Blinded by the Light

I was chugging away on reaching 50 on my Sith Assassin, and I have been hearing about this apparent problem on almost every server. There is a massive imbalance of Sith vs. Jedi. Surprise, surprise. Apparently on our server, Ilum is just about 100 Sith/Empire at all times outside of Republic Areas just jumping on those Blue fools unaware of the campers looking to complete their dailies.

 So I find out a group of our 50 near valor 60 guildies have started some Pubs on the same server. Hearing this I convince 3 others to come do an alt project with me and then we can all level together as Jedi scum. As we are running about, we start seeing other closely familiar names. It becomes obvious that most of the guild has start experimenting. By the end of the night everyone is the same Vent channel, and we are talking about how we should commit and help give the Light Side a chance on this server. Warzones are fun, but camping for RvR is not style of the guild that first took down the Vulture Lord.

 I’m not sure anyone disagreed when I said, I rather die grossly outnumbered harassing enemies and dying 15 times trying to punt them into guards for laughs. So not even a 50 in my hands and I’m rerolling sides.

 While everyone waits for a patch to solve something that won’t change, population imbalance and I’m reading about Republic players going Empire to be on the “winning” side, it becomes apparent that it’s up to the reasonable player base to solve the problem. And when you are up against heavy numbers, you know 2 things. (1) They are sloppy and anxious in the their PVP, and (2) They never suspect the properly formed teams built specifically for hit and run. Here’s to the underdog or errrr… at least soon to be. Leveling to 50 is tough. One there is a lot of content to plow through even if you want to b-line and two the stories are just so damn hard not to watch.

 “Nick, come on, hit spacebar, we are waiting!”

“I wanna see what see what he does.”

“Okay, building Social Points early is not a good idea with you.”

 Tell you what’s the most annoying and then funny part about playing a Sith. Every NPC talks to you like you won’t kill them. This boggles my mind. I will kill you. I have red eyes and there’s a giant green thing behind me that only travels with me to eat you. Take a fucking knee and watch what you ask. Because even if I like you, the fastest way to end the conversation  is to always pick (3) Kill them.


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