SWTOR: Wish List

Not even a damn month and your daydreaming, Mr. Meh?

Whoa, calm down there. I’m just saying what I like and want more of. Call it, ‘This was a good idea. Keep going.’ I’m playing, I’m enjoying, and I see a future.

Top 5 Things that BioWare can do to secure me for at least 6 months in game:

#5: Multiple Roles:

What makes the next MMO great? It adds new ideas and useful dynamic entertaining content; all while stealing great ideas from its predecessors.

RIFT didn’t hold me long. Yeah, 3 months is a good amount of time. But when it comes to MMO investment, that’s really not that long. If I could steal any one idea, it would be the multiple role feature. As simple as it is, it’s going to must for me in the future of this game.

I can already see the immediate need here in SWTOR. The vast differences in class trees screams your need to respec every other minute. Let’s face it, being a permanent tank isn’t going to fly in PvP. Same for heals. At some point your group is going to need some DPS, and you’re going to be unloading some Credits for a needless respec followed by another respec. I see the need already on both my Assassin and Sorcerer. I know I’m not alone in this feeling.

#4: Warzones:

I like the warzones. And Huttball has grown on me. But you suffer from the same problem as so many others before you. 3 Warzones isn’t enough to have a real PVP base. Granted WAR’s allotment of 2 dozen is kind of overkill. I think as long as you stick to Warzones being controlled by time and not by the ability to breeze through for perfect Valor grinding, more Warzones are more than welcome. And seeing that most servers are crying the same game of imbalanced populations, some of these probably should be the same arena game idea as Huttball.

#3: Open World PVP

We need to borrow Mythic’s designs that have been implemented over the last 3 years in WAR. Ilum needs to be in that dynamic of Warzones and movement. Once we figure out how to properly implement Underdog Systems and NPC help for the underdog, we need to look at mirrors to be spread over the galaxy so the end game has a little different scenery. Like the ideas. But Ilum won’t be enough. Need movement so that underdogs can do what they did in old school WAR; strike a fake target and secretly take another. With only 1 zone, the problem and design flaw becomes all too obvious.

#2: Survival Flashpoints:

I want to see PvE dungeons in a new aspect. Rather than run a storyline mission over and over, how about 4 man instances based on waves of survival? I mean, you and your team sign up for a Flashpoint that has you essentially sent to take and hold an objective. The theme itself is obviously something that occurs over and over. But the object here is survival. Waves of enemies will be sent in waves and your object is to defeat them. The further you get, the better the rewards. So even if you don’t get all the way, you are rewarded. And these rewards are reflective of your gear and skill.

#1: Expanded Space Combat:

I just love the Star Fox PvE side game in this MMO. I look foward to these dailies only. It’s just brings back so many fun memories of what most remember of Star Fox, but what I also remember of all those old Star Wars games I used to buy. Just flat out fun. Here’s what’s lacking and what I think would be just amazing if it came true which don’t require any explanation:

  • Multiplayer Cooperative Missions
  • Buyable Ships
  • Expanded Challenges Beyond the Bonus Missions

These ideas are not expressions of disappointment, just hopes for what I would like to see. Do these and I can guarantee I won’t get bored easy. Just saying.

8 thoughts on “SWTOR: Wish List

  1. I’m a one MMO at a time kind of person. I’m all in or nothing. Other than EVE, I keep an open account that is training at all times.

    WAR might be able to pull me back in. But it will require a complete lack of commitment on BioWare’s developement. If SWTOR gets treated like WAR did on month 3, than WAR is probably in my future. However, if SWTOR goes well with future imlimentations, than I can see a bigger future in SWTOR than I ever had in WAR.

    Even I’m not ready to say SWTOR PvP sucks. It’s just under developed.

  2. I’d like to see a blog post comparing the MMOs you’ve played, i.e. SWTOR, Rift, Eve, WAR and possibly WOW and AoC and which should be worth my subscription. I value your opinion on these matters a lot.

    I’m really interested in trying out Rift right now. I loved PQs in WAR and the rift idea seems to be an expansion of this. I understand SWTOR something similar and pve leveling is more like a single-player rpg. Also the art style of the characters looks like The Sims and it feels like playing with dolls / very uncanny valley ish. The art design of WAR/WOW is infinitely superior in my opinion to SWTOR.

    • SWTOR introduces 2 ideas: There are Heroic Optional Missions all over. The will always drop something worth wild. There are also AREA Optional Mission Areas. These are places you stumble on that everyone can get on and contribute in phases the comnpletion. Much like a PQ without the obvious location on the map, and like Rifts, just wihtout the frustrating need to find them or for them to overtake you.

      There are many that don’t know AREA mission exist. Which means they don’t explore. Because they are all over. And unlike many games, these optional missions are highly rewarding instantly. It’s hard to ignore them when you know there is very little probability of getting screwed over in contribution or other factor.

      PVE leveling is all over the place. And you can do it however you like. There is the standard storyline missions, which are the main feature, there are optional missions for those that want to level the traditional way, “Kill 10 of these”. Then there are quick group intances, in which because of the companions you can do most yourself, or for the big ones, can find only 1 more friend so 2 of you can run 4 man instances with your companions. There are also Dailies for PVP, PVE Flashpoints (Dungeons), and Starship Battles. Starship leveling is my favorite. This when you just want to mindlessly kill and earn Credits and XP for doing Star Fox based side games. Best feature ever, hands down. As well, PVP is the most rewarding in lower levels than any other game has considered. Your XP gain is amazing, you earn Credits for it as well. And on top of it, warzones provide their own special currencies for buying better gear for when PVE hasn’t been all that Favorable to certain slots for you.

      As for art, I agree. Very bright, body styles are too cartoony. But, its not like WOW or Rift, and you (imperical us) get over it real quick in game play.

      Also, wish granted, new post being made.

  3. I’ll make a deal, in two months, if you’re still jazzed about SW:tOR, I’ll come play.

    When I did the beta, I enjoyed it for the feel of Star Wars. The voice acting was nice, and having competent and intriguing questing was a nice change of pace, but I felt as if it was still just a rehash of the traditional themepark model. Still just a series of quest hubs of people sending me out on missions. I listened to everyone and enjoyed them (particularly the one for the droids on Coruscant). I’ll say this: it’s the best new themepark I’ve played since EQ2.

    • Best themepark.

      But to me, best idea for leveling. Its almost like the finally gave us RPG in MMOs. So basically level like your playing Dragonage, end with MMO PVP and Dungeons.

      Let’s face it, MMORPG takes a grand assumption on what RPG is.

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