[SWTOR] First Time for Everything

For the first time in my entire MMO playing career I have experienced a digression I never saw coming. No, it is not that I am dissatisfied with the game. It’s the opposite. No, I have a whole new problem.

Hi, I’m Mr. Meh, and I’m ….. I’mmmm …. apparently a casual player.

What happened to me? I have been one of the first top ranks in almost every game I’ve ever touched. Granted I wasn’t working when Warhammer released, and I stayed up literally 3 nights in a row. But I did the same thing in RIFT as well, while working 60 hour weeks. I don’t get what happened to me in SWTOR. Granted we rerolled, but I haven’t even breached 40 on either toon.

Did they nerf XP in Warzones just a little too high? Do I spend too much time flying my spaceship instead of actually playing my storyline which I am now 7 ranks infront of, meaning it grants little to no XP? Is it because girls do get in the way of gaming? The answer is yes to all of them. Watch out girlfriend. I’ve got to figure this shit out.

Side note, I switched from heals to DPS last night. For some reason, the more I leveled the less effective I was healing. I don’t know if it is because of the scaling in WZ due to my gear being 5 ranks under my level, but I can’t critical hit anything. When I was 20 I was getting my 2,500 heal merit in the first 10 seconds of play. I played 5 warzones in a row last night and didn’t get that once. I’m pretty sure it’s the gear to level scaling in the WZs but I’m finding myself less and less competent. So I’ll go DPS, and this will force me to break through my storyline and catch me up to my gear. Though DPS in WZs is fun, just so long as others are willing to heal.

Oh and WordPress tells me this is my 200th post. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


4 thoughts on “[SWTOR] First Time for Everything

  1. Hi Mr Meh. It’s the scaling I imagine. If you are L25 in L25 gear you’re gear will be scaled from L25 to a L49 equivalent. If you were L25in L20 gear you gear will get scaled to 40, so you’d be ~20% stat defecit If this all scales in a linear fashion then a 2.5k heal with this gear defecit would require you to be getting 3K+ plus. L20 is an intersting point in PvP cos you can deck yourself out in L20 blues from the PvP vendor, and doing a lot of WZ advances your rank without you regularily getting loot drops or quest rewards to keep your gear up to speed. I just made all of this up but you knew that already.

  2. I’ve honestly been doing very little in the terms of PvP as I level. I think I’m only rank 5 valor or something similar. Have fun on the real life thing interfering with gaming. It’s something we all run into abruptly sometimes, and then you eat bad chicken and get to spend a whole day playing between trips to the can.

    Yeah, toilet talk. This is the internet.

  3. Yeah, I kind of made my bed in the PVP thing. Which I guess isn’t bad.

    The key now is to get to 40, then PVP gear will balance me back out. I’m also just doing storyline missions now to try and put my PVE back near my level.

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