Snow White Cocaine

Probably the best part of blogging on WordPress isn’t the networking, the linking and search options, the ease of use, or the data and details. No, it’s most definitely the ability to see what people were searching for when they were linked to your blog from a search engine.

I’ve lost a great deal of commenters and readers in my hiadus over the last year, but I still have a pretty consistant amount of hits a day. Many for things I’m not even sure why they are still topical. Foremost being DC Universe Technical Support. The next being Civilization V reviews. But this weeks bottom rung searches had me crying in laughter.

  • I got not 1, but 2 hits for war 40k dark templars. This made me a little sad.
  • Then I scroll down to see how to rub out berries. I don’t even know what (one) what you were looking for, and (two) why I show up on the search results.
  • I not only show up on this search engine result, but someone actually followed the link to my blog 4 times for … snow white cocaine.
  • And the one that had me crying in laughter, someone or persons came to my blog 3 times for …. pendragen grape vag trick joker.

I don’t know what you were looking for. But I think you are mixing your Anglo Mythology with DC comics and your pron at the same time. You can only have 2, not all three. And not one is located on my blog, I think. I do say some weird things sometimes.


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