SWTOR: Lessons Learned

I finally hit 50 last night. It was bitter-sweet as I was hoping to rather spend the rest of my night earning Warzone Commendations so that I could buy 5 bags at my consequently level. But instead the major portion of our level 50 part of the guild wanted to go get the +10 All Stats Datacron. Let’s see, rush to 50 and get a guaranteed group to get the group required datacron, or pound out Warzones for the hope that I will get a lucky break from the Champion Bags?

After all the failure of finding out the Republic +10 datacron is bugged to hell, (I kept getting ported outside the ship when I grappled) we gave up and I ran some Warzones. Oh …. bottom of the tier again. Sigh.

Being a competent healer pre 50 made me a celebrity. I guess because no one levels a healer. It is much slower in PVE. Much slower. After the rank of 20, I can’t remember a warzone where I didn’t get cheered, bowed to, or waved. The /ops chat would light up with, “Oh Good, we have Nikk”. Or my favorite, “Fuck Yeah, NIKK”. I haven’t gone without receiving at least 2 MVP votes per game. In fact I had 3 instances of receiving 6 MVP medals. People love healers. I guess because they aren’t willing to do it themselves. It hasn’t even been a day and I am missing the healing praise already.

Which leads me to the fact that running Warzones solo is probably going to be an uphill grind. I’m already considering making a Sage alt to get back to healing for 2 reasons:

(1) Despite meeting many competent healing Commandos, I have yet to be beaten in healing numbers by one. The only class that beats me in numbers is the Sage. It’s happened a couple of times. Also the mechanic for ammo makes me sad. You lose generation when you fall below 50%, that’s retarded. I want to worry about managing my bar, not subsections of my bar.

(2) That fucking back piece that stretches for no apparently reason is obnoxious enough for me to reroll again. My camera is behind my character, I can see nothing but that. How did you not BioWare? It’s worse than clipping, a thousand times over.

So I have decided that I am reserving my Commando to level 50 groups with my guild and to not foolishly queue or roam alone. The other is to work on a Sage. Here are the things I am going to do differently:

  • I am going to do all the datacrons as I am on the planet. This was a mistake in two ways to overlook. One, you’re right there and coming back later to do it is just a waste when discovering them gets you XP. Discover them all and you get even more XP, because aparrently uncovering the entire zone isn’t by going everywhere its by finding 3 hidden little boxes. Secondly, as minor as the increases seem, the end result is quite a bit of increase to your base stats. Granting that much more edge.
  • Screw Side and Heroic Missions. I’m tired of the collect these and the planet commendations that buy me mods for the right now, not the future. All that matters is the Story Line and Planet Mission (Each planet generally has 1 mission that you get in the port that runs parallel with your story). Doing everything PVE puts you behind. If the mission log isn’t in the Yellow it’s not worth doing.
  • I’m going to remained queued the entire time. None stop PVP. And while doing that I am going to pay attention to my commendations this time around and realize that I need to spend them before I cap out at 1,000. Between 20 and 40 I must have thrown away thousands of commendations because I didn’t even look.
  • I’m going to stop caring what my Companions think of my actions. Companion gifts fix everything.
  • I’m not going to run all the Space Missions each day. Only the ones that are for my level and grant the acceptable level of XP. By your 40s it takes an hour to each one of them.
  • I’m not going to worry about keeping Orange gear to upgrade. If the green I can buy is better, than I’m going to sell the orange and wear the green and blue. I wore this orange Civilian Pilots Belt for the entire grind to 50, only to realize that no matter how much you upgrade it, level 40 belts had 3 times the armor rating. An old guildie told me to keep everything and to upgrade it. I took that heart and never questioned it. I should have. The gear does scale, just not perfectly.
  • I’m not going to waste money buying every single skill that I don’t need. Such a waste of money. I kept me broke always saving up.

Here’s to the lesson learned.

P.S. I wanted to originally make a guide to levelling but realized that if your goal to get to the 50 the fastest, then the only thing to know is to  avoid everything but missions. And only do the ones higher than your level. As soon as you catch up, drop useless missions and run your storyline and get to the next planet. Running around only for mission XP is not the fast way. My grind from 20 to 30 took a week because I was too busy thinking that mission XP was worth it. My grind from 40 to 50 was a weekend because I realized that. I am convinced that you could take a toon to 50 in under 40 hours of play time if you only did missions 2 levels or higher ahead of you with you being DPS and your companion being CC and Heals.

Now leveling to 50 the fastest while still being poised to be able to tango with the big boys, that’s a different approach.


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