Lucky Drop in Champion Bags (Not Plentiful in Champ Bags)
  • Battlemaster Sets
    • Battlemaster Commendations through Battlemaster Bags
    • Only Valor Requirement (Valor 60)

I propose the addition of 2 more PVP sets based on Valor Ranks as well as a Commendation upgrade purchasable.

Here what I would add and change:

1-      Field Marshall Set

  • Valor Rank 70 requirement
  • Opens for Obtainable Monthly Missions for PVP
  • Obtainable Field Marshall Bag from Dailies/Weeklies/Monthlies.
  • As Champion and Battlemaster bag loot rate, commendation amount given, and commendation expense increase, the same effect takes place for Field Marshall Sets. Obtaining the proper Valor Rank is not only difficult, the amount of resources need to obtain full Field Marshall Set will be extensive as well.
  • Gear attributes are minor improvements from Battlemaster to reduce gear disparity.
  • Relics now have a set bonus. 2 of 2 grants a bonus.

2-      Bombard General Set

  • Valor Rank 80 requirement
  • Obtainable Bombard General Bag from Dailies/Weeklies/Monthlies.
  • As Champion and Battlemaster bag loot rate, commendation amount given, and commendation expense increase, the same effect takes place for Bombard General Sets. Obtaining the proper Valor Rank is not only difficult, the amount of resources need to obtain full = Set will be extensive as well.
  • Gear attributes are minor improvements from Battlemaster/Field Marshall to reduce gear disparity.
  • Relics and Implants now have a set bonus. 2 of 4 grants a bonus, 4 of 4 grants a bonus.

3-      Commendation Upgrade System

  • Allow for commendations to be purchased in upward for extremely high amounts.
    • Champion Commendations costs 200 Centurion.
    • Battlemaster Commendations costs 500 Champion.
    • Field Marshall cost 1,000 Champion or 200 Battlemaster.
    • Bombard General cost 1,000 Battlemaster or 200 Field Marshall.

4-      PVE capable sets from PVP commendations

  • Add in 1 set for each level for each class that replaces Expertise with applicable set. That way players that arein between valor ranks accumulating commendations can spend them on equipping companions and themselves for availability to Dungeons.

One thought on “Mister Meh’s GIGANTIC SWTOR Wish List: Part 1

  1. This was on the day of the Guild Summit meeting. Patch 1.2 looks really decent. The last two aspects of my day dream are in someway being realized.

    But … just in case a dev is reading this. I can’t stress enough how much I and others want Ilum to work. We hope this isn’t getting forgotten and that 1.3 not 1.4 addresses this.

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