SWTOR: Patch 1.1.5 Stupidity

This is absolutely unacceptable:

Medals are now worth 500 Valor and 10 Commendations. Players only earn Valor and Commendations for the first 4 medals earned each match. *UPDATED 2/28*

A last minute change that many didn’t see coming. Let me get this straight; You want to boost the Valor and Commendations per Medal Reward? And now you want to make it only for the first 4 medals only?

What kind of under achiever system are you promoting? You get 2 medals just for sitting on a point. That’s 1000 Valor and 20 Commendations for doing absolutely nothing what so ever. 10 minutes of afking on an objective now equals 50 Open PVP kills in Ilum.

Let me repeat:


Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?


3 thoughts on “SWTOR: Patch 1.1.5 Stupidity

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  2. Having only to worry about 4 medals means that you spend more time actually paying attention to pvp rather than specifics of grinding medals. Also, the buff to valor is due to a new tier of pvp gear coming.

    You should do some reading before you post things like this.

    • The first is a point for arguing sake. It’s simply a matter of opinion. Does having only 4 medals to worry about make players play the warzone more appropriately? Personal opinion, no, it doesn’t. A player going after 8 to 10 medals at least has to kill a crap ton or heal a crap ton to achieve it. Achieving 4 takes little less than half a brain. If you didn’t get 4 by than end, you are drooling out the side of your mouth or you came into a warzone with only 2 mins left on the board. By your argument, 4 medals favorable for AFKers more than it does force players to play. Make the Valor and Medal objective based on 4 medals is no more helping players attune to the objectives than it is making it easier for AFKers. Your point is stupid based on this alone. You cannot argue that a player going for 10 medals is less effective to the objectives. Your idea is that player will get their 4 and all the sudden realize, “gee, I guess I should help win this now”. I completely disagree with you, captain. Sorry. Stating a false facts is not a real argument against my point.

      “You should do some reading before you post things like this.”

      You come not 1, but 2 months after a post and comment about how the post is not up to date? You then also again don’t have your facts in line.

      The buff to valor is not due to the new tier of PvP gear as neither BM or WH will have any valor requirement. I agree that my concern for valor increase is moot. But only because a month later it would be found that Valor doens’t matter.

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