SWTOR = Success?

Pretty ****ing amazing numbers being posted by Electronic Arts yesterday.

In their quarterly report they not only posted just over 2 million in sales, but more impressively, they have 1.7M in subscribers. So many impressing numbers here.

One: is just the you have sold 2M in under the first month of launch at FULL retail. Keep in mind folks, when games reach a giant number, it’s not normally full retail. It’s over a year period (maybe more) and it’s with all kinds of sales. This 2M at the least of $60 a box. Not to mention th vast majority being sold direct by download, negating the retail overheads. It is a landmark that we expected, just maybe not that high.

Two: is the real shocker I didn’t expect was the 1.7M in subscribers in month 2. To only lose 15% is amazing to say the least. And we all know none of that is make up slack from free trials subb’ing in. Mainly because there isn’t one. These people bought boxes, played and then bought subscriptions. An 85% retention. That is mind-blowing.

To put these numbers in perspective. Understand that at its peak, WoW only was only ever able to max subscriptions in North America at 2.5M. SW:TOR is half way there in only month 2 in sales alone. Now as for comparing the cost of game productions, you might have a major offset to catch up to their. 

How likely is that EA is lying for stock gain? I wouldn’t put it past them seeing that it is EA. However, I can remember the upfront honesty they had in their reports with their first project Warhammer Online. To put those numbers in perspective, WAR sold 750K boxes, and had reported less than 400K in month #2 of subscriptions. So from a veteran WAR players standpoint: SWTOR numbers are looking very hopeful. Here’s to the start in a good run. The stamina will rely on investments for expansions and in-game content updates. I would assume EA still needs to make back quite a bit from the steep investment, so I doubt they’ll abandon this as they did with WAR. Now if only we could convince them to steal the ideas of WAR?

6 thoughts on “SWTOR = Success?

  1. After hearing these numbers, I thought I’d poke about the internet for costs of a new box. Found a new one on ebay for $38, so thinking I may accelerate the time-table a bit and give the game a go sooner than expected. You guys still doing the light-side tango?

    • When you do … tehe … Bondar Crystal (PVP East Coast Server) Repulic needs help.

      Look up “Ewoks Anonymous” (Opprima Umbra on Republic).

      I’m mainly on Nikk at the moment.

      You can join you old school favorites. Including Lith, Gleize, Lang, Meriak, and of course Kalabaster. Kala is normally the deal breaker, but he’s gotten better.

      • Good choice. We are lacking on Tanks, and are traditional tanks don’t want to play those specs. We all rerolled and everyone picked a damn healer.

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